A Very Special Library

April 25  |  Book Publications  |   Kay Jaybee

Once upon a time, in a time and place far far away from where I am now, I worked in a library. In fact, I worked in six different libraries, one in a university, five in a town, and one in a city.

I loved library work; surrounded by books, and meeting so many amazing people. It was far from the quiet job you might expect it to have been, and every day was a challenge- but although each of the libraries I served in were slightly different from each other, not one was as much fun as the new library Xcite have set up.

Let me introduce you to The Secret Library, where anything is possible, and erotic dreams come true…

The Secret Library is made up of six beautifully bound, velvet touch books- each containing three novella length stories from some of Xcite’s most popular authors (and me!).


With the emphasis on erotic romance and sensual reading, writing for The Secret Library was something of a departure from my usual brand of S&M kink. I confess, I was a little nervous about approaching such a different style of erotic tale.

If you fancy seeing how I rose ot the challenge, you can find my story, A Sticky Situation, in the Hungarian Rhapsody volume, which will be released next month.

If there is a paving stone to trip over, or a drink to knock over, then Sally Briers will trip over it or spill it. Yet somehow Sally is the successful face of marketing for a major pharmaceutical company; much to the disbelief of her new boss, Cameron James.

Forced to work together on a week-long conference in an Oxford hotel, Sally is dreading spending so much time with arrogant new boy Cameron; whose presence somehow makes her even clumsier than usual.

Cameron on the other hand, just hopes that he’ll be able to stay professional, and keep his irrational desire to lick up all the accidently split food and drink that is permanently to be found down Sally’s temptingly curvy body, all to himself.

It could be a very long week- unless Cameron can find a way of making Sally slop so much of her after show champagne, that he has no choice but to march her off and relieve her of her sodden clothing… He is sure that, if he could find a way to stop Sally resenting him taking her previous bosses job, then they could enjoy no end of sticky situations together…


All the Secret Library volumes are now available via Xcite, and from all good book suppliers. Why not come and visit this very special library -you don’t even have to be quiet…

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3 Responses to A Very Special Library

  1. K D Grace says:

    Can’t wait to read A Sticky Situation, Hon! Can’t wait to read the whole Secret Library. So much yummy stuff!


  2. The Secret Library books are gorgeous, all that velvet on the covers, they feel gorgeous. The stories are so varied, I’ve loved the ones I’ve read so far. Good luck with yours Kay.