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July 13  |  Book Publications  |   Kay Jaybee

So, I figure if you can’t have a celebratory blog post when you reach 40, then when can you have one?

And what a week it has been leading up to today!

It all started last Friday with my photo session at the Vanity Studios (see earlier blog), when I happily threw myself into the role of model for the afternoon. Then, takeout coffee to  hand, I moved swiftly on to the wonderful Sh Women’s Store in Hoxton, to read from Best Women’s Erotica 2012 with the amazing (yes, I know I use that word a lot!) Kd Grace, Tiffani Angus , Liz Coldwell and Jacqueline Appleby.

Tiffani Angus

Jacqueline Appleby

Then on Saturday, after a day with my dear friend Kd and her right hand man Raymond, sourcing the history of Shoreditch’s architecture, I was back on Sh’s pink arm chair to launch my paperback novel The Perfect Submissive.

Both evenings were well attended, and I thoroughly enjoyed listening to my fellow writers tell their kinky, funny and sexy tales on Friday night- and more fun still- covertly watching the audience react to the stories they were hearing. It is interesting how the purchases the audience make in the shop change depending on the type of book being read. For example, after the BWE 2012 readings, feather boas, books, and instruments of discreet pleasure were bought. However, after the launch of my BDSM book; collars, whips and paddles were visiting the till of Sh! I have no idea what this says about me or my imagination!!

These more forceful purchases were inspired, not just by the antics of my bondage loving characters, but by the spanking class that  Jo, ‘Mistress of the Event’ held half way! With the help of my assistant for the evening, the smashing Matt (who kindly provided many of the photographs for this blog and delicious sustenance), whose bottom manfully took the smack of many a paddle and whip in the name of education, the spanking session was a great hit (pun very much intended!)- and formed a perfect accompaniment to the tale of Mrs Laura Peters, whose life behind the doors of the Fables Hotel, is spent in pursuit of a perfect submissive…

Mistress Jo!!

Huge thanks to both Xcite for providing the champagne for the evening, and to the Sh chix for keeping us all lubricated throat wise, making us laugh, and being as much fun as ever! Not to mention Lucy Felthouse and her other half, Ian, for my birthday cake!

Since my return to the reality of home, the run up to my birthday has been a nonstop whirl of The Perfect Submissive PR, and launching my latest e-anthology, Tied to the Kitchen Sink– not to mention planning my next project (TOP SECRET!!!) Then on Wednesday night- much to my total surprise- I was whisked out for a surprise party! Spoilt rotten!!!

Turning 40 is a funny one! The number keeps popping into my head as I work- I can‘t quite believe that so many years have passed! I had thought perhaps I would be sad; that I’d be thinking “what have I done with my life?” or “why haven’t I achieved more?”- in fact almost the opposite is true, and I find myself having been blessed with the most incredible luck over the past 40 years.

A wonderful family; the best parents, husband, and children a girl could ask for. And 2 lives- one based around my home and ‘real’ job, and one steeped in the world of erotica! How jammy am I!?

I have a whole heap of adventures, both archaeological and literary to look back on, and to top it all- just before I hit the big 40, my very first novel The Perfect Submissive, came out in paperback!

Life does not get better than this- or does it?- I firmly intend to stick around and find out!




Thanks for dropping by today!

Kay xxx

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6 Responses to Birthday Blog!! Amazing Sh! Amazing Everything!

  1. K D Grace says:

    Happy 40th, Sweetie!

    May the next forty years be as jam-packed with fun and adventures! I, for one, am very happy to have had a chance to share some of them with you!


  2. Renee says:

    Happy 40th Kay! And what an amazing 40yr old you are – look at that picture, my jaw just dropped!! You put the young(er) ‘uns to shame :)) Have a wonderful birthday, you awesome chick! Xx

  3. Have a wonderful birthday hon – and I’m glad you were spoilt rotten, you deserve it! And I was delighted to be at the reading and after party having a laugh! 🙂

    L xx

  4. Suzanne says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! Enjoy your day! Can’t wait to get your new book, it is TBB. Glad you had a wonderful party.

  5. Happy belated Birthday! Sorry I have been away at festivals and the like. Sounds like a great week.