Flogging Scarlet

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April 7  |  Book Publications, eBooks  |   Kay Jaybee

Another e-anthology has been released by the wonderful Xcite.

Flogging Scarlet features 5 super hot bi-sexual stories, which also appear in the forthcoming Best of Both paperback.

Flogging Scarlet by Athena Marie, If the Shoe Fits by Beverley Langland, Sofa So Good by Lucy Felthouse, and Two Girls, One Cop by Elizabeth Coldwell, can be found within its e-pages, alongside my MFF threesome tale, Playing with Amy.

Here’s a little taster of my tale to wet the appeitite…

When Lee’s mobile rings halfway through his morning’s work, he assumes Jen just wants a chat. He can’t believe it when Jen tells him she has a gorgeous naked girl tied up in her lounge, pleading to be played with by both of them; and if Lee doesn’t get there soon, she’ll start without him.

Stunned that Jen has found a woman to live out their mutual erotic fantasy, to willingly be their sex toy for a day; Lee rushes to join them.

The moment Lee arrives, he and Jen waste no time before they start playing with Amy…

Buy Now from Xcite and all good book and, download and Kindle suppliers.

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