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May 8  |  Book Publications  |   Kay Jaybee

When my first full length novel, The Perfect Submissive, came out as an e-book last year I was so excited! Over a year’s worth of writing accepted by the good people at Xcite was certainly something to get excited about!

Then, thanks to the wonderfully kind reviews some of you kind folk wrote about my work, Xcite got in touch with me a few months ago with the news every writer longs to hear- my book was going to go into paperback! The Perfect Submissive will, from 21st June, form part of Xcite’s fetish and BDSM range!

As wonderful as it is to have an e-book published- and I am proud of each and every one of mine- to be able to hold the fruits of your labour in your hands is a feeling like no other. E-books are a fabulous invention, but as a writer, nothing beats the texture and aroma of a real book!

To celebrate the new publication, The Perfect Submissive has a lovely new cover! So we will soon be saying goodbye to the familiar purple cover of the e-book, and hello to the handcuffs of the new cover!

Very much tilted towards those who enjoy the darker side of BSDM fiction, The Perfect Submissive centres around a young woman called Jess Sanders; a newly employed bookings clerk at the Fables Hotel. Outwardly Fables is like any other hotel, but hidden away on the fifth floor lies a very adult entertainment facility.

The moment the manageress of this exclusive floor, Mrs Laura Peters, lays eyes on Jess; she sees her potential as an extra sexily meek attraction for her regular clients. All it will take is a little erotic education.

Gliding around her domain, Laura Peters keeps an intimidating eye on both staff and customers alike, (especially an enigmatic artist who she is determined to get to know a little better), as they experience the tortures and delights hidden behind four of the floors’ five doors. To discover what lies behind the locked fifth door, Jess will have to come to terms with the unexpected training schedule she finds herself embarking upon, and the increasingly arousing chill she feels each time she survives a new punishment.

This novel, like so many of my stories, takes a leap into the world of heavy kink

If you fancy coming to see me read a few extract from my novel, then I will be launching the paperback version of The Perfect Submissive at Sh! Women’s Store, Hoxton, London on 7th July. All details can be found by following this link. There will also be a mini-spanking class for you to observe should you feel inclined!!

It would be great to see you there, to share some cake, have a chat, and raise a glass to this, the first of, what I hope to be, three forthcoming Kay Jaybee novels over the next 12 months (more info on numbers 2 and 3 soon!!!)

Sh Hoxton

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