Perks of the Job and the Perks of my Job… or Not!

April 12  |  Book Publications, eBooks  |   Kay Jaybee

Today sees the publication of the latest e-anthology from Xcite, Perks of The Job, an e-anthology of 5 tales, which includes my story of the same name.

Badly in need of more cash, Rachel asks her employer for additional hours. Ryan doesn’t have any extra work for her; he does however, have a money earning proposition.  A proposition which would involve Ryan paying his assistant to share his erotic fantasies via texts and phone calls. Unsure at first, Rachel soon realises that this new money earning opportunity is quickly going to become a thoroughly delicious perk of her job…

Alongside my story, are four others to tempt your erotic taste buds…

Passage to Paradise by Kathleen Tudor

Much as Jenna loves her job in the bakery, the thought of spending a month in Greece is a dream come true, particularly as it will mean time in the company of her favourite customer, Adam. When she tells him she’ll do anything to join him, she doesn’t realise he’ll ask her to please him – and his best friend too

Coming While Going … by Marlene Yong

When Dextra goes to work in Paris, little does she anticipate her extraordinary ‑ and thrilling ‑ encounter with a stranger on a train. Not only is she tempted – very tempted – to break her self-imposed vow of celibacy, but the event results in an unexpected and ironic climax (in every sense of the word).

Show No Mercy by Giselle Renarde

Mercedes and Simon’s sex life was never this good when they were a lovey-dovey couple. Now that he’s paying her for the pleasure, Simon knows what he wants and isn’t afraid to demand it. Mercedes might detest his entitled arrogance, but it arouses her no end. When Simon muses that he always wanted to see Mercedes with bigger boobs and insists she fill her camisole with two giant water balloons, she does as she’s told. Seeing the humungous fake breasts, and feeling their warm pressure against her flesh, she’s ready for anything.

A Discreet Companion by Cecilia Duvalle

Karen and Nick are a happily married couple with an active sex life. The only problem is that Nick was in an accident and is a paraplegic. While he’s able to physically do a lot of what he did before, Karen is clearly wanting more than the limited sexual positions he can offer. It takes months and some prodding for Karen to accept Nick’s offer of hiring a male escort to bring variety back into their bed.

Due to the commitments of my current novel (which is at half way stage- thanks to those kind folk who have been asking), it has been a while since I wrote a short story, so I experienced a particularly strong surge of satisfaction when I heard that Xcite wanted to publish this latest offering from my hard working biro.

The title of my story got me thinking. There really are a lot of perks to this writing lark. For a start, I get the total drug-like hit each time I have a story or poem accepted by a publishers. It is a feeling like no other, and the day I stop getting that high is the day I know I have to stop writing!

So what other perks does this life of erotica scribbling have to offer?

Well- there is the non-stop coffee, the ability to down my pen and go for a walk whenever I like, not to mention the choice to work whichever hours I choose.

Of course, I have to fit my ‘real’ job and wonderful family into this scheme of things- oh and the hundreds of different story deadlines, PR requirements, and blog post pressures also need squeezing into this set up- in fact to the casual observer, it’s just like a proper job! Except for one major and amazing difference- I get to write!!!! For me there can be no greater perk than to do the thing I love most for at least half of every week day.

Add to that, that my subject matter is sex, and therefore huge fun to write about, then there could be some argument for suggesting my work is more ‘perk’ than ‘job.’

Okay, I admit it- as with all forms of employment, there are ups and downs. I get fan mail (always lovely), but I also get e-stalkers (horrible). I get people who aspire to write erotica asking politely for help and advice (no problem), but I also get a few folk getting annoyed if I don’t help them instantly, or am unable to do so (I will help if I can, but I do have a pretty busy life).

I get to hear other peoples kinky stories, fantasies, and dreams (anyone who has read my blogs about the writing of Not Her Type, will know how much help my local delivery men have been in this department!), but I also get people assuming that I have done everything I write about, and am naturally available to all sexual advances. This age old issue is one us erotica writing types have discussed at length many times on various blogs. The assumption that people that write about sex must therefore be sex workers drives me mad.

As a very frustrating interview I had with a magazine editor recently illustrated to me, the notion that because I write about sex must therefore mean that my private life is up for discussion, and that I am at ‘it’ all evening in the name of research, is alive and well. When I asked said editor if she would ask a crime writer if they went out of an evening committing robberies to get a feel for their storylines she was totally stumped. Honestly!!

But hang on a minute- not all journalists miss the point, and how lucky I’ve been to have been featured in a few fair minded articles showing erotica in a healthy positive light- the recent Independent interview put together and photographed by the lovely David Woolfall for example, was a perk beyond perks!!

As seen in the Independent Magazine - Photo by David Woolfall

I mustn’t forget the reviews as well- obviously writer’s are at the mercy of their reader’s opinions, and we can’t please everyone- but a good book review is the ultimate reward, and I have been very lucky to have had so many smashing things said about my work over the last six years.  To say I’m grateful is to put it mildly!

On the whole then, despite the long hours, attacks of writers block, the disappointments of rejections, and people occasionally overstepping the bounds of decent behaviour- I think I have the best job in the world!! If I didn’t love it so much, then stories like Perks of the Job would never see the light of day!

As well as appearing in the Perks of the Job e-anthology, my story (along with a great selection of others from some amazing authors), will also be available in the paperback Tricks for Kicks, (published by Xcite in May).   

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5 Responses to Perks of the Job and the Perks of my Job… or Not!

  1. K D Grace says:

    Great blog post, Hon! And so true. Being a smutter has it’s ups and downs, but the ups far outway the downs, don’t they? Kxx

  2. Tabitha says:

    Fab post Kay – thanks for sharing x x x

  3. Interesting post Kay, so crazy what you say about the journalist who imagined that you act out all that you write about. Have these people not heard of imagination, duh! Love the photo of you by the window, very French, very film noire. Congrats on the short.

    • Kay Jaybee says:

      Thanks Kitti- glad u like the photo. The mag editor was typical sadly! She was geniunely shocked when I turned done chance to do article with her. Xxx