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September 27  |  Book Publications, eBooks  |   Kay Jaybee

I was sat in my local café the other day, as I do every morning and late afternoon. There I was writing away in my usual spot- right at the back, in the corner, tucked out of the way, near the staff entrance, the toilets, and the customer noticeboard -when I spotted a fellow coffee swiller reading one of the posters on the board with particular interest.

Being a curious sort- okay, I’m nosey-I tried to see what was holding the gentleman’s interest so intently. To my delight, it was a small flier I’d put up some time ago for my very first solo book, The Collector!!


I was SO tempted to say, ‘Hi, I’m Kay Jaybee- I wrote that!!’- but of course, I didn’t! All the paranoia’s that stop me from doing things like that had crowded in my mind before I’d even got so far as putting my coffee cup down- what if he’d read it already and hadn’t liked it, what if…what if…- oh there are so many what ifs!!!

Anyway- after a few more seconds, he rummaged in his bag, pulled out a pen and paper, and began to scribble something down. Was it the book title? My web site address? My author name? The Amazon link for the book? Maybe I’d been wrong, maybe he was copying stuff down off another poster altogether and I’d simply got it all wrong!

Giving myself a shake, and telling myself to stop faffing and start writing, I got back on with doing what I was supposed to be doing, which was writing the latest chapter of my work in progress!! Soon the guy had moved away, and was queuing up for a coffee refill, and was chatting away to the lass behind the counter.


About an hour later, I’d forgotten all about the poster info jotting man, who had long since downed his beverage and left. Queuing up for my own coffee refill, I was greeted with a smile from the waitress, who knows me very well- after all- I virtually live in the café in which she works- and was amazed when she told me what the poster man had said to her..

He had asked her if she’d read the book that was advertised on the board- she told him she had- he asked if it was worth a read- she said it was, and that the author was local- he then asked if she knew if the author was still collecting stories…

Well- I am always collecting stories. So thank you, tall handsome stranger, and fellow coffee drinker whoever you are- I hope, if you read The Collector, that you enjoyed it!! And thank you for taking the time to read my poster- I’m never sure if such PR is worth while- it seems that it is!!

If you’d like to follow this unknown gentleman’s example, you can purchase The Collector from all good book and eBook retailers, including-

Amazon UK –


Happy reading everyone,

Kay xx


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