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I am delighted to announce that my very first solo book, The Collector, is now available to buy for the Kindle!

First published by Austin & Macauley in August 2008 (where does the time go!?), The Collector is part novel, part anthology.

Dispelling the myth that only dominant whip wielding women write and enjoy erotica, the Collector records a wide variety of sexual encounters whilst she travels the country.

Harvesting her stories against a backdrop of coffee shops, restaurants and bus rides, the Collector takes the reader through every arena of the erotic experience, from lust, submission and dominance, to voyeurism and beyond.

When her sources run dry, the Collector isn’t afraid to carry out some in-depth, personal, research of her own…

The Collector records a young woman’s travels around the UK as she embarks upon a quest to discover and record exciting erotic stories.

From meeting a woman who is more than a little attached to her car, to a couple with an imaginative use for liquorice, to a dark and dangerous medieval fantasy, the tales of sexual adventure the collector gathers grow steadily hotter…

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Reviewed by Jordan LaRousse, erotic writer and editor and co-owner of  Oysters and Chocolate

Was it you who was sitting at that coffee shop with your best friend, sharing the details of your dirty escapades? Were you telling the story about the time your employer found you polishing his floor in only your panties? Or was it the story about how your boss likes to eat candy from out of your pussy? Or were you telling her about the night you were tied up in a dungeon and made to watch your boyfriend fuck your best friend?

Did you happen to notice the nondescript woman in the corner? Yes the petite one, with chestnut hair, the one scribbling in her notebook. I don’t suppose you would have recognized her anyway—few know her face. It was Kay Jaybee the erotic writer, a collector of sorts.

As it turns out she heard every word you said and has included your story in her voyeuristic book The Collector (Austin MacCauley 2008) which has finally made its way into print after two years from concept to publication.

The book is an entertaining and provocative glance into the sex-lives of an eclectic selection people, each with a kinky tale to tell.

From the truly bizarre—“Sweets” (p. 35) is a tale of a submissive whose dominant partner insists on stuffing her pussy with licorice before getting her off.

To the super sexy—“New Territory” (p. 15) is the story of how the collector herself takes one of her subjects home, having her way with him with barely a word exchanged.

To the truly intense—“Tequila” (p. 69) tells the story of a woman who is gang-raped, then rescued from the gutter and eagerly fucked by the barman who witnessed the whole scene.

In total there are twenty short stories, each a unique sexual exploration. Although each story is delightfully different from the next, the underlying concept remains the same; Kay Jaybee gets her fingers deep into the sex lives of strangers, acquaintances and friends, most often from her favorite perch in the coffeehouse. There is no need to peep into your neighbor’s bedroom windows now, just open the book and find out what’s going on in the pants of those around you.

Kay Jaybee writes in her epilogue “If I have learnt anything from putting together this collection, it’s that you cannot tell what someone is into by just looking at them.”

Just as understated as its author, the cover of The Collector lends no suspicion of anything untoward or erotic – you could be reading a chapbook of love poetry for all anyone would know. Enjoy this book in your favorite coffeehouse and no one will be the wiser.

The Collector is now available in both paperback, and as a Kindle download from and


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4 Responses to The Collector- Ebook OUT NOW

  1. Matt Richards says:

    I am enjoying this book more than ‘The Perfect Submissive’and I very much enjoyed that too. Wonderful collection. I shall write more when I finish this.

    • Kay Jaybee says:

      Many thanks Matt! That is very kind. I love getting nice reviews, but kind words from my reader’s is the best !!

  2. Matt Richards says:

    Reading this collection was a pleasure! This really is a stunning set of stories! So diverse and yet all so enticing! Some are just plain kinky, some sweet, some are dark but all worth a read. My personal favourites were the `Treasure’ and `Studio Girl’ but that is because it touches my own preferred type of kink. But to state which story is your favourite seems so negative for it implies poorer stories but here each story has its unique beauty. There is the oddness of `Sweets’ – which is a wonderful treat! There are some which are so short they are almost snippets of people’s private affairs such as `Bad Behaviour’, `The Candle Holder’ and `Cupboard Lust’. Then there is `Executive School’ less kink more character development – almost substance but nevertheless so arousing. The darker story of `Tequila’ which has a wonderful final line which made me laugh out loud! Then there are those which have such wonderful descriptive power that they are so erotically charged such as, `Watching’ and `Break Time’. These two are so hot!

    These twenty stories are all penned by Kay Jaybee. Stories that she claims are overheard in coffee shops or on various modes of transport. I do not know how true this is but I know this lady can write. Her prose can be so descriptive and this is what makes this collection so wonderful. There is one story called `Late Developer’ it is the least of the stories for erotic content yet for me it is the anchor of the collection. It makes me believe Kay Jaybee lurks in every coffee ready to pen her next story from overheard conversations. I for one will be on my own mission seeking out this Collector looking over my shoulder before I drink my next brew!