Two Weeks of Tasty Tasters!! Day 12- Lexie Bay- In Love and War (Uniform Behaviour)

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Day 12 already! Doesn’t time fly! I’m thrilled to have the lovely Lexie Bay with me today! Over to you Lexie!!


I’m so excited to be with the gorgeous Kay Jaybee today to share a tasty taster of one of my old and forgotten stories, In Love and War which you can find in the wonderful anthology Uniform Behaviour.

This story was the second story I ever wrote. I’d answered the call for submission from Lucy Felthouse for Uniform Behaviour and I’d submitted a story about a policeman. She then sent out another call which said she had enough stories about policemen and firemen and did anyone have a story about any other type of uniform.

I figured that if she had loads of stories about policeman then it was unlikely that one from an unknown author would get picked so I decided to write something a little bit different. The idea for In Love and War came out of nowhere one evening while I was trying to get to sleep. It got accepted (as did the policeman story – Taken With Consent!!) and it’s one of my favourite stories…. I hope you enjoy it too.

Love Lexie xx



When Anna discovers an injured enemy soldier in her family’s barn she can’t leave him to die even though she knows he’s dangerous. Risking both their lives she nurses him back to health right under her family’s noses. Unable to reconcile the handsome, broken stranger with the terrifying stories of soldiers at war, she finds herself in unfamiliar territory and drawn to him in a way she never expected.

Uniform Behaviour has a Brit Babe rating of…



How well I knew the feel of him.  Hours of tending to his injured body, until I could feel his skin under my hands whenever I closed my eyes.  I had lain awake at night imagining him lying with me, our bodies pressed together, naked skin on naked skin and now that he had actually reached out for me, I knew that I didn’t want him to stop.

That he was forbidden made him more desirable.  I knew if my family found Dimitri, they would kill him immediately and likely kill me too.  At the very least they would drive me away, disown me and leave me destitute.  It would break my parents’ hearts.  I should be frightened; I should make him leave, but when I saw him I was blind to everything else.  I could only think of how he made me feel, of how my body cried out to be with him.

I closed my eyes, leaning against his touch and his fingers found my lips, tracing the outline of them.  I trembled with a mixture of desperate hope and lust, willing him to kiss me, yet not sure what I would do if he did.

“Anna,” he murmured, “my beautiful Anna.”  My insides melted at his words, everything I had wanted to hear from him.  I was weak with desire as I felt his soft breath on my cheek.  He was so close I could breathe him in, a heady mix of sweat, fresh blood and the thick scent of his uniform; the dirt of battlefields, the agony of death.  I ached to touch him but my hands were shaking.  I had never kissed a man before.  I was always ignored, passed over for the popular girls, so I was innocent, my only knowledge what I imagined at night in my bed.

Dimitri pulled me closer to him and I looked into his eyes.  The raw desire I saw frightened me, but I had never wanted anything as much as this.  “Please,” I murmured.

“Close your eyes,” he whispered.  I did, every nerve in my body tingling, waiting for his touch.  At last his lips found mine, our mouths melding, his tongue hot and insistent just as I had dreamed.  I felt a heat between my legs like a fire, building with every touch of his hands and I could hold back no longer, sliding my arms around him pulling him closer to me, wanting to feel his strength, his protection.  He winced, his injuries still not healed but when I tried to pull away he kissed me harder.   “No.  It’s OK.  Please Anna I want to be with you.”

My breath caught in my throat as he kissed my neck, his lips damp against my skin, teeth grazing me, heightening the raw ache between my thighs.  Every part of me yearned for his touch, my body awakening from a deep sleep.  He made me feel more alive than I had ever felt and I knew that I would give myself to him.

“Dimitri,” I gasped as his fingers slipped inside my jumper, burning a trail across my body.  Our eyes locked and I was lost forever.  All I could think about was being with him.  I wanted to experience everything he could teach me.  I loved the way his name sounded as I murmured it against his chest, the way his breath hitched as I stroked the nape of his neck, how his hands gripped my waist as if he never wanted to let me go.


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Lexie lives with her husband and two daughters on the south coast of England, and spends her days working as an accounts director. She loves the adrenaline rush of the unexpected, craves peace to write every day, likes to lose herself in the realms of fantasy and has a thing for smells that take her back to her childhood. She started writing to immerse herself in a fantasy world where women are adored and men fall at their feet but it didn’t take long before she realised that sometimes men do that so you can stomp all over them in your sexy stiletto boots. Ever since then she’s been creating stories that stay true to her original romantic dream while exploring the erotic, the kinky and the downright filthy.  Her style is contemporary naughtiness often with a twist of humour, because life is funny and she likes her characters to be as real as possible. So far she has had nine short stories published is currently working on her first full length novel.

Lexie is published by House of Erotica, Sweetmeats Press and Ravenous Romance and you can find out more about her at:

Follow her on Twitter:  @lexie_bay





Yummy!!! Many thanks Lexie! What a fabulous extract to brighten up a Friday!

Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for a touch of Tabitha Rayne!!

Happy Reading,

Kay xx



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