A Seasonal Kinky Reminder…

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November 21  |  eBooks, News  |   Kay Jaybee

Excuse the fleeting nature of this blog- I’m just zipping by to remind you (should you be feeling seasonal) about my festive anthology of sexy capers, Christmas Kink!

When it comes to Christmas I’m a big kid- I just love it. The decorations, carols, wrapping up presents – all of it. So it’ll be no surprise to you to know that I love writing Christmas stories as well. There is something about dreaming up naughty ways of playing with tinsel, spices and Christmas cakes that brings out the kinkster in me…

Christmas Kink

Christmas Kink is a collection of five erotic stories penned especially for the festive season.


What’s your favourite part of the Christmas celebration? Decorating the tree with tinsel, the heavenly aroma of cinnamon and fruit from Christmas cakes and puddings, the office Christmas party, a visit to Santa’s grotto, the presents?

Kay Jaybee’s Christmas Kink twists all of these festive traditions into five individual episodes of hot erotica that will leave you fanning yourself with the nearest Christmas card…


I’ll be sharing more from this festive story collection next month, but if you can’t wait, then you can buy Christmas Kink from-



Happy reading,

Kay xxx

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Release Blitz from Lucy Felthouse: Multi-Orgasmic

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November 19  |  eBooks, News  |   Kay Jaybee

Out Now – Multi-Orgasmic: A Collection of Erotic Short Stories by Lucy Felthouse (@cw1985) #erotica #erotic #ebook #ku #kindleunlimited



From the pen of award-winning erotica author Lucy Felthouse comes a collection of short stories and flash fiction sure to hit the spot.

There’s something for everyone nestling between the pages of this sexy anthology. From spanking to voyeurism, bondage to pegging, solo loving to ménage, with a sprinkling of femdom, maledom and magic, fans of M/F erotic stories will soon discover why this book is described as multi-orgasmic.

Enjoy twenty one titillating tales, over 52,000 words of naughtiness packed into one steamy read.

Please note: Many of the stories in this book have been previously published in anthologies and online, but three of the tales are brand new and never-seen-before!


Buy links:


Private Jesse Bagnall glowered and muttered to himself all the way to the mess. He’d just been bawled out by Corporal Roxanne Grey—yet again—and he was getting seriously fed up of it. He knew he wasn’t perfect in the drill exercises, but then nor were any of the other guys. It was like she was singling him out and aiming all her abuse in his direction. Being shouted at was to be expected in the army—it was almost part of the job description—but Corporal Grey’s attitude was bordering on discriminatory, and he didn’t know what to do about it. Especially without looking like a total pussy.

Spotting some of his closest friends at a table towards the back of the mess, he caught the eye of one of them—Matt Kay—raised a hand in greeting, then got in line for his food.

Several minutes later he loaded his cup of tea onto his tray along with everything else and headed over to where he’d seen Matt and the boys. Hopefully they’d take his mind off the Queen Bitch. They were always game for a laugh.

“All right, lads?” he said, sliding his tray onto the table and taking a seat.

There were mumbles of assent.

“Yeah,” replied Ed Patterson. “You?”

“Yeah, I suppose.”

Ed raised an eyebrow, and the other men turned their attention to Jesse, too. “Well,” Ed said, “that wasn’t very convincing. What’s up, mate?”

Jesse sighed and ran a hand through his hair. “It’s the drill instructor.”

His friends exchanged confused looks. “Care to elaborate?” Matt said.

Not wanting to look like a wimp in front of his mates, Jesse changed his tone. But once he had, the anger took over him. “She’s a fucking bitch, that’s what!”

The confused expressions turned to surprised ones.

“I’m fed up of her treating me like a twat. I know it’s her job to bawl us out, but she takes it too far. I do my fucking best, work my arse off, and it’s still not good enough for her.”

He barely noticed the gazes of his friends shifting slightly, and carried on regardless. “She definitely picks on me more than everyone else. As though I’ve seen sitting on my arse when everyone else is killing themselves to get it right. She’s just being a complete and utter bitch. Bitch face fucking Grey!”

Matt cleared his throat, to no avail.

“You know what her problem is?” Jesse continued. “She needs a fucking good shag, she does. That might cheer the miserable cow up. Mind you, Christ knows what man would be brave enough to go there. She’d probably bite your cock off as soon as suck it.”

As the red mist of his anger dissipated, Jesse finally clocked the reactions of the other men around his table. They weren’t at all what he’d expected. Ed and Matt looked mighty chagrined, staring at a point over his left shoulder. Private Graham Pilgrim had actually put his head down and begun to bang it on the table.

A cold trickle of dread ran down his back, and he turned, wondering which of his superiors had heard his rant.

Fuck. It was none other than the target of his diatribe.

Corporal Roxanne Grey stood, her arms crossed, one high-heeled foot tapping on the floor. Her facial expression was as far from impressed as it was possible to be.

Coolly, she said, “Bagnall. Guard room, now.”

Jesse’s heart sunk into his heavy-duty boots, and he had to resist the temptation to drop his gaze to the floor. His buddies would never let him live it down. He had to do as the woman said otherwise he’d be guilty of insubordination, but he was going to do it in the manliest way possible.

Turning back to the table, he sneaked a quick glance at each of his friends in turn, hoping his expression looked irritated, not shit scared, which was what he really was. Standing, he left his lunch tray where it was and followed Corporal Grey out of the mess, across the yard and into the scruffy-looking building that was the guard room. God, the government really needed to put some money into this place—it certainly didn’t give off the air of tough professionalism that the personnel were expected to show.

Opening the door, Corporal Grey stood aside and ushered him in, before following him and shutting the door behind them and twisting the lock. The room was empty. She moved to sit in a chair, and motioned him to take another one.

“I suppose you know why you’re here?”

“Yes, ma’am. My unforgiveable words and actions back in the mess.” Now it was just the two of them, he could grovel as much as he felt necessary without worrying about losing face.

“Hmm. Yes. But actually, it’s more the reasoning behind the words that I’m interested in.”

“W—what do you mean?”

“You mentioned that you feel like I pick on you, more than I do anyone else during drill instruction. As though you’re sitting on your arse, I do believe were your words.”

Jesse fought the colour coming to his face, and failed miserably. “Y—yes, ma’am.”

“Do I really make you feel that way? Or were you just having a whinge to your mates? Tell me honestly, please.”

The anger had gone from her tone, and her expression was open, expectant. She really and truly wanted him to be honest. He opened and closed his mouth—not unlike a fish—a couple of times, before clearing his throat and attempting to form an answer. It didn’t help that, now she’d stopped screaming at him and was actually being quite pleasant, he’d come to the conclusion that she was hot. Even in her army uniform, she looked feminine, as though she was hiding a delicious body underneath all that olive green.

“O—okay then. Yes, you do. Ever since you turned up to drill us in preparation for the parade, you’ve made me feel like a useless sack of shit. I know it’s important, God do I know, and I want to get it right, but I really am trying my best. I’m giving this my all, and it seems as though it’s just not good enough for you. Some of the other guys are worse than me, and you don’t come down on them like a ton of bricks. Maybe just half a ton.” He smiled weakly, hoping she’d realise he was joking.

A tiny smile played at the corners of the corporal’s lips. “Would it make you feel any better if I told you why I’m doing it? Shouting at you more than the others, I mean.”

“Um, I guess it depends on what you’re going to say. I’m really not as shit as some of the other guys.”

“I know. But…” She got to her feet and moved to stand in front of Jesse. Leaning down and placing her hands on the arms of his chair, she continued. “Let’s just say I’m trying not to let my true feelings show. If people found out how much I want you, I don’t think it would go down too well.”

“W—want me? You want me?” His heart pounded, and his brain raced to keep up with what she was saying. Did she really mean what he thought she meant? Was there a way he could have misunderstood her words? He didn’t think so. “You mean, like, want me in the sex way?” He knew his phrasing was ridiculous, but he couldn’t think of anything better right at that moment. His brain was too fried.

Corporal Grey laughed, her blue eyes sparkling as crinkles appeared in their corners. It was adorable and sexy all at once, and Jesse’s cock surprised him by hardening.

“Yes,” she said. “I mean in the sex way. But I guess you know now why I’ve been behaving the way I have? Can you forgive me? I didn’t mean to make you feel like a useless sack of shit. I’m sorry.”

“Yeah, I can forgive you. But only if you make it up to me.” It seemed his cock had taken over control of his mouth now, because as the words floated into the air, he realised he had no idea what he actually meant.

“Oh yeah?” Moving her hands to her hips, Corporal Grey adopted a saucy stance. “And how am I supposed to do that?”

Jesse cast his gaze about the room rapidly, hoping for inspiration. Thankfully, he spotted something that would serve his purpose perfectly. Standing, he gently pushed past her and retrieved the pace stick that was propped up in the corner. Designed for marking time in parades and similar, when it was open it formed a ‘V’ shape; closed it was just a wooden stick. One he could use to get his own back on Corporal Grey. And he really had to stop thinking of her as Corporal Grey, especially considering what he was about to do. She was Roxanne.

Turning back to her, he stifled a grin when he saw the look on her face. She obviously hadn’t been expecting that. Pointing to a nearby table, he commanded, “Pull your skirt up to your waist and bend over.”


She sounded nervous, and he didn’t blame her. Frankly, he was surprised she’d agreed. He was wielding quite an interesting weapon, and she was going to allow him to use it on her. Perhaps she was into a bit of pain. He’d soon find out.

Following her to the table, he waited while she summoned her courage, then lifted her skirt. His eyebrows nearly disappeared into his close-cropped hairline when he saw the skimpy black thong that had been hidden beneath her drab skirt. It bisected lovely pale, round bum cheeks, and suddenly he wanted nothing more than to pull the material aside and bury his cock in her warm depths.

First, though, Roxanne had some making up to do. “Ready?”

Pressing her hands to the surface of the table, she nodded quickly.

Jesse moved into the position he thought best and waved the pace stick around a little, to get used to the way it moved and balanced. He’d never spanked a woman before, never mind with one of these things. God knows why he’d even suggested it. She probably thought he was some kind of kinky bastard, now. Never mind, it was just a bit of fun.


Author Bio:

Lucy Felthouse is a very busy woman! She writes erotica and erotic romance in a variety of subgenres and pairings, and has over 100 publications to her name, with many more in the pipeline. These include several editions of Best Bondage Erotica, Best Women’s Erotica 2013 and Best Erotic Romance 2014. Another string to her bow is editing, and she has edited and co-edited a number of anthologies, and also edits for a small publishing house. She owns Erotica For All, is book editor for Cliterati, and is one eighth of The Brit Babes. Find out more at Join her on Facebook and Twitter, and subscribe to her newsletter at:


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And Breathe…History Repeating…

November 16  |  Book Publications, eBooks, News  |   Kay Jaybee

Dear lovely readers,

I’m so sorry I’ve been so lacking in the blog department lately- my only excuse is that I’ve been a little bit busy…

At the end of 2012 I sat with my dear friend KD Grace, at a little table beside the coast at Lyme Regis having a much needed day off. Coffee in hand, fingertips aching with the exhaustion of twelve months of nonstop typing, we swore to each other, that whatever happened in 2013, we would not take on as much as we had in 2012. We would- we vowed- pester each other to take time every now and then- to breathe, take stock, and stop beating ourselves up about not producing enough work fast enough!

Then in 2013, we sat once again in a cafe in Lyme Regis- the location of our once a year always day meet up- and we said, with coffee in hand, fingertips aching with the exhaustion of twelve months of nonstop typing, we swore to each other, that whatever happened in 2014, we would not take on as much as we had in 2013. We would- we vowed- pester each other to take time every now and then- to breathe, take stock, and stop beating ourselves up about not producing enough work fast enough!


I have a feeling that when we meet again, coffee to hand, watching waves crash against the coastline as the tourists toddle by, we’ll be saying exactly the same thing all over again!

Even by my own standards of overworking, 2014 has been totally insane – but I’m not complaining (although I admit I would pay good money to be able to have weekends off!)- how can I complain about the fact you lovely people are buying my work, and are even asking for more?

coverChristmas in the Cotswolds

I’m loving every minute of writing the fourth and (absolutely) final short story to tie up all the loose ends from The Perfect Submissive Trilogy (The Perfect Submissive, The Retreat, Knowing Her Place), which will be called The New Room (out in February 2015). I’m also busy promoting my latest Jenny Kane releases, There’s a Cow in the Flat (children’s picture book), and Christmas in the Cotswolds (seasonal romance novella), while I’m also editing the next Jenny Kane novel (Abi’s House).

I’m also plotting and planning a hot new erotic anthology for the New Year…and I have a few other secret irons in the fire…

So please lovely blog followers, forgive me for my lack of posts lately!!


I’ll leave you with a tasty little read from one of the short stories in Take Control

Here’s an extract from The Experiment

They would follow his instructions to the letter. That was what she had claimed. Still, he was suspicious. It was probably all a con, a devious way of playing on his growing obsession. But it might not be – it might be genuine – he might get to see what he longed to see…

A petite, traditionally dressed, stunningly beautiful Malaysian girl led him into a dimly lit room. The scientist dropped his briefcase next to a comfortable wing-backed armchair, behind which was a small but well-stocked bar. Suspended from the ceiling, a state of the art camcorder pointed forwards, poised and ready to record all that was to follow. Tastefully tame classical music was being piped into the room via a number of wall speakers; speakers which he hoped would reveal some far more interesting sounds in the very near future.

About a metre in front of the chair, a large picture window had been fitted neatly between that room and the next, creating both a theatre and private audience auditorium. A thick red curtain was drawn across the other side of the glass, so that as yet the voyeur could witness nothing from the space beyond.

The hostess, hovering by the bar, gestured to the various bottles of spirits with a questioning glance. He selected a whiskey and, shrugging off his jacket, waited as a triple measure of amber liquid was sloshed into a cut-glass tumbler. With the drink, the girl passed him a white envelope, on which was written The Story Thus Far.

He sat down, fumbling open the letter with hasty fingers, and his eyes devoured the words: Shortly you will see Gail and Jade. Both have been fully appraised as to your requirements. They have been placed within the neighbouring room, secured as per your instructions.

Before your arrival, again as you requested, the girls were subjected to considerable concentrated arousal to the breasts alone, and had nipple clamps applied. Both females are now desperate for further attention. We hope you enjoy the performance. Sit back, relax, and enjoy. The Malaysian girl bowed and left.

Making himself as comfortable as possible, he sat in the chair, satisfied that – so far, at least – his wishes had been carried out.

This whole thing was an experiment: an exercise to discover how much attention needed to be applied to a woman’s breasts alone before climax overtook the subject. Any resulting arousal of his own, he had convinced himself, was coincidental, and of secondary importance to the enquiry…


If you’d like to find out what happens next, you can buy Take Control from-

Right- my five minutes to write a blog is up! Best crack on…so where did I leave my not so perfect submissive this time….must type faster, must type faster…

Happy Reading,

Kay x





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Barista girl anyone? Time for some Sapphic Smut

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November 10  |  Book Publications, eBooks, News  |   Kay Jaybee

I can’t deny it, there are few things in life I like more than a nice cup of coffee- but one thing that betters that, is seeing a story I’ve written, long or short, hitting the world!

So what better way to have the best of both worlds, than to write a naughty story which includes a lot of coffee? Bliss!!

sapphic smut


Light hearted, sexy Sapphic smut is the theme of this erotic anthology, edited by Lucy Felthouse with assistance from Kev ‘Mitnik’ Blisse.From coffee shops to exotic Indian adventures to cosy cabins in France, Sapphic Smut has it all. Fun with sugar, naughty spankings, seductions by strangers, seductions by friends, cougars and even a twist on a fairy tale abound in this exciting collection of lesbian stories from erotica’s finest authors.

This delicious girl-on-girl anthology contains stories from Lucy Felthouse, Kay Jaybee, Louisa Bacio, Sallyanne Rogers, Vanessa de Sade, Tabitha Rayne and Elizabeth Coldwell.


Here’s a mini extract from my story, Barista Girls

Warm sugar; that’s what it felt like. A rough body scrub of granules, smothered in caramel that had been melted and burnt, leaving an aroma of scorching that hit the back of the throat in its wake. Pleasant, but not really pleasurable at the same time; and yet certainly as addictive a sensation as the taste of candy floss is to someone with an unerringly sweet tooth.

As Carrie switched her attention from Lisa’s breasts to her thigh, the only sound that could be heard in the café was the gentle crunch as more of the crystallised substance was gathered up. Exhaling slowly, Lisa closed her eyes as Carrie massaged the mix into her flesh at the top of her left leg, almost, but not quite, touching where she most yearned for the touch to go.

Although unsure if she’d been enjoying the odd caresses whilst they had been happening, now Carrie had paused in her unusual administration of the cafe’s most popular coffee flavouring, Lisa was missing it with a passion. Her whole being felt honed for more and bereft of the touch. Each thought in her head, and every fibre within her being, tried to second guess where, when, and if, the next batch of glutinous substance would land next…


If you like your erotica with an all girl flavour (not just coffee flavoured!), then Sapphic Smut is the anthology for you!

Buy links

Amazon UK

Happy reading!

Kay xx


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Hot Highlander Anyone?

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November 7  |  Book Publications, eBooks, News  |   Kay Jaybee

Today I delighted to be able to bring you a HOT extract from the new Cleis Press anthology Hot Highlanders and Wild Warriors: Erotic Romance for Women – edited by Delilah Devlin


This excerpt is from “To Love A King’s Man” by Emma Jay…

“A knock on the door startled him. He turned to see a copper tub edging into the room, borne by two strapping lads, followed by three maids, all lugging steaming pots of water. The boys set the tub by the fire, and the young women filled it, watching him through their lashes. All but one, who met his gaze straight on. He wondered if she’d be the one to bathe him.

His loins stirred at the thought. She was a pretty thing, and bold. He liked a bold woman in bed. He opened his mouth to send the others off when the door opened and Evanna stepped in, a towel draped over her arm, a basket in her hand.

When last he’d seen her, she’d been all legs and arms, so scrawny a good wind could blow her away, her hair wild down her back. She’d run after his horse the day he’d left, tears streaming down her cheeks. Now she was a woman grown, her expression serene, her hair confined in a net at the back of her head, a net he suddenly wanted to toss away. He blamed the errant thought on his earlier arousal. She was his hostess and the sister of his best friend.

His gaze drifted over Evanna’s simple dress, the soft fabric following the lines of her body, curving over her full breasts, hugging her trim waist. The shape of her body was imprinted on him since he’d held her against him on the stairs.

She dismissed the servants with a word, and they were alone, the only sounds the crackling of the fire and his pulse beating in his ears.

Impossible, since all his blood now pooled between his legs.

She set the basket on the chair by the fire. Soap and other supplies peeked out. “You don’t mean to bathe me.”

“It’s my duty.”

“Evanna, it’s not… I’m bastard born.”

“And a champion to the king. I’m honored to do it.”

He blew out a laugh. “It is…odd.” She’d been just a girl, and now she was his hostess.

“But not distasteful, I hope.”

The baldness of her words shocked him into stillness.

“You won’t be the first man I’ve bathed. I am a widow.”

He’d known her husband, the old lecherous bastard, about the size of one of Conal’s arms, and with half the number of Conal’s teeth. Conal doubted the old man had shown his young wife the pleasures that could be had between a man and a woman.

The pleasures Conal wanted to show her. If he took off his clothes in his current state, his intentions would be clear.

How would she react? The way she watched him now, he couldn’t be sure…


You can buy Hot Highlanders in e-book and paperback format from all good retailers including-

Here are the buy links:

Happy reading everyone,

Kay xx



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