Writing in the bath…

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Writers are a strange breed. We all have our own little ways of writing, making notes, plotting, scheming, and personal tricks to remember all the little nuisances that go into creating our stories.

For example, it is a rare day when I’m not caught talking to myself- except I’m not talking to myself- I’m discussing things with the characters in my head. Thankfully, for reasons of my own sanity, I know a lot of other authors who do this as well.

Only a writer

One of the biggest challenges I face as a writer is finding enough time to squeeze in all the projects that I have on the go. I never write just one book at a time. I always have at least two on the go- one as Kay, and one as my more romantic side, Jenny Kane.

Like the majorty of writers, I have a day job and a family as well. So I don’t waste a single minute of my time alone, I work anywhere and everywhere- and that includes the bath.  In fact, at least a third of The Perfect Submissive Trilogy and, almost all of my short stories, were initially plotted and then edited, in the bath! (Not too disturbing image wise I hope!!!)

The Per Sub- new rope

As I write my stories on paper first, rather than straight into a laptop, this isn’t as mad as it sounds. For years I’ve managed to rest a waterproof folder on my bubble covered stomach as I relax in the lovely warm water, with my sheets of paper clipped safely in place. I can write without fear of my work having a soaking- usually.

It was only this week that, for the first time, my bath time writing system broke down. There I was, innocently scribbling down a draft for an extremely kinky story based- ironically- in a dry desert- when I sneezed. My balance was lost and the edge of my work was dipped into the foamy water!

wet pages

It was only after this happened, and I was spreading my work out on the bed to dry off,  that it occurred to me that perhaps writing in the bath is a bit of a weird thing to do… But then, writers are weird…

Well, this one is…

Happy reading!

Kay xx


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Let’s warm up with an Archaeological Affair…

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January 4  |  Book Publications, eBooks, News  |   Kay Jaybee

It is SO wet and chilly out there! I thought we could all warm up with a trip to Tunisia, and join Harrison and Beth on site- in my archaeological erotic romance, Digging Deep.

Digging Deep


Here’s the blurb to give you a little introduction…

As site supervisor on an archaeological dig, in the grounds of the Ancient Roman city of Leptis Minus in Tunisia, Dr Beth Andrew’s hands are well and truly full.

With the intense heat of the day, and the freezing temperature of night eroding Beth’s normal calm outlook on life, directing her half of the excavation is challenge enough, without allowing herself to think about the crush she has on her American co-supervisor, Dr Harrison Harris.

With Ryan, one of her accidently breaking a piece of mosaic on his first day by offering her his muscular body, and one of the American students, Candida Harker, taking a serious dislike to Beth, her private like is the last thing on her mind. But what, or who, is behind Candida’s sharp-nailed hostility and Ryan’s determination to flirt with Beth at every opportunity?

Proving that love and lust really can cloud even the cleverest person’s judgement, distrust takes hold as the dig progresses, pushing Anglo-American academic relations to a point which thoroughly confuses Beth’s erotic and romantic expectations…


I think it would be fair to say that Beth and Harrison’s relationship does not have the most promising start, so when they did get together, I wanted to give them one humdinger of a snog- right in the middle of a sun-roasted African olive grove…

…Turning abruptly, she looked directly into Harrison’s eyes. ‘To clarify the important part of this conversation, you fancy me, and – as you must have noticed – I like you too. But you’re worried I’ll screw you over like Linda did?’

‘Not any more I’m not.’ Harrison laid a hand on each of Beth’s cheeks. ‘I’m sorry I thought you could be like her for even a minute. I overheard Candida, and …’

Beth cut over his excuses. ‘You seem to be saying sorry a lot for the assumptions you’ve made about me due to gossip in the last 24 hours.’

‘I’m sorry.’

‘There you go again.’ Beth rose up on her tiptoes, and took hold of his rough-stubbled cheeks. ‘Enough now. Enough.’

Harrison’s lips hit Beth’s on a mutual collision course of desperation to taste each other again. To experience a proper kiss, to wind his tongue around hers as his hands slipped to her chest, cupping her breasts through the layers of material which were insubstantial enough for him to easily determine the outline of her bra, was an experience he had, only moments ago, resigned himself never to have.

Now it was happening, his cock was responding accordingly. The high temperatures temporarily forgotten, Beth moaned yieldingly into his mouth. Unable to keep her hands to Harrison’s face alone, reckless of the fact that they could be discovered by any passer-by, Beth eased her fingers down his front, feeling the bulge of his shaft beneath his shorts. All the images she’d had of what his dick would be like, what it might feel like, how it might taste, crowded into her psyche in one go. She needed to know now, before they found Candida, and she did or said something else to ruin things. Deftly unzipping his fly, Beth slid a single fingertip into the gap, tickling his length though his boxers.

‘Oh God, Beth.’

‘Do you want me to stop?’ Panting slightly as she spoke, Beth wasn’t sure she could stop even if he asked her to as she sidled more fingers upwards, edging down the waistband of his underwear enough to get her palm wrapped around his length.

His penis sprang free easily, and as Beth cradled his pleasing weight in her fingers, Harrison’s kisses became more savage, his stubble burning her, his hips thrusting forward. All his intensions never to do this with Beth, let alone do it in an open space where anyone could walk past, dissolved in the sensations of her hold, which compressed and loosened over and over again, until he thought he’d explode in her grasp…


Having been an archaeologist myself once upon a time- (I actually worked on the very dig described within Digging Deep)- this novella is particularly close to my heart. That doesn’t mean I’ve made the path of true love run smooth for my characters however! Where would be the fun in that?!

If you’d like to see what trials and tribulations I put Beth and Harrison through, then you can buy Digging Deep as either a standalone e-book, a slim paperback, or within the three novella set paperback, Ahead of the Curve.

Digging Deep

Digging Deep- E-format cover

Happy reading- keep warm out there!!

Kay xx

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Happy New Year 2016- Fond Farewell 2015

January 1  |  BDSM, Book Publications, eBooks, erotic romance, News, poetry  |   Kay Jaybee

Hello lovely readers!! A Very Happy New Year to you all!

New Year 2016

As 2016 takes its first tentative steps into existence, I can’t help reflecting on the 365 just past.

It seems so much longer ago than the beginning of 2015 that, The New Room, the novella finale to The Perfect Submissive Trilogy, came out.

The New Room- Per Sub short

My trilogy has been out for a little while now, and thanks to you lovely folk, it is still selling well, and can know be purchased as a Kindle Boxed Set as well as individual paperbacks and downloads.

Per Sub 3

It’s probably my age that makes me think that each and every year goes faster than the one before- or it could be that I just have so much more to do each and every year that I’m too busy to notice the changing months! This busyness is not something I’m complaining about. I love to have lots to do- and with the task of juggling being ‘Kay’ and being ‘Jenny’ no year has ever been so productive book wise.

I grant you, Kay has lost out a little to Jenny this year- but that doesn’t mean Kay has been forgotten- not at all.

The short stories have still been flowing, and you’ll see proof of those in the near future! There have also been a few new poems- and thanks to the lovely Ashley Lister, some of them can be found in the gorgeous anthology, Coming Together in Verse.

Coming Together: In Verse


Despite not having written as much erotica as usual this year, I was stunned and delighted my two amazing events in 2015.

One was being given an Awarded an Honouree Mention at the 2015 National Leather Association Awards “Pauline Reage Novel Category” for Knowing Her Place (third part of The Perfect Submissive Trilogy). I can’t begin to tell you how much that means to me.

So you can imagine how much more it meant when I was awarded Best Erotica Writer of 2015 by the ETO!! Sadly I was unwell and unable to attend, but my Brit Babe friends did me proud, and I totally treasure my award.

ETO Award 2015

As for the Brit Babes– well, we go from strength to strength! Be warned, world domination is only moments away! With our second anthology, Sexy Just Got Rich doing so well, the gorgeous Tabitha Rayne designing her very first sex toy- the gorgeous Ruby Glow – Victoria Blisse and her wonderful husband Kev, running the brilliant SMUT UK events, and all 8 of us producing more work due out in the near future, things can only get better!!

Alongside writing this year, I taught my very first erotica workshop at Smut Manchester last October. It was the most fun! Setting people the task of sexing up ordinary items in a supermarket, I was impressed by so many of the talented writers before me. Erotica may be still struggling, but it is not for want of ability!


2015 ended for me with the re-release of my festive anthology, Christmas Kink– complete with a new story and a new cover, and (after much soul searching), I withdrew my very first solo book, The Collector from sale. The book rights returned to me, and so I have decided that in 2016 I will be republishing The Collector myself…watch this space!

I am also delighted to announce that I am in the process of writing a brand new novella…and I promise, it’s going to be HOT!!!

Here’s to a fantastic 2016 for everyone!

Kay xx




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It’s Blissemas!

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December 10  |  BDSM, Book Publications, eBooks, erotic romance, News  |   Kay Jaybee

This December the amazing Blissemas team, Victoria and Kev Blisse, are hosting a collection of festive blogs, and today they are featuring my seasonal anthology, Christmas Kink!


The season of Blissemas started on the 1st December and will finish on the 24th December. Every day of Blissemas a different Erotic Author and Sexy Business will post up gems of delight in the guise of smutty spot prizes, festive stories, excerpts, recipes, hints & tips and more.

The GRAND Prize this Year is a £100 Amazon Gift Card for you to spend on whatever smutty goodness you’d like…

So don’t miss a single blog!!! You can find the links to all 24 of them here-

Happy smutty reading!

Kay xx

Christmas Kink

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It’s the Blissemas Sunday Snog! Christmas Courier Kink!

December 6  |  Book Publications, eBooks, News  |   Kay Jaybee

Okay, I admit it- I am a big kid and I LOVE CHRISTMAS!! Therefore I was delighted to be invited by the smashing Smut UK team, to take part in this years Blissemas – and what better way to kick off, that to be join in the Blissemas Sunday Snog.


Don’t miss a single stop of this seasonal Sunday Snog sponsored by  All the participants to today’s event, sponsored by links can be found HERE.


So – to my blog!!!

I’ve written a lot of Christmas erotica over the years- from the short stories that appear in various anthologies, including Christmas Kink, to the seasonal chapter in my extremely kinky novella, Not Her Type

Young couple, isolated on grey background

Jenny and John, the mismatched couple that are living out all their fantasies in Not Her Type, have been on a very long erotic journey before they share Christmas Eve together, from a spontaneous romp on Jenny’s living room floor, to a gorgeously delicious van journey, the world’s fasted fuck, and a very wet bathroom adventure!!!

There is something about Christmas that gives a kinky story that extra hint of spice (cinnamon and nutmeg of course!) All those extra items to throw into the mix-including wrapping paper…

…As Jenny wrapped the Christmas gifts, she mulled over her relationship with John. It hadn’t taken long for the old pattern to return. John turned up every Tuesday, they had fantastic, quickie sex, and then he disappeared back to work, just as he always did, and Jenny would get on with her accounts. He hadn’t told her what he’d been up to during those missing weeks, and she had given up asking. In fact, the only real change was that Jenny had finally relaxed. She no longer worried about whether John would turn up or not. Tuesday would come, and he would appear.

Occasionally, John would send her a sexually charged text, like, “I want to see you with a woman again” or, “How about a foursome?”

Every time they were due to see each other, Jenny decided that that would be the day she would tell him that he was the first man who she hadn’t been able to stop thinking about—in her whole life. She vowed to tell him that she feared the lust factor had been joined by another, far more frightening, L-word. But the second they caught sight of each other, something took over. Passion, greed, desire—they all combined, and they’d fuck. Just fuck. “I mean,” Jenny addressed the sticky tape as she attempted to find the beginning of the roll, “why chat to your DVD delivery man over coffee when he could be tipping you upside down over the side of the armchair and giving your backside a proper seeing to?”

Reigning in her increasingly lurid imagination, Jenny looked down at the few remaining presents she had to wrap for the following day. She tried to divert her attention from all the things she’d rather be doing on a Tuesday afternoon by humming Christmas carols along to the radio.

christmas presents

The knock at her door made her jump, and Jenny physically had to restrain herself from running to see who the caller was. So what if it’s one o’clock? It’s Christmas Eve, he isn’t working, and he won’t come. It’ll be my next door neighbor with some mince pies or something. Her pulse thudded violently in her chest as Jenny moved to the door, convinced that the hope she couldn’t prevent from rising in her chest was about to leave her disappointed.

The silhouette through the glass panel in her front door was unmistakeable.

“I was just passing.” The shine in John’s deep brown eyes told her this was a blatant lie.

A wide smile crossed her face as Jenny let him in, “I thought you might be away for Christmas or something.”

“I thought you might be too.”

A feeling of awkwardness came over Jenny. Despite everything they had done together, there was nevertheless so much they didn’t know about each other. She felt almost shy as she spoke, “I was going to text, but I didn’t want to get in the way of your life or anything.”

“Same here. I thought you might be with family.” A large, rough hand raked through the back of her hair, easing out the knots, sending little currents of craving down Jenny’s neck and into her chest. Then, slipping a hand into hers, John steered Jenny toward the living room, swiftly banishing any uncertainty.

Gesturing to the middle of the floor, he said, “Last minute wrapping?”

“A few bits for the neighbour’s kids.” She could feel her pulse accelerating as he looked at her, “My family all live abroad, it’s just me in the UK.”

“That’s a big roll of paper for those little gifts.”

She wasn’t sure if it was the way he spoke or the look on his face that gave him away, but Jenny knew what was going to happen before he moved. In seconds, John had stripped her naked, and Jenny was being enveloped in large swathes of jolly, silver-star covered gift-wrap.

“Don’t move, and don’t speak, okay?”

Nodding, she tried not to laugh as John wrestled with the dispenser, before he cut off length after length of sticky tape, which he used to secure the paper tighter and tighter around her. Jenny’s arms became pinned to her sides, and her legs were clamped together as if she was some sort of bizarrely festive Egyptian mummy.

Stepping back to admire his work, John’s face creased with hunger, and Jenny’s urge to giggle dissolved. She could feel her breasts chafing against the smooth, figure hugging covering, and suddenly she realized how desperately she wanted them to be free so that John could hold them, suck them, hit them…do whatever he wanted with them.

John began hunting around the room for something. Jenny however, could only wonder how long it would be before she could suck his shaft, or feel him slide between her legs. She wanted to speak, to ask him to kiss her, but she’d promised not to talk, and didn’t want to distract him from whatever he was going to do next.

He stood so close to Jenny that his dark eyes tunnelled into hers. He peeled his clothes off at a speed that made the lightning disposal of Jenny’s garments seem positively drawn out.

Attempting to distract herself from the need to speak, Jenny traced her eyes over the line of his chest, the hairs so soft and inviting, his tattoos just begging for fresh examination, and his cock, hard and firm, pointed at Jenny accusingly, as if making its owner as horny as hell was a crime.

Shuffling her feet unsteadily on the carpet, she watched as he began to unwind the satin purple ribbon she’d spent ages draping around her Christmas tree. Her throat turned the texture of sandpaper as she comprehended the meaning behind the devious expression in John’s eyes. He brought the two-meter garland toward her.

Naked and emanating power, John began to wind the ribbon around her neck in a large bow. Picking up a pair of scissors from the floor, he cut off the remaining strip of fabric, “I started thinking about doing this last night. I even have some rolls of gift-wrap in the van. I couldn’t believe my luck when I saw this lot waiting for me.”

Wide eyed, Jenny saw her film courier twist part of the ribbon around his arm, before approaching her. Again, she guessed what he was about to do, and she tensed as the first bind of the silky material went over her eyes and around the back of her neck, trapping her hair.

Mewling into the purple darkness, and deprived of the sight of his gorgeous body, Jenny felt John’s fingers fiddling with the knot behind her head. Then his hands came to her elbows. “You look incredible. Are you okay?”

She nodded awkwardly; glad he was holding her, afraid she would topple over at any moment.

“Good girl. You remembered not to talk,” John’s breath tickled her neck as he said, “You are, without doubt, the most tempting Christmas present I’ve ever seen.”

As he spoke, her breasts, already swollen with their need to be touched, became taut and hot, and pussy juice began to leak along her inner thighs.

The pressure of his palm as he pushed it against her wrapped-up mound made Jenny stagger so much that John had to steady her with this free arm. Moaning as his fingers encased and probed her enclosed clit, Jenny’s liquid flowed freer, soaking the paper, turning the crackling sound it had initially made into a wet, squelchy rustle.

“What a hot, little bad girl you are.”

Jenny felt the layers of wrapping paper between her legs start to mulch as John kneaded and pinched her flesh. Then, with a grunt of frustration, he lifted her off her feet and laid her on the floor. An urgent hand came to her right breast, kneading her tit, creasing and crumpling the gift-wrap.

Abruptly John stopped, his weight lifted from her, and a sense of bereavement consumed her body. She had no idea how she managed not to plead for more.

The purple ribbon over her eyes became darker, and Jenny realized he must have turned the lights off. Then the chirpy Christmas tunes that had been playing in the background disappeared as the radio was clicked off. Silence filled the room. Uncertainty crept through Jenny’s mind, and a drizzle of perspiration trickled between the packaging and the back of her neck. Her ears strained to pick up a sound, but she couldn’t hear anything, not even her man’s breathing.

Time seemed to pass slowly as Jenny lay like a fallen statue, painfully aware of the friction of the saturated paper as it clung to her pussy. Every part of her body ached for a continuation of the attention it had been receiving. The ribbon against her eyes felt tighter than ever, but Jenny began to wish it was between her teeth, gagging as well as blinding her, for there was no way she could stay quiet for much longer. Clamping her jaw, Jenny was determined not to break the rules, but the more she thought, the more her resolve began to crack.



Well, I’d better let you go now- you are probably in a hurry to go and buy a few rolls of extra long gift wrap…

If you’d like to read about Jenny and John’s courier kink, or see what happened next on Christmas Eve, then you can buy Not Her Type: Erotic Adventures With A Delivery Man from-

Amazon UK-


I hope you enjoy all the other Blissemas Sunday Snog blogs!

Many Christmas and happy reading!

Kay xx

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