Another Awesome Review of The Perfect Submissive

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May 12  |  eBooks, Reviews  |   Kay Jaybee

I tell you what guys, the kind words about my latest e-novel, The Perfect Submissive, are becoming quite overwhelming!

This is not a complaint!!! It’s truly amazing, and ever so slightly bizarre reading nice things about my work- especially as I am such an ardent critic of everything I have ever produced.

Every review is a learning curve,a nd good reviews are fantastic whoever penned them, but some reviews will always mean more to me than others however, not just because they are written by people who I regard as friends (and who, quite rightly, will be honest to the point of brutally), but because they are written by those who I have huge professional respect for, such as KD Grace or Lucy Felthouse, or, in this case, Jordan La Rousse, from the dynamic Oysters & Chocolate duo.

To see Jordan’s review in its entirely, simply click this link. In the meantime, here is a tasty snippet…

If you like to read ultra-kinky, smart erotica, then this book’s for you. Until now I’ve only read Kay Jaybee in the form of short stories (lots and lots of short stories). Each one is a singular, kinky traverse into sexual fantasy. Multiply one of her short stories by eighteen chapters and you’ve got yourself an epic sex adventure!

Once again, many thanks to Jordan and Sam at Oysters for their kind words, and for their never ending support over the past few years. If you  have never checked out their web site, then you are missing a real treat xx


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