Get Real: The Art of Love and Belonging by Martha McKinley- A Review

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July 11  |  eBooks, Reviews  |   Kay Jaybee

Set around the world of ceramicist Cassie, artist Marcos, and his life model Tara, Get Real: The Art of Love and Belonging; is the story of a threesome, a marriage and of love. It is Martha McKinley’s first novella for the OCPress.

What can you do when a spicy intimacy with someone you love is tainted by guilt? Cassie tries to assuage her worries by indulging in her affair only when in a threesome, but love grows with every climax. How will the players untangle their lust and emotions? And what does art have to do with it anyway? The answer is: Everything.

Infatuated by the artist Marcos, although uneasy about openly displaying her body, Cassie allows him to persuade her to do some life modelling. In order to calm her nerves, Marcos introduces Cassie to his favourite model, Tara. In the privacy of her own home, some hot and imaginative sex soon follows, and a ménage is set up which looks to last- and to alter the lives of its’ triangular participants forever.

Cassie has fallen for Marco’s big time, but he’s married, and as much as she wants to, Cassie knows she could never live with herself if she broke up his marriage.

Marco’s however, has been unhappy in his home life for some time, and has fallen for Cassie in return. Sending her poems, he longs for her to understand just how badly he wants them to be together. Life however, is never that simple, and if he does go to Cassie, what will happen to his wife Maria? And where does the exotic lesbian model Tara fit into all this? Has her eye fallen on Cassie as well, or is she just in this for the sex? – I’m not saying!!!

Told from the perspectives of all the characters, the only criticism I could make of Get Real is that this makes the story a little disjointed in places- but I must emphasise that this in no way detracts from the story, which has some of the best descriptive scenes I have ever read.

As you would expect from a tale based around the world of three creative souls, the colours of the artist’s palette just leap to life from the page. Not only are colours used, but food is brought into the mix, to produce some truly enticing and mouth watering scenarios. I asked Martha to provide me with her favourite-

It was like baking bran muffins, thought Marcos, smiling, as he methodically arrayed the tubes of oil colors to take an inventory of his needs. Combine a cup of wheat bran with a cup of flour, baking soda,  canola oil, eggs, milk, molasses, and raisins; spoon the mixture into wells of the muffin tin, pop them into the oven, and 30 minutes later, they’re done. Same ingredients each time. Same predictable outcome.                      

Making love with Maria was a recipe he had followed faithfully for nearly two decades: several handfuls of  back stroking in the spoons position, a smattering of kisses,  whisking with oral sex until she moaned in pleasure, and finally, entry with deep penetration, ejaculation, and  body-rubbing in the afterglow to send her off to sleep.

She liked sex that way. It was predictable, and she was able to achieve an orgasm and post-coital relaxation every time.

 He had wanted to try dates and walnuts or cranberries with orange peel, but she liked her muffins with raisins and nothing else.

Maria’s foreplay made no time for role-playing or fantasy. She confessed to having no sensation in her breasts. Her anus was strictly off-limits. And aside from her scalp, which she loved having a hair brush raked through, her only sex organ was her clitoris.  No wonder, justified Marcos to himself, that he sought sensual adventures with other women…

Get Real is a really satisfying read, which will appear to lovers of erotica, romance, and the beauty of the written word. A truly special addition to the OCPress collection.

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