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November 28  |  eBooks  |   Kay Jaybee

I’m delighted to invite fellow writer, and friend, Justine Elyot to my site today- I just love the sound of this book!!

Hello, everyone, and especially Kay – massive thanks for hosting me today.

For those of us in the northern hemisphere, winter is coming. All the erotic scenes – unless the protagonists are of an exceptionally hardy disposition – will have to take place indoors, in front of roaring log fires or in cosy beds.

This isn’t the case in my Mischief novella His House of Submission, though. The story takes its characters, Sarah and Jasper, through a long, hot summer in a private mansion and its grounds. Summer is a wonderful time to set an erotic romance – all the perfume in the air, the humidity, the lushness. I took full advantage of it. Here’s an example:

From the top of the slope I could see Jasper, sitting on a picnic blanket in a white linen shirt and light trousers, reading a book. A basket stood beside him.

I took some time to just look at him, let the sight of him fill me up, colouring in that greyness of spirit Will had left behind. I took a deep breath and began to walk down.

He looked up and put his book aside. His teeth shone brighter than the sun, glinting below his sunglasses. He must have them professionally whitened, I thought.

‘You’re a little bit late,’ he greeted me, patting the rug beside him.

I sat down, feeling suddenly guilty about the Will encounter.

‘Am I? Sorry. I thought I left the house in plenty of time. What are you reading?’

‘Don’t change the subject.’ He dropped the book into the picnic basket and wagged a finger at me. ‘We are discussing your punctuality.’

‘Oh dear. Are we?’ I tried to look appealing and penitent.

‘Yes, we are. And after discussing it, we are addressing it.’

‘So I’m in trouble?’

‘The best kind of trouble.’ He smiled and the little edge of fear I’d been nursing fell away. He was such a good actor; it made all the role-play rather too realistic sometimes. ‘First, you need to take off your dress.’


His only answer to that was a hard stare.

I took off the dress, baring myself to the lakeland wildlife. And…I looked swiftly back to the woodland. Had Will really gone? What if he was still there, watching us? He would see me sitting naked next to the fully-clothed Jasper. The thought lent a strange urgency to my arousal. I straightened my spine and pushed back my shoulders, wanting Jasper to know that I was doing my best to look good for him.

‘Good,’ he said. ‘But the sun’s pretty ferocious today. You’ll need some lotion.’

He took a bottle of factor 30 sunblock from the basket, poured some into his palm and began slathering it over me, starting with my breasts.

I sat, patient and still, while he massaged the pale unguent all over me, with special attention to my nipples.

‘Don’t want sunburnt nipples, do we?’ he said, when my breath began to shorten, my body screaming for him to just jump on and take me.

‘No,’ I breathed.

‘That would be quite terrible.’ He rolled them gently between finger and thumb, making the most of their slipperiness. I smelled of holidays and it made me reckless.

‘I want you,’ I said.

He smiled, but made no reply, simply increasing the pressure on my poor nipples until I gasped.

He had me turn around and kneel with my elbows on the blanket while he attended to my shoulders and back and then my bottom. He was especially thorough in applying a great deal of lotion to my bum cheeks, even getting it nice and evenly spread between the furrow, as if the sun’s rays might penetrate into that darkest of places. I twitched when his massaging fingers came closer and closer to my anus, then pressed down on it, smothering it in cream, but I didn’t protest. My body was his.

His lotioned hands slid in between my thighs, coating them completely.

‘I wonder if anyone’s ever had a sunburnt clit,’ he said idly, sweeping his thumb swiftly but with devastating effect over mine.

Oh, I wanted him to touch it again, but he wouldn’t.

‘It seems a bit silly,’ he said, grabbing me suddenly by the hip and positioning me over his lap, ‘to put all that cream on your bottom to avoid sunburn when I’m going to get it bright red anyway.’

‘Oh,’ I mewled, on high alert. Even though I’d been expecting this, it still came as a shock somehow.

‘I’m afraid the lotion might make it sting all the more,’ he said. ‘But perhaps you’ll think of that next time you’re running late.’

His hand smacked down and he was right – it did hurt quite a lot.

I let out an uninhibited yell. On the lake, some water birds wheezed and quacked and feathers flapped.

‘You’re getting off lightly,’ he informed, me continuing the spanking at a brisk pace. My punishment was being observed by a gaggle of interested ducks and I imagined Will’s eyes in the bushes, watching Jasper’s hand fall over and over, hard and strong, on my rapidly heating arse.

‘Ouch,’ was about the only reply possible.

‘I once took a girl down here,’ he reminisced. ‘An experienced submissive, she was. I wouldn’t do this kind of thing with you yet. I took her down to the water’s edge.’

The spreading sting of my hot, slippery bottom, together with the continuing hail of smacks, made it hard to focus on anything else, but I tried my best to follow Jasper’s anecdote anyway.

‘I gave her a pair of gloves to put on, then I made her pick a handful of nettles.’

‘Oh God. I hate them.’ Childhood memories of being stung on the legs while I tried to negotiate an overgrown footpath crowded into my mind, adding somehow to the pain I was already experiencing.

‘Yes, so did she.’ He took some time to enjoy his memory, though the spanking carried on, its sound effects echoing over the lake until I thought it must be making ripples. ‘I made her lie on the rug and I put the gloves on and I pressed them on to her arse cheeks. My God, did she wriggle and thrash. The sting lasted hours, she said. But it made her ragingly horny. She got quite into it, after that. Used to like it when I made her stuff them down her knickers and wear them to the shops. We’d always end up having to take a break for a quickie in the car.’


There are many more outdoor pursuits as the story continues. If you fancy re-living the heat of August in November, it’s available from Amazon:

Here’s the blurb:

Sarah turns up at Jasper Jay’s country house thinking she has been hired to make an inventory of his large collection of historical artefacts. But when she and her lover, Will, are caught by the boss sneaking a peek at some of his more private pieces, she starts to suspect an ulterior motive. Alone with Jasper Jay in his secluded manor, Sarah finds herself enthralled by the enigmatic collector, especially given the intimate interest she shares with him. Pretty soon, they’re entangled in an intense relationship of domination and submission that excludes the rest of the world. Until it intrudes, in the form of a vengeful Will, bent on exposing everything his erstwhile boss has worked so hard to keep secret.

Thanks for reading, everyone!

Many thanks again Justine- a book that has to add to my ‘to be read’ list!!

Kay xx

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