Lucky Seven- Tagged!

June 19  |  eBooks  |   Kay Jaybee

Okay, I have been tagged by Lily Harlem and Justine Elyot– so here we go!

This is what happens, the seven people Lily and Justine tagged go into one of their books to either page 7 or page 77, go down to line 7, then post the next 7 lines or sentences on their blog. That done, the next step is to tag 7 writers.

I have taken my 7 lines  Not Her Type; Erotic Adventures With A Delivery Man, my kinky tale of frolics between a courier and his favourite customer.

Here’s the blurb to help set the scene…

When Jenny’s regular film courier, John, reveals how she has become the centre of his sexual dream world, Jenny’s quiet existence is thrown into an arena of desire that she thought she’d long since abandoned.

One unexpected, head swimming romp later, and Jenny is left wondering if her courier will ever visit her again, and if he does, will he mention the hot sex they had on her living room floor that Tuesday afternoon, or will he pretend that it hadn’t happened?

When the following Tuesday arrives and John reappears on Jenny’s doorstep, the scene is set for a continuation of intensely kinky weekly meetings. There is only one problem. John really really isn’t Jenny’s type….

And the 7 sentences from page 77…

It was two minutes past one. Town was a forty-five minute walk away. She didn’t move, her hand cradling the mobile. You’re not really going to do this… are you?

Even as Jenny asked herself the question, she could feel a flutter of sexual tension knot in her chest. It was time to stop thinking too much, and time to start doing. John wants me to be his dirty girl, so as long as it’s turning me on as well, why not do what he wants?

Not allowing herself any time to change her mind, Jenny ran upstairs, grabbed her vibe, stuffed it into her handbag, and stripped off her jeans and knickers…

If you’d like to buy a copy of Not Her Type to see what happens next, it is available from OCPress, Amazon, and all good e-book retailers.

So- now it’s my turn to tag seven of my colleagues…tricky- but how about Janine Ashbless, Clarice Clique, Gemma Parkes, Kitti Bernitti, Jeremy Edwards, Gregory Allen, and Tracy Ames

Kay xx

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3 Responses to Lucky Seven- Tagged!

  1. Lily Harlem says:

    Kay – so glad you picked 7 lines from Not Her Type – I LOVE that story and I know just what happens next… 🙂

    Lily x

    • Kay Jaybee says:

      Thanks Lily!- One of my favourite bits from the story! No idea why spacing on blog gone all weird- hey ho! x

  2. Thanks for this Kay x