Quick Kink Two

Quick Kink TwoQuick Kink 2 satisfies the reader with twelve bite-sized erotic tales of lust, master and servant domination and submission, bondage, instruction and voyeurism.

From the full-on experience of a journalist at an S&M wedding (The Bride Wore Rubber), to the power games of a mistress and her four willing slaves (Just As She Says), to the private, but instantly sexy adventures of a woman awaiting her part-time lover (Secret Smile), Quick Kink 2 provides a tempting dose of straight, bi, and lesbian fantasy.


Quick Kink Two is one of the most memorable erotica collections I have ever read. Kay Jaybee has created a book filled with stories that cover a range of different kinks, plots, characters, and scenarios. Each piece stands out as a compelling piece of erotic fiction, each one staying with the reader well after the book is finished

The reason Quick Kink Two is so powerful is because Jaybee’s stories are a mix of different fetish pieces. Some, like “The Bride Wore Rubber,” are hardcore. Others, like “Plus One” and “Snookered,” rely on traditional fetish themes but tell the stories in ways that are not boring are overdone. And finally, Jaybee writes fetish stories that do not rely on typical ideas, plots, or objects. “The Shirt” is the most memorable story in this eBook because of the way Jaybee turns a simple shirt into a fetish object. There are no whips, threesomes, or leather; this story pushed my preconceived notions of fetish erotica and turned me on at the same time.

Quick Kink Two is so good that I am hard-pressed to find anything negative to say about it. The only thing I would have done differently is space the “Cold” and “Heat” stories farther apart. Because the “Cold” protagonist does not have a name, and because it is so short, at first I believed that these two stories were companion pieces. It was a little frustrating to read “Heat” and not be sure whether or not these two stories were supposed to be tie into one another. Other than that, however, I don’t find any flaws in this collection.

Quick Kink Two is a great read for anyone interested in kinky stories, but it’s diverse enough to appeal to readers who don’t normally read kink. While a few of the stories (namely “The Bride Wore Leather”) might be a little hardcore for someone more used to vanilla erotica, all in all Jaybee’s writing is accessible to a wide range of readers.

Dorla Moorehouse, Erotic Writer

Here she goes again… Dang she is one hot writer! This book is highly recommended for a steamy, delicious read! Goodreads

“Very Good!
This book has 12 very hot stories of twosomes, threesomes and moresomes. Each of the stories have a different lusty theme. The book is short enough to read in one go but I don’t know if you will be able to do it all at once…. Its that hot!

The Bride Wore Leather. Wow, a submissive woman on her wedding day to her Dominate Husband. Lovely and oh so erotic!

Cold a quick tale of sex on a frozen pond

Hot- A servant and her Master and Mistress have fun when the power goes out.

Shirt – Taking her favourite garment in hand, a woman relives the memory of her delivery man.

The Starting Game – A very quick tale of a Dominatrix contemplating her submissive.

Tell Me a Story – A woman regales her partner with a tale of seducing the secretary.

Cafe Work – A chef gives the business to his pretty boss.

Just as She Says – A Mistress plays with her 4 male slaves

Ribbon – 2 Girlfriends play with ribbon…

Snookered – A couple makes their fantasies a reality

Plus One – A woman makes her boyfriends birthday extra special with the help of another woman

Secret Smile – A woman has a quickie with the handyman

Again you have outdone yourself Ms Jaybee! “ Goodreads

The ultimate dirty dozen…” Amazon

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