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February 20  |  eBooks, Reviews  |   Kay Jaybee

I’m delighted to bring you another book review today. This time it is the turn of Bottoms In Love, by Gregory Allen.

I love this story. I could stop the review right here- give you a quick snippet of the text, and push off to let you read it for yourself- but I guess that’s cheating really isn’t it- so I will go on!

Why do I like this mini novella so much? Mostly because it’s perfectly believable. It is about a very much in love married couple with children. A couple who, like so many of us,  are at the mercy of baby sitters if they are to have those all important moments alone together- but boy, when they do get those few precious hours, they truly make the most of them!

Carter and Lindsey, a married couple, are both submissive lovers. On the rare occasions they get to indulge in power exchange, the one forced to rule and the one who gets to obey is determined by the flip of a coin.

Another reason why I like Bottoms in Love so much- it’s a spanking story- and it will come as no surprise to anyone who has read anything I have written, to know that I like a bit of spank between the pages of a book!

But who should spank who, when both husband and wife like to play the sub? The answer, simply and cleverly, comes down to the turn of a dime they keep permanently handy…

Once I’d read Bottoms In Love, I just had to ask Gregory Allen to share his favourite excerpt with us-and here it is!

Her pussy glimmered with wetness; tiny spheres clung to some of the hair nearest her lips. The scent beckoned him. He craved her taste, the feel of her on his tongue. For Carter, the taste of his wife’s pussy was always exquisite, and he had developed the notion that as wonderful as she tasted on other nights—such as on the nights when the dime landed in his favor and he was ordered between her legs to deliver multiple orgasms—the taste of her fresh after a spanking would be exponentially more satisfying.

He could do it. He was in charge. He could order her to lie back on the couch, drape her legs over his back, and submit to him, and he could devour her pussy until she collapsed from exhaustion after coming for an hour. But the coin would land in his favor, eventually, and she could try the same trick on him. How would he feel?

Carter stood and unzipped his fly. He pulled his cock out. His naked wife stared at it with wide eyes. “Do you know what you’re to do?” Carter asked.

“I’m to suck your cock.”

“Down on your knees.”

Lindsey sank down, her hands traveling along her husband’s sides. She drew her bangs back, collecting her hair in a ponytail with one hand. Her other hand took hold of the base of his cock. She aimed the head toward her mouth as her lips parted. She kept her lips firm as she bobbed forward, letting his cock penetrate her mouth. She moaned as her sealed lips slipped past the head, and Carter gasped.

She noticed. Her submissive gleam paled for a moment. Naked and on her knees, servicing him, she seemed empowered by her ability to give him sexual pleasure. Carter took swift hold of her by the back of her hair and squeezed a tight fistful. Lindsey cried out, but didn’t stop. With each slow stroke, her lips met her fist at the base of his cock.

Carter guided her with his hand. He even managed to say, in a gruff voice, “Yeah, suck it baby. Suck it good,” but his voice cracked in pleasure. He told her that was enough and pulled her off. Her tongue looped around his cockhead before she sucked the tip and drew away. As she sat back on her heels, she rolled her eyes up and looked at him with pitiful regret. She wiped her bottom lip with her finger. 

Carter moved out of her way and pointed toward the bedroom. “Crawl…”

If you’d like to buy Bottoms In Love, it is available from the OC Press, and from all other good Kindle, Nook and PDF download retailers.

Enjoy x

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