Review of Five Days by Simon Jacobs and Amanda Woods

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December 19  |  eBooks, Reviews  |   Kay Jaybee

Today I have the great pleasure of bringing you my latest e-book review – Five Days by Simon Jacobs and Amanda Woods…

Published by the OCPress, the brand new e-imprint from the highly successful Oysters and Chocolate website, Five Days is a clever, intense, and thought provoking mini-novella, penned by first time erotica writers Simon Jacobs and Amanda Woods.

At high school, Sam has a serious crush on Alicia, but to her, Sam was just the geeky kid who was always on the outskirts of her circle of friends, fancying her from afar. Now, ten years later, they bump into each other and, as they share a ‘catch-up’ coffee, Alicia has to concede that Sam is far from the clumsy school boy she thought she knew- he is fit and a great deal of fun!

Three hours into their conversation however, after filling in many of the gaps in their lives since they last saw each other, Sam delivers a bombshell -“I’ll be dead in five days.”

It is from this shattering disclosure that Five Days begins. Alicia realizes that she wants to spend every one of Sam’s last seconds with him. This decision, which feels beautifully natural to the reader, leads to some very sexy encounters in places from their joint and private pasts.

Throughout the plot, the authors of Five Days sensibly never forget that Sam is unwell, and show his fatigue and regret at not always being able to keep up with Alicia’s seemingly non-stop sexual appetite, helping to make the threat of his illness and imminent death real to the reader.

This loving, erotic, fast passed, mini-novella, packs a lot of adventures into the time span allowed by the title. Naturally I don’t want to give away how the story ends- but you will either love its conclusion, or groan out loud!

Five Days is a welcome debut by co-authors, Simon Jacobs and Amanda Woods, which will satisfy any lover of erotic romantic fiction.

This e-novella is now available from the OCPress and all good e-book retailers.


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