Review – The Great Outdoors Volume 2

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February 27  |  eBooks  |   Kay Jaybee

The Great Outdoors Volume 2

Two Erotic Stories by Lucy Felthouse

  The Great Outdoors Volume 2, the most recent episode of Lucy Felthouse’s ‘fresh air ’erotica, gives the reader two short doses of romantic sexual fantasy.

In the first tale ‘A Date to Remember’ we meet Zoe on an utterly disastrous date. Bored to tears she can’t wait to escape from the dull monologue of historical facts that Nick keeps throwing at her. Yet when they are caught in an impromptu storm in the park, things take an unexpected, and far more interesting turn….

‘In Pursuit of Anna’ dives straight in with a post-coital cuddle between Anna and the charismatic Greg. Away on business in a hotel, Anna is keen for their encounter to continue, but when she hears her friends calling her, she panics. Not wanting her colleagues to realise what she is up to (or she’ll never here the last of it), so she flees from the room and hides in her own. Unhindered by pure intentions, Greg tracks his quarry down, and the couple make full steamy use of Anna’s open air balcony…

Easy sexy fun, The Great Outdoors Vol 2 carries on from where its predecessor (The Great Outdoors Vol 1), left off; making even the most devoted townie want to take a lungful of fresh air.

Available from Amazon UK, Amazon US, and other good download suppliers.

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