Review- Weekend at Wilderhope Manor

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November 23  |  eBooks, Reviews  |   Kay Jaybee

Review- Weekend at Wilderhope Manor

By Lucy Felthouse

Girlfriends Stephanie and Jenny have booked a combined murder mystery and Halloween ball weekend at the ghost laden Wilderhope Manor.

From their arrival at the hotel, the girls are determined to make the most of their dirty weekend- and as the non-stop bedroom action contained within this mini-novella’s pages shows, they certainly do that!!

A story of two-halves, the first takes the characters on a murder mystery hunt, which draws them to a tasty clandestine ‘moment’ in the manor’s library (I will say nothing about it – for it would spoil the read).

Then, the following day, Stephanie and Jenny are free to enjoy the beautiful countryside of the grounds before they go to the Halloween’s ball that evening. Coming across an “Alice in Wonderland” style maze, they head off to explore- let’s just say all does not go according to plan…

Both sexy and spooky, Weekend at Wilderhope Manor is a great easy read for those of us who enjoy a tasty helping of FF escapism.

This book and all the information about Lucy Felthouse’s vast array of mini novellas and anthologies can be found at 

You can purchase Weekend at Wilderhope Manor from Amazon UK, and all other good e-retailers.

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