The Circus

The Circus- new cover

Carrie could feel the heat of her skin prickle beneath her chestnut ponytail.  She sat wishing that Scott hadn’t been called away on yet another dire work-related emergency, and that he could be there with her.  More than a little self-conscious, she fidgeted with her outfit.  Playing safe, she’d decided to wear black.  Black thigh length boots, black pleated mini skirt, black stockings, and a black chest hugging lace-up basque, with strings that only just managed to conceal the pale freckled chest over which it had been stretched.  She knew she looked like a slutty walking cliché.  But then again, in this place, at this time, that was entirely the point…



“This author has a unique knack of making you examine your limits and push them that little bit further, leading to all kinds of delights. This book is another prime example of that talent. If you’re expecting clowns and trapeze artists then this isn’t the circus you’re looking for! Carrie attends the show alone as her boyfriend Scott has to work late. The night turns out quite differently from the one she is expecting though! Chock full of BDSM, voyeurism and humiliation, this darkly delightful story is not for the light and fluffy crowd. If you want to harness that secret place inside you that whispers naughty things in your ear at night then take a look and immerse yourself in the wonderful world of Ms Jaybee.” Amazon

“…only a short story this, but what a story!” Amazon

“Another delightfully erotically charged short story…” Goodreads

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