The Fist

A punchy quickie collection for those of us who love our gay erotica.

This mini e-book from Xcite contains previously published works, including my story, The Basic Rules of Anal Sex, from the Boy Fun anthology.

The Fist  Review by Pat Epee
It had been awhile since I read M/M original slash and I was quite pleased by the selections compiled in this book. The starter was more than wetting any appetite I thought I had. Edgy and awesome fisting that will brand your memories for a long time after you read it, thanks to the roughness brought by G R Richards. Wired, was actually fun. Not knew per se but really a pleasant and hot read all along. Unleashing a Demon was cute for a story about an Aussie lad first time. Brad seems to really get into it quite quickly but hey… that’s why we read fiction, so just relax and enjoy! The Running Man was a good setup, I’d wish I could have seen the photographs as well… I wish this story was a little longer and the smut more present but nice nevertheless. Finally Basic Rules of Anal Sex was just such a pleasure to read: great voice and nice meeting… Overall, a great book to have handy!

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