Two Weeks of Tasty Tasters Day Nine – Guest Blog with Lily Harlem

July 24  |  eBooks  |   Kay Jaybee

It’s Day Nine of my Tasty Tasters fortnight, and I am delighted to welcome the smashing Lily Harlem to my blog- over to you Lily-

Thanks so much for inviting me along to join the fun on Two Weeks of Tasty Teasers.

Since we are looking for spicy excerpts I am going to share with you an excerpt from DESSERT which is my latest novella and part of the Ellora’s Cave for Men line. Yes, you read that right! For Men. These books have been written with the guy in your life in mind, stories to read to get him in the mood for some down and dirty action, or perhaps a bedtime cuddle together with a saucy story to end the day on a high note.

What is different about these books, well, they are all written from the male point of view. The stories are shorter, focus more on the sex than the “relationship”, and are aimed at male sexual fantasies. More of what men want or need from women—sex, love, acceptance, admiration, dirty talk; less of what they don’t need (judgment, drama, expectation of anticipating woman’s needs). Sounds simple right? Mmm, it took a while to get my head around it though luckily Mr Harlem was more than willing to road test the drafts, until we got to one where he said ‘that’s it, this one works for me!’ and that was the end of reading and writing for the day…!!


Nyotaimori was new for me, eating my dinner off a beautiful naked woman an experience I’d never been lucky enough to indulge in. So when a customer treated me to a meal at The Geisha Plate it was an effort to keep my cock under control and my focus on the food. Damn, it had been a while!

But control myself I did—until, that is, the spice levels cranked to boiling point and dessert turned out to be a mind-blowing, soul-twistingly delicious blowjob. I instantly craved more.

Plus I’m not a guy who likes debt. I had to return the favor by hook or by crook; it was an urge that threatened to consume me. Luckily my lovely Geisha girl turned out to be the sweetest woman I’d ever had the pleasure of pleasuring, and her healthy appetite for getting raw and naked with me for starters, main course and dessert turned out to be a wild ride for my every fantasy, and enough to keep me more than satisfied in every department.

Excerpt –

“Here we go,” she said, maneuvering back into the tent. She carried the small silver saucepan by the handle, the spoon sticking out of it.

“What’s that?” I asked.

“I’ve melted the chocolate.”

I raised my brows.

“Oh, don’t panic. It’s not boiling, just warm, body temperature.” She glanced at my boxers. “Why are they still on? That’s hardly fair, is it?”

“Guess not.” I shoved the boxers down and kicked them out of the way. My dick sprang upward, rod straight, the swollen head the deep mauve it always became when I was really hard.

Her gaze flashed as she stared at my cock. She darted out her tongue and licked her lips.

I clenched my fists at my sides. I’d done many things on camping expeditions, but this topped them all. Tida looking at my cock as if she was about to feast on it was off- the-scale adrenaline inducing.

“Mmm,” she said, upending my boot and balancing the saucepan on the deep tread rather than the nylon material of the sleeping bag. “Where to start?” She tugged on her bottom lip, filled the spoon with runny chocolate and held her cupped palm beneath it. Her gaze roamed for several seconds then settled on my chest. “Just here, I think.”

I sucked in a breath as she dripped the melted chocolate over my left nipple. It was warm, as she’d said, warm and tickling and caught stickily in the swirls of black hair that covered my chest.

A fat drop formed and started a downward trickle. She leaned forward, tongue out, and scooped it onto the tip. Then she placed her lips over my nipple and sucked gently.

My mouth went suddenly dry and I fought to swallow. Her touch, her caress was going straight to the base of my balls. The way she’d pulled that blob of goo into her mouth, licked her lips and sucked on me was something I’d never forget.

She repeated the action on my other nipple, her warm little body leaning right over mine as she reached to scoop up the chocolate. The end of her ponytail trailed over the hollow at the base of my neck. My jaw clenched so hard it was a wonder it didn’t snap. How the hell was I supposed to just lie here passive as she ate off me? I wanted to ease the pressure in my cock, bury myself hard and fast inside her tight pussy. But I wouldn’t do that, not yet. This moment was magical, off-the-scale sexy. Nothing else existed, just me lying here naked and her licking chocolate from my body.

She dipped her head to mine and kissed me, shared the milky flavor on her lips and tongue. My cock, fierce and hot, jerked. I kissed her back with enthusiasm.

“You are doing very well,” she said with a smile. “But now is the tricky part.”

I didn’t have time to wonder what she meant, because quickly she refilled the spoon and overflowed my navel with chocolate.

My belly tensed, my cock twitched. I screwed my eyes shut.

Fuck, give me it lower, just a little bit lower.

I was aching with the need for relief but also relishing the teasing way she was spreading the brown liquid around my stomach with her tongue. Lapping and licking, slurping and kissing. There was no way I was going to rush this moment.

Well, not for another ten seconds, anyway.

A soft caress on the bloated tip of my cock had me sucking in a breath and pinging my eyes open. She’d filled my slit with chocolate, the trickle over my glans as light as a butterfly .

“You have a fantastic cock,” she murmured, her breath breezing over my damp stomach. “I thought last night how much I liked it.” She gripped the base of my shaft, her fingertips like silk, her hand hot.

I couldn’t speak. My whole body ached. Vibrations of need hummed through me as she pouted her lips, dropped them over my chocolatey slit and sucked.

“Ah, fuck,” I said, jabbing out my hand and curling it over her shoulder. “Be careful.”

She glanced up at me, her lips smeared with glistening chocolate. “Or else?”

“Or else I am going to come, you are just so damn sexy.”

“I know,” she said, setting up a gentle push-pull motion on my shaft. “But isn’t making you come the idea?”

My hips jerked involuntarily. “Sure, honey, but I kinda planned on getting inside you first.”

She stilled and her seductive gaze, black with desire and glistening with arousal, caught mine.

My mind was full of carnal desperation. I’d had enough of dessert, starter or whatever the hell this was. I wanted the main fucking course.

I sat up. I didn’t speak, words wouldn’t form, and if they did they would likely be insane. I just grabbed her and shoved her onto her back.

She gasped and a frown snapped between her brows. “John—I—the chocolate.”

I heard myself growl, low and feral. My hands were busy, pulling at her shorts, dragging off her panties.

“Condom,” she gasped. “Please, condom.”

A brief sliver of sanity returned, but only long enough for me to reach outside, grab the foil wrapper I’d placed handily in a side pocket of my bag and roll the latex down my dick.

By the time I’d done that Tida was completely naked and lying spread before me, her glistening pussy the perfect invitation for my hunger.

Jesus, she is so beautiful.

Her little body shivered. Was it cold or desire? I didn’t pause to wonder. Whichever it was, I had a cure.

I dropped over her and instantly she wound her arms and legs around me. Strong and gripping—viselike. Our mouths connected, her upthrust breasts mashed into my sticky chest and her mound bashed against my pelvis.

Pausing in our frantic kissing, I stared down into her face. Her eyes were wide, her breaths rapid.

“Fuck me, John,” she gasped. “Hard and fast, I won’t break. It is how I want it, hard and fast and now, fuck me now.”

Her words brought out the devil in my desire. I’d always suppressed a frantic, daring side of my lovemaking when I’d been with Janice. Kept my lust harnessed so as not to offend, dare I say it, her prudish disposition. But now here with Tida telling me, demanding, that I fuck her with gusto, I was going to let it out. Throw open the doors and let it steam full throttle ahead.

Punches of sensation slammed into my guts as I reached between our writhing bodies. I maneuvered the head of my cock through her saturated folds and positioned it, primed and ready, at her entrance. I remembered how little and tight she was, reined in some of my urgency and fought for a modicum of control.

She moaned a complaint at my hesitation, increasing the grip of her legs around my thighs and bucking toward me.

I gave her the first inch. Juices spilled around me, easing the way.

“Oh god,” she murmured, fluttering her eyes closed and twisting her head.

Spreading my palm over her breast and squeezing, I gained more entry, my hard flesh parting her soft tightness as I worked my way in.

She was panting for breath, her hands clawing at my back. I shoved in some more, my cock a solid spear of flesh riding into her burning hot depths.

“Oh, it’s so much, so much,” she groaned.

“It’s what you wanted,” I said through gritted teeth.

“Yes, yes, more, give me it all.”

My senses were spinning. I braced my hands on the floor on either side of her head and, in one hard shove gave her everything I had to offer. Buried myself balls-deep in her snug cunt.

“John,” she wailed, her body shifting up the slippery material of the sleeping bags with the force of my thrust. “Oh, yes, yes, that’s it, oh fuck.”

Dropping down, I curled an arm beneath her shoulders and held her tight against my body. She was going nowhere.

I pulled halfway out, could feel cum boiling in my scrotum. The pressure was almost unbearable. I stared down at her as I sank deep again. Her face glowed, her mouth a flat line of acute concentration. Her heavy-lidded eyes gazed up at me. She was every dirty dream I’d ever had. This wonderful young woman who was so giving and beautiful and who was taking all of me as though she would never get enough.

“Faster…harder,” she gasped. Her hips arched again, driving me deeper. “Make me yours.”

Yes, yes. I want you to be mine.

My sac was taut, collecting energy. Her sweet pussy just about blowing my mind. Fiery fingers of pleasure tore up my spine, popping beads of sweat across my flesh. I wouldn’t be able to hold off much longer.

“Ah, sweet baby,” I managed, my voice hoarse and strained. “Come with me.”

“Yes, yes, oh, yes.”

I couldn’t resist her, couldn’t contain the need that had my hips pumping wildly. Only my cock in her cunt mattered. She owned me, she had me. I had her, at this moment she was mine. My loins constricted, preparing for a release I didn’t know if I would survive. It was ballooning so big and powerful.

A strangled groan tore from her lips. She sank sharp nails into my shoulder blades and jabbed her heels into my butt.

Heaven help me.

She was coming, her climax a wild rip of cries and powerful spasms as rapture blasted through her.

I am going to lose my mind.

The flesh of her pussy had constricted noose-like around my shaft. More honey liquid poured from her and wet slapping noises filled the tent as I surged through the final seconds to my orgasm. Hammering in and out of her compressed, quivering entrance, I was sure I was going to kill us both with ecstasy. What a way to go.

It was there. Pleasure consumed me. I couldn’t breathe. I couldn’t keep my eyes open. All that existed was bliss blasting up my shaft. Furious pulses of hot spunk filling the condom. It was never ending, a wild release searing through me. On and on semen flooded from my slit. I kept buried as deep as I could go, my hips butting into her pelvis as though I couldn’t get close enough.

“Ah, ah, ah, fuck, yes,” I shouted. Brilliant lights flashed behind my eyelids, my balls packed up high.

She increased her hold. Her cries filled the tent and echoed into my ears. Still her pussy trembled, potent convulsions that drew yet more fiery bliss from me.

I stilled and buried my face in her neck, set about trying to catch my breath and hoped my heart rate would return to normal—one day. It was as though some of my sanity had just been lost. This wild little woman had taken a piece of my soul in allowing me to claim her, take her, go on a wonderful journey of lust with her.

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Huge thanks for popping by and sharing your latest work with us today Lily– delicious!!!

Lily Harlem- Photographed by David Woolfall

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