Two Weeks of Tasty Tasters- Day Ten- Guest Blog with Justine Elyot

July 25  |  eBooks  |   Kay Jaybee

It’s Day Ten, and I am delighted to welcome the marvellous Justine Elyot to my site today. Take it away Justine…

It’s so great to be here at Kay’s place, laying out a tempting morsel for you to savour. My excerpt is from my Mischief novel, Game, which I will tell you all about…

Lloyd knew when he and Sophie got together that her sexual tastes were on the wild side – it’s what attracted him to her, after all. But Sophie is permissive with every part of her body except her heart. If Lloyd is to succeed in winning that, he will have to think creatively. A series of challenges takes Sophie deep into the core of her fantasies, not to mention her fears. She experiments with kink of all flavours, multiple partners, exhibitionism and more, in a bid to understand what she really wants. As the game intensifies, each new step into extravagant sinfulness reveals different options for her future. Will Lloyd feature in her final decision? Or will the ultimate risk he takes drive her away from him?



‘Sophie, I want you to stand up and remove your coat.’

I stand up. The tops of my boots tickle my naked thighs, reminding me of the pale expanse stretching from there to the too-high hem of the rubber dress.

I shrug off the coat and hand it to Lloyd, turning away from my audience as I do so and maintaining my huddled half-crouching stance, trying to make myself as small and invisible as possible.

‘Up straight and face our examiners,’ he orders briskly. This means I have to break my eye contact with Lloyd. I really, really don’t want to do this. But I do it.

‘Oh, we’re not examiners,’ coos O. ‘Don’t make the situation more formal than it needs to be. You do look lovely, dear – gorgeous rubber. Call us by our names, Lloyd, if you’re comfortable with that.’

‘Okay,’ says Lloyd from behind me.

I look at a distant spot on the wall behind O and Mal, blurring out their rapacious smiles and lustful eyes. My shoulders are back, thrusting out my tightly confined breasts. The bottom of the dress barely skims my pussy; it would only take the fractional raise of a leg to expose everything.

‘Put your hands on your head, Sophie.’

The movement lifts the dress ever so slightly, just enough to give my new friends a glimpse of shaved lip. The tension created by the latex is unbearably sexy, as is the knowledge of my inescapable exposure. I feel the wetness, the unruly pulse of desire. Lloyd was right. This challenge is going to be easy after all.

‘Now turn around slowly.’

I perform a slow rotation, trying hard not to stick my bum out too far, though I’m sorely tempted. With one hundred and eighty degrees completed and Lloyd’s face back in my register – an evilly intent, highly focused face – he commands me to stop.

‘Bend over,’ he says.

I won’t look at him. I won’t make a face at him. I mustn’t give him failure ammunition.

So I lower my eyes to the ground and carefully let my upper torso follow suit. I feel every upward millimetre of my hem’s progress over the curve of my bottom until it sits nice and square in the middle of my outthrust cheeks, showing everything beneath.

‘I’d value your opinion of her arse,’ says Lloyd politely.

‘Wonderful shape,’ purrs O. ‘So full and round.’

‘The most spankable I’ve seen in a long time,’ is Mal’s verdict. ‘Though it’s a bit pale for my taste. I prefer them redder.’

‘That can be arranged.’ Lloyd!

‘Of course, it’s your call.’ Thanks, Mal.

O has a question now. ‘What kind of things do you like to do to that delicious bottom, Lloyd? How much use does it get?’

‘Oh, plenty. Obviously, like Mal, I like to see it turn red. I like the heat, especially if I put my cock inside afterwards.’

‘Ah yeah, there’s no beating the feeling, is there?’ says Mal yearningly.

Never mind red arses, I’m pretty sure my face is that shade of which they so approve. Just as well it’s beyond their view. In the meantime, my cunt is dripping. Surely they’ll notice soon? Oh God. I clench and unclench the muscles, praying that this will help me keep my secret.

‘Fucking a good hot red arse, you mean?’ says Lloyd, still in this insane polite chit-chat kind of tone. ‘Absolutely. My favourite.’

‘Do you use butt plugs?’

‘Oh yes, she loves those. For pleasure and for discipline. She wore one behind the reception desk all morning once after one particular episode of naughtiness.’

Oh, I remember that. Remember the squirming on the chair, the growing pool of liquid lust in my knickers, the perma-blush on my face as I greeted each guest. He’s such a glorious pervert. They really are going to see the shining evidence of my arousal very soon.

‘I must visit your hotel,’ remarks O. ‘Dr Lassiter recommends it very highly.’

‘Thank you,’ says Lloyd, then his tone changes and I know he is addressing me. ‘Stand up. Turn back around.’

Rather than slide back down over my curves, the latex remains, slightly rumpled, halfway up my bum. As my eyes find that distant spot on the wall once more, Lloyd reaches out an idle hand to caress the bared skin. I only just catch the moan in my throat, replacing it with a shuddery exhalation.

‘Spread your legs, Sophie. Yes, that’s it. Little bit wider. Good.’

My pubic triangle is on display, lips parted to uncover the swollen red bud within. Lloyd, stroking my bottom and running a finger up between the cheeks, pushes me forward an inch or so.

‘Show them,’ he says softly. ‘Show them how wet you are.’

I tilt my pelvis, angling it so that my sex is as fully viewable as possible.

‘Take your hands off your head and hold your lips open for them.’

I obey, feeling as if all my blood is rushing from crotch to face and back again, draining every other part of my body. My legs feel weak and my arms start to tremble.

‘She’s very wet,’ he tells them, dipping fingers lightly into my juices.

‘She likes to be put on show.’ Mal is leaning forward, his face livid red. ‘That’s a great sign. She’ll be brilliant at the master/slave events. Tons of potential.’

Lloyd, standing behind me now, lifts his fingers to my mouth and has me lick them, tasting myself on his warm skin.

‘You’re doing so well,’ he whispers into my ear. ‘I’m proud of you.’

I hate that his expression of pride makes my chest swell and my heart constrict. I hate that. I want to be indifferent to his fucking pride. Why can’t I be indifferent to it?

‘O, Mal, do you like her dress?’

Mal grunts his approval while O repeats her assertion that it’s ‘gorgeous’.

‘Perhaps you’d like to see it at closer quarters, then. Would you like to feel it?’

They don’t need asking twice.

Like big cats on the veldt, they stalk and circle their prey, drawing closer. Lloyd stands aside to let them surround me.

‘Touch her,’ he invites.

If you would like to read more from Game, it is available directly from Mischief, Amazon, and all good e-retailers.

Thanks ever so much for visiting us today- great taster Justine!!



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  1. Suzanne says:

    What a hot excerpt!!!!!!!It made me wet just reading it. The book shows only Britian, when will t come across the pond. It is to good to stay over there.