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May 4  |  eBooks, Reviews  |   Kay Jaybee

I’m thrilled  to be able to reveal my first review for Yes Ma’am– and it’s a corker!

Many thanks to Lucy Felthouse at Erotica For All for her kind words.

Yes Ma’am is the latest offering from the deliciously dirty mind of Kay Jaybee. It contains six tales of arse-spanking, wrist-binding, whip-wielding tales of female domination. Despite the fact they have a common theme and are penned by the same author, each story couldn’t be more different.

Lying in Wait tells the story of an army recruit who gets much more than he bargained for on a night exercise.

Black is about a man so obsessed with a dominatrix that he begins to think he’s sold his soul to the devil.

Dear Claire has two best friends sharing a man, though not in the way you’d think.

‘Don’t You, Emma?’ takes a typical male fantasy and turns it completely on its head.

Not Taking the Tube means you will never think about Underground travel in quite the same way again.

Finally, Rachel’s Twisted Tale adds a considerably more erotic twist to the story of Rapunzel.

Each story in this anthology is brilliantly written, deliciously twisted and very, very erotic. My particular favourite was Dear Claire, a piece so imaginative and sexy that my eyebrows almost disappeared into my hairline while I was reading it.

If you’re not into power play and BDSM elements, then this won’t be your cup of tea. Otherwise, get a copy of Yes Ma’am into your hot little hands and prepare for some seriously sexy stories that’ll blow your mind (and other places). Recommended.

(Review by Lucy Felthouse- Erotica For All)

I couldn’t agree more with Lucy- I must stress that if you don’t like your erotica with a touch heavy handed, then perhaps you should try  some of my other stories instead – Quick Kink One or The Collector may be more your thing! 

 If you are brave enough, then Yes Ma’am can be purchased from Xcite, along with all good e-book suppliers.

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