Another London Adventure!

August 8  |  News  |   Kay Jaybee

I was very much looking forward to 6th August coming round – not only was I due to read at the fabulous Sh! (more below), but I was to be photographed by the freelance photographer, David Woolfall, for an article about British Female Erotica Writers. (Destination of the article is hush hush just now).

I urge you to take a look at David’s website- OMG- how good is his stuff! I felt a bit unworthy to be photographed by him to be honest!! 

I am not a natural with photos- I don’t really feel comfortable being on the business end of the lens; and I never quite know where to put my hands; how to stand etc etc. I needn’t have worried however, for David was quick to put me at my ease, and very soon we were happily sipping coffee surrounded by all the goodies for sale in Sh!; and chatting away about writing, juggling life, writing, inspiration, and writing.

Ten minutes later I was being photographed in the street outside of Sh! (while dodging traffic!), before being pictured in my natural habitat- a coffee shop!

Once David was happy he had the pictures he wanted, I had a sneaky peek- and to my amazement I didn’t look that bad! (As soon as I have a few to show you- I will- promise)

David will be taking similar ‘writer in action’ photographs of several of my favourite authors before the article is complete- I’ll keep you posted!!

In the meantime, I say again-check out his website– this guy takes seriously good pictures for serious impressive publications!!

Part two of 6thAug, began for me in the Blu bar in Hoxton, where I spent a happy hour writing (something about marmalade…) while I waited for fellow writers, KD Grace and Lucy Felthouse to share the odd glass of nerve calming wine before it was time to read smut out loud to strangers!

Sh! Store- Hoxton

For those of you who regularly read my blog, you’ll know that I have had the pleasure of being invited to read my erotica at Sh! Women’s Store on many occasions. This however, was the first time I had taken part in an exclusively gay and lesbian evening- but I’m hoping it won’t be the last!

Kay and Lucy at Sh!

My reading partner in erotica for the evening was the multi-talented Lucy Felthouse, writer and web designer extraordinaire. Lucy read the ultra hot story, Show Me Yours, from I Kissed A Girl  (available as a paperback or e-book) and a tasty section from her vampire romance Bite with Height (available as an e-book).

I had deliberately not read either piece beforehand, so I could savour them along with the audience, and I particularly enjoyed the former reading; a nerve tingler of a tale featuring 2 women and 2 sex toys- yummy!

I was in charge of providing the MM gay literature.

The Collector

Boy Fun

Reading Van from my mixed anthology The Collector, (Austin & Macauley), and The Basic Rules of Anal Sex from the exclusively gay Xcite short story collection, Boy Fun, I thoroughly enjoyed watching the reactions of the audience as I delivered my naughty words. Especially as I handed out a special list of anal sex rules to each member of the audience for future reference!! After I’d finished my reading stint, I was truly flattered to be asked by the awesomely talented writer Jacqueline Appleby, to read something extra from The Collector, and selected Break Time, a threesome piece of the yummy variety!!

Refreshed by champagne and cup cakes in true Sh! Tradition, the audience was given plenty of opportunity to browse and purchase some of the amazing items available on Sh’s tempting shelves.

Thanks to Sh! for hosting such a friendly event, and to everyone who came along- it was wonderful to see you.

Oh- and a big thanks to Lucy Felthouse for the photo’s! xx

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  1. Shar says:

    I hope we’ll hear about the publication of that article on British female erotica writers when it’s ready…

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