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August 6  |  News  |   Kay Jaybee

It’s AUGUST, and that means it ‘s time to think picnics, woodland walks, paddling in the sea, licking ice creams (oh, watch that bit, it’s dribbling down your chin…), and sunning yourself (okay, so that depends where you’re living), out in the great outdoors. What better way to relax on those deck chairs, loungers, and picnic rugs, than with a little bit of smut…


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So- what tasty outdoor morsel can I tempt you with while we enjoy all things alfresco?  How about a snippet from my BDSM erotic romance Making Him Wait?


One of my favourite things to do in the summer is to walk in the woods- although my walks never end up like this one has for artist Maddie and her intended partner, Theo…

“What’s in the bag?”

Theo’s enquiry brought Maddie back to the reality of her plans. She began to walk as they talked, leading Theo into the woods in the opposite direction to the public footpath. “A few essentials – picnic, rug and stuff. Just the basics.”

“Sounds good.” Theo began to follow, but suddenly he stopped dead.

Something about the way Theo was staring into the trees sent a quiver up Maddie’s spine. “You okay?”

Theo shrugged. “I keep having this weird feeling I’m being watched. It’s nothing. Probably a deer.” He caught up with Maddie, gallantly taking the bag from her shoulder and slinging it over his own. “So where are you taking me?”

“You’ll see.” Striding ahead again, Maddie’s trainers picked their way over the network of tree roots. “Come on, Mr. Electrician.”

They walked on in silence, the trees becoming denser as Maddie followed the route her memory had sketched out the night before. Twenty minutes later she pointed to a fallen tree on the ground in front of them.

“Here we are.” Maddie sat on a fallen tree trunk which hovered just above the mossy, twig-strewn ground.

Theo stood in front of her. “And ‘here’ would appear to be the middle of nowhere.”

“Yes. Perfect for what I have in mind.”

“And that would be?”

“I told you. You really must pay more attention to the texts I send you, Theo. I am going to tie you to a tree.” Maddie gestured to the trunk on which she was sitting. “This tree, actually.”

Only the faintest hint of surprise tinged Theo’s voice as he said, “And what makes you think that I am simply going to let you fasten me to that?”

Maddie undid the clasps that secured her rucksack and produced two long leather straps, complete with buckle fasteners. She ran them lovingly through her fingers. “Because you want to know how it feels to be on the receiving end of my attention. Because the dick that is so obviously challenging your shorts right now wants to sink itself inside me, and because I promised that I would tie you to a tree – and I always keep my promises.”


“Eventually.” Maddie laid the leather straps over the round curve of the trunk. The afternoon sun hadn’t yet perforated the canopy of trees and as she stroked the space on the trunk next to where she sat, Maddie found that it was still damp from the rain of the previous evening. “Come here, Theo.”

Theo sat as instructed, his legs stretched out in front of him, one hand resting on his knee, the other lightly on Maddie’s bare leg. “I see the remaining paint has come away now,” he remarked.

In no mood for small talk, Maddie lifted his palm from her leg and placed it on his other knee. Then, facing Theo, she smoothed her fingertips around his waistband. Pushing the flat of her palms up under his t-shirt, absorbing the heat of Theo’s torso, edging his top higher, until he automatically raised his arms and she could take it off over his head. “Turn around.”

“Yes Ma’am.” Theo appeared sincere as he obeyed, and the stirrings of power that had gathered at the pit of Maddie’s gut began to swell.

“Stay still.” Maddie knelt to her pack, producing a picnic rug, which she lay over the trunk of the tree. Then, satisfied that Theo was waiting as instructed, she returned to her bag and took out the short white cane she’d used to attack the duvet only the night before.

She hadn’t heard him move. Maddie shrieked as two firm arms wrapped round her waist and lifted her bodily off the ground. Kicking against him, Maddie struggled to be free, but Theo’s grip held fast.

Dropping her to the rough ground, Theo placed one foot on the middle of her belly, pressing just hard enough to pin her down. “Did you honestly believe I would forgive you that easily? That I would simply roll over because Maddie Templeton told me to? After being teased, being forced to wait and being made to feel foolish?”

Maddie’s heart beat so fast it felt as if it was going to break out of her chest. She could have twisted away from him. It would only have taken one quick lurch to the side. But she didn’t move. What was worse was that Maddie knew Theo was aware she could escape…and yet she didn’t. Instead, her mind was frantically working out how to retrieve the upper hand with maximum dignity…


Well I hope that whetted your appetite for a bit of alfresco fun- or at least a bit of an outdoor read!!

Enjoy all the August Alfresco blogs folks!! Don’t forget to check them all out- and you must comment to be in with the chance to win!!

Happy reading everyone!!

Kay xx


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