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March 15  |  News  |   Kay Jaybee

We have reached the fourth day in my series of author profiles featuring the photography of David Woolfall. Today I am thrilled to welcome, the reknown author, Janine Ashbless.

Over to you Janine…

Janine Ashbless – Photo by David Woolfall

I still don’t believe this is real, you know: me, being a writer. Being “Janine Ashbless.” Having my darkest sexual fantasies read by strangers. In my mind’s eye I’m still a shy, introverted, conventional girl with her nose in a book. I’ve been praised to the skies and I’ve been reviled with real vitriol, and both still astonish me. 

I started writing erotica because there was no one out there producing what I wanted to read – which was, basically, like Angela Carter only a lot dirtier. I’ve been writing it for over a decade now. I’ve six books in print and three more on the way, and I’m amazed and delighted to find that there still seems to be no end to exploring the strange and filthy niches of my imagination.

I’ve had other jobs in computing, forestry, education. But I was never happy until I started writing.

Janine Ashbless - Photo by David Woodfall

My proudest moment? Causing the editor of Black Lace Books to wail “It’s got to have a human head!” across a party at London Book Week. Honestly, all I wanted to do was write a Minotaur story. Harmless, surely?

There are a lot of trees in my books. Trees and deep woods; old wild places where people go to get lost, to be stalked by wolves or to search out a sleeping princess. Most of my writing is inspired by myth and folklore and fairytale. I feel that the themes you find in those stories – fear and courage, maturation and loss, the search for identity or for the sublime, the seizing or giving up of power – are the themes of sexuality too.

Janine Ashbless - Photo by David Woolfall

Many thanks to Janine for stopping by today to share her beautiful photos and wise words.

To find out more about Janine and her work, please visit her excellent web site.

This blog concludes by Author Profiles for the time being- thanks to all who have taken part this week, Lucy Felthouse, Lily Harlem, KD Grace, and of course Janine Ashbless.

I must also give a very special thank you to David Woolfall, for all his amazing photographs



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4 Responses to Author Profile – Janine Ashbless

  1. K D Grace says:

    Great post, Kay! Thanks for featuring another amazing smutter!


  2. Thank you Kay! It’s a pleasure and an honour to be featured on your blog. And I just love David’s photos of me.

    Also, sorry I’m so late here … I was up til 4.45 a.m doing proofs and have only just hauled my carcase out of bed!

  3. Lily Harlem says:

    I completely adore your tree pictures, Janine. It must have been fun scrambling up there 🙂

    Lily x

  4. Thanks Lily – yes it was fun!