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It’s day three of my author profile blog featuring the stunning photography of David Woolfall.

Today I welcome the incredible KD Grace– writer supreme and (I am proud to say) a very dear friend. Over to you KD!!

KD Grace - Photo by David Woolfall

I’ve been writing erotica for four years now. At the moment I have three novels out, plus I’ve had a lot of short stories published. I didn’t start out writing erotica, and it was never my plan to write romance either. But I’m a romantic to the core so it was inevitable I guess. And since I always enjoyed writing the love scenes and the sex scenes in whatever I was writing at the time, when the erotica market opened up, it seemed like a logical step to take. One day I sent in an erotic short story to Scarlet Magazine, now sadly defunct, and they took it. Then they took another one. Then Black Lace started taking my stories. Not long after that I sold my first novel to Xcite Books.

In the beginning I thought writing erotica would be something I’d just do for awhile then I’d get bored with it and move on. That most definitely hasn’t happened. I started writing erotica for the experience and stayed because it was more of a challenge that I would have ever imagined, and it was so much fun. I’ve never met a more supportive group of people than erotica writers, and I’ve never met a more interesting, more varied, more together group of people than my writing friends. There’s a real sense of community. I guess it’s possible I got lucky, but if that’s the case, then I’m very pleased for it.

When I sold my first erotic romance novel, The Initiation of Ms Holly, to Xcite Books, my editor told me that no one ever wrote erotica to get rich, that people who wrote erotica were making a statement. Though making a statement was never my plan, there’s now no doubt in my mind that the world would be a better place if people were more comfortable with their own sexuality. I doubt that there’s any other part of our humanity that’s been more twisted, abused and exploited by religion and commercialism than our sexuality, and with erotica and erotic romance, specifically, becoming more and more mainstream all the time, I think there’s a real opportunity for those of us who write erotica to heal some of the damage and to open the doors to a more enlightened, more human view of sex.  

KD Grace - Photo by David Woolfall

I’ve never been embarrassed to tell people what I do, and neither is my husband. In fact, he tells people I use him for research. He’s been my number one fan and supporter from the beginning, and that’s made the whole journey all the more fun. Plus it’s been good to have someone who loves me hold my hand whenever I find myself outside my comfort zone.

I’ve never had any reason to hide what I do. In fact I’ve had some fascinating conversations with people when they find out. I write under a pseudonym because I’m an introvert, a very private person, and I like a bit of separation between the person who lives inside my head and the person who has to get out there and promote and sell books. I would use a pseudonym even if I wrote children’s books. K D Grace is the face for the novels and the stories. The other me is not for public consumption. Her life is private.

I walk my stories. I get most of my inspiration when I’m on long walks. My husband and I just walked the Wainwright Coast to Coast from St Bee’s Head on the Irish Sea to Robin Hood’s Bay on the North Sea. After two weeks and 192 miles, I came home and wrote my brains out. It was really nice to do something that didn’t involve my feet.

I love being outside, and when I’m not walking, I’m working in the veg garden. Every year our back garden has a little less lawn and a little more veg. I love getting my hands in the earth, and I love watching something grow from a tiny seed to produce amazing food for us to eat and share. It’s like writing in a lot of ways — starting from the seed of an idea and growing into a whole other world.

Though the sex part of erotica is fun to write, it’s not the sex I’m obsessed with. I’m obsessed with the story. I’m never more myself than when I’m in the middle of a story, writing fast and furiously, and it’s all unfolding in my head in ways I hadn’t foreseen. There was a time when I had nightmares about running out of things to write, when I feared that after I finished the story I was working on there’d be no more. Now it’s hard to imagine ever even getting the ones lined up in my head all written down. It’s nice to be so self-entertaining, though.  

Many thanks to KD for joining me today – don’t forget to check out her excellent blog, and discover all the details of her work on her web site.

Garden Time! – Photo by David Woolfall
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6 Responses to Author Profile – KD Grace

  1. K D Grace says:

    Thanks Hon!
    Its always lovely to be on your wonderful site! And David’s photos are grea!


    • Kay Jaybee says:

      Thanks! The photos are amazing- will be using mine for years to come, whilst pretending I still look like that!!

  2. Lily Harlem says:

    I love this profile and your pictures are great KD. I would love to come and hang out in your garden, it looks sooooo calm, perfect for nurturing inspiration 🙂

  3. Tabitha says:

    What a fantastic blog – really inspiring, and your garden is exactly how I pictured it – you look so happy among your leafy family x x thanks for sharing ladies

  4. love it KD and you’re so right about sexuality. I’m proud to be in the gang of people trying to right the wrongs on that one along with you!

  5. Rebecca Bond says:

    Fantastic and fun looking pics, KD and great post!