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It can’t have escaped your notice that a force to be reckoned with has hit the world of erotica- The Brit Babes!!

I am incredibly proud to be part of this elite team of authors, bringing you a selection of very different types and styles of sexy writing. Okay- so I went a bit A-Team there- but you see what I’m saying!!


In case you haven’t met us yet, my fellow Brit Babes are, Lexie Bay, Lily Harlem, Natalie Dae, Kd Grace, Lucy Felthouse, Tabitha Rayne and Victoria Blisse.

Although we have only been up and running as a group for approximately six weeks, we have already had a massive response in kind comments from followers of the Brit Babes site. So, with the permission of a few of those fans, I am going to share (in no particular order, and in their own words), some of their favourite stories/extracts/ideas with you right now…

First up, comes a shout out for Lily Harlem’s The Glass Knot

I like Chapter 11 a lot!: When Laura comes back from getting groceries all soaking wet due to the rain. She comes in and she slams her back against the door and Nick just stares at her like its the first time he has ever noticed her. He had to have her right then and there…

(Thanks to DH)

And then, for Lily’s novella, Enchanted Submission

Who knew that Far Far away had dirty princesses in their mists? Loved it all. I have watched so many Disney movies and they are all sweet but I am chuffed that someone bought out their naughty side..

Enchanted Submission

(Thanks to DH)

Moving from Lily’s work, we have a shout out for her writing partner, Natalie Dae. In this instance she is writing under the name Geraldine O’Hara– In praise of The Pearl Necklace

I adored the simplicity of this story and found myself really warming to Sasha. Her frankness was hilarious and I was very appreciative of her honesty … matter how blunt! Short, sweet and funny. Her secret thoughts about her minder are fab!

(Thanks Sassy)



It seems fitting to come to the co-written Hard next- by both Lily Harlem and Natalie Dae

Loved how simple the idea behind this was ….one man and one woman straight talking about pushing their sexual boundaries – probably runs true in many households!



Next we come to Moon Shy, crafted by the writing machine that is Victoria Blisse!!

I love the use of the desk during lunch break when Jenny decides to give Lowell a blow Job. Also when Lowell was in wolf form and he protected

Jenny from Dessie when he didn’t really know who she was but he remembered her smell. Very sweet! (Thanks to DH)

MoonShytemp insanity


And staying with Victoria’s work, let’s have some Temporay Insanity!

The ‘sex bet’ was such a fantastic idea and the risque situations the three end up in really got me going …..I was so curious as to how they’d beat their previous attempt, and wasn’t disappointed either. Great little twist at the end re the true identity of Carolines’ ‘play things’ 😉

(Thanks Sassy)


I’m flattered to have had a couple of mentions for my own work in this ‘Fav Bit’s’ collection-

PSub New cover

The Perfect Submissive: When Jess finally realizes she is being punished for pleasuring herself when Mrs. Peters told her not to.

Well I really liked a lot in this one and I would be here typing all day! lol

(Thanks again to DH)

There was an almost stately presence about her [Laura Peters], an elegance that screamed control and suggested an innate unquenchable sexuality. In other words, Sam thought as he studied her, this woman is dangerous…His [Sam] mouth dropped open as Laura went on, ‘I on the other hand, love my work, and I can promise you that I am everything I seem and more…’

(Thanks to PT)

Not Her Type

Next came a shout out for my kinky courier!

Not Her Type: Erotic Adventures of a Delivery Man

The whole book was great! The anticipation of what was going to happen every week had me on the edge of my seat. What really sticks out in my head is when John told Jenny to go the department store ladies room. While there she was to wank herself off and take pictures while doing it. Instead she videoed it and sent it John. With my luck I would get caught and thrown in jail! Hehe

(Thanks to DH)

Then- we have a mini cheer for The Collector

The entire Sweets story- it was incredible- buy me liquorice now!!

(Thanks to DL)

The VoyeurThe Collector 2012

And my final book to grab a mention in this favourite bit list is The Voyeur

The opening club scene of The Voyeur… you have many feelings tested from feeling abashed at what you’re reading; yes even me but in a good way; to arousal; questioning if you should be aroused; pushes and positively questions your boundaries. With these little fleeting moments would I, could I….

(Thanks to CUB)



Next we have a wonderful hoorah for Grace Marshall (aka Kd Grace) and An Executive Decision:

Loved the whole thing! Who wouldn’t want to work for a gorgeous boss and have an ESC (Executive Sex Clause).  I knew Ellis was in trouble when he got jealous because of a hug between Dee and Jason. He was head over heels in love after their first sexual encounter!

(Thanks to DH)

And now we take a trip to Kd Grace’s The Pet Shop for a huge cheer!!

The food sex scene of K.D.’s in the first part of The Pet Shop is just one of the best food sex scenes ever committed to paper or screen. Just luscious!

(Thanks to CUB)

Instead of the blatant sexuality sex [Stella] expected, he [Tino] simply laid his head on her shoulder, his warm breath raising the fine hair along the back of her neck. His heart hammered a heavy drumbeat that matched her own, her nipples seemed to be pressing ever forward to get nearer to it.

He [Tino] swallowed up her [Stella] words in an open-mouth kiss, taking her breath away, taking her ability to think with the hear of it, the expressive depth of it. He bit her lip as he pulled back, still holding her gaze.  ‘Tino’s not here,’ he repeated. His voice held the tiniest edge of warning.

(Thanks to PT)

WOW!!  The contrast in characters between Tino and Vincent is fantastic …..they’re both so completely different and both managed to get my heart racing. Loved the Pet Manual, so many helpful hints and gave the reader a greater understanding of everything. I was hooked from the opening line as the story’s straight in there and I was captivated until the very end.  Love it when Tino ‘presents his arse for punishment’ 😉

(Thanks to Sassy)

Still waving the flag for Kd Grace- were off for a walk in her Kinky Boots

She [Jill] yelped and jerked in the chair, and the vertebrae in her neck popped. ‘Did you feel that?’ She was a hair’s breath away from tumbling into orgasm, and the man [Finn] had done nothing more than lace her boots. His pupils dilated, his breathing fast. For a second neither of them moved. Time itself didn’t even move, like everything was holding its breath, like everything was waiting, barely able to contain the anticipation, the excitement.

(Thanks to PT)




The next book to have a snippet picked this time round, is Tabitha Rayne’s  A Clockwork Butterfly.

Loved this from start to finish, especially the first meeting between Angelo and Lena. I love the shyness and the fact they weren’t too sure what to expect from each other from sounds to looks. I also love the descriptive text Tabitha uses as this makes all the lovemaking so moving and sensual. My fave chapter was the last one, as Tabitha did a great job of leaving me ‘needing’ to know what happens next! Totally addictive!

(Thanks Sassy)


We’ve had a thumbs up for The Perfect Submissive– now comes Lucy Felthouse’s The Perfect Dom.

I just loved Balancing the Books- hot hot hot!!

(Thanks to DL)


And last, but not in any way least, comes  Lexie Bay’s Inside Looking Out.

Not only was this story sexy- but it had me in stiches. So real- so funny!!

(Thanks to DL)

ThePerfectDomInside Looking Out Cover

I would like to thank DH, PT, DL, CUB, and Sassy for allowing me to use their quotes, thoughts, and shout outs in my blog today!

I’ll be back with more Brit Babes Best Bits in a couple of months. Why not log onto our site, and see if our work tickles your fancy. If you let us know what you think, then next time I might be featuring your ‘Best Bit’!!

Happy Reading!

Kay xx





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  1. K D Grace says:

    Fabulous post, Kay!

    And thanks to the whole Brit Babe team for being totally amazing!



  2. Lily Harlem says:

    Thanks for compiling the Best Bits, Kay, great post 🙂