Between the Sheets- Erotica Chatter in the Black Country

December 10  |  News  |   Kay Jaybee

It can’t have escaped your notice that erotica has escaped from it brown paper bag covering, and is sneaking its way into the light. There is still a long way to go- but drives like the Between the Sheets promotion, to bring erotica to the libraries of England and Wales, is a fantastic step in the right direction!!

All set up at Kingswinford Library

On Wednesday 5th Dec, in the esteemed company of my fellow writer and close friend, KD Grace, I travelled through the floods to the Black Country region of the UK, and visited two of Dudley’s libraries– Kingswinford and Stourbridge. We were there to talk about our writing, why we write erotica, share a few snippets of our work, and answer any questions that were thrown at us.

From chatting about how we developed our ideas (with the able assistance of a plate of biscuits!), to hearing hilarious stories from our audience (the lady revealing how she used to sneak out of work to look at a copy of the Kama Sutra in WHSMith’s will stay with me forever!), to in depth discussions about how perceptions of women and sexuality are reflected in erotic fiction, there were few subjects we didn’t cover!

You can see from our happy faces how much we were enjoying ourselves!

With Kd Grace at Kingwinsford Library

I confess I was very nervous before we started! I am used to reading the kinkier passages from my books outloud to the audiences of Sh Women’s store, who are very used to erotica in all its forms- but to share my work, my thoughts, and my motives for writing erotica with the general public was daunting!

What if we accidentally offended folk? What if everyone was too embarrassed to ask questions? What if people came along with the intention of just being anti-erotica?

These worries were TOTALLY unfounded. I have never received such a warm welcome in my life!

Reading a snippet from A Sticky Situation

Kd and I were quite unprepared for how excited our audience was by our visit. We were both stunned, and extremely flattered, when the few books we took with us as giveaways were not only snapped up, but were very politely squabbled over!!

I must shout out a massive thank you to Jill, Jill and Hilary, and all the other lovely library folk of Kingswinsford and Stourbridge Libraries for looking after us so well, and to the people who can along to hear us talk about our writing passion, including the Reading Group run by the smashing Sally (who I will forever think of as Biscuit Girl!!)

Chatting in Stourbridge Library

If you would like to see which books will be on the erotica reading list at those libraries taking part in the Stellar Libraries Between the Sheets promotion, you can see it here– and I am proud to add that Dudley Libraries have ordered four of my own books to their list – The Perfect Submissive, The Voyeur, The Collector and Making Him Wait.

Thanks again Black Country folk- YOU WERE FABULOUS!!

Happy Reading everyone xx


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5 Responses to Between the Sheets- Erotica Chatter in the Black Country

  1. K D Grace says:

    What an amazing experience it was! So glad to have shared it with you, Sweetie!


  2. Toni Sands says:

    Wow! I’m so glad to hear you obviously had a lovely time. I loved my gig at Swansea Central Library with Hazel, kicking off the Between the Sheets event, and I’m looking forward to going back again next year. Great people.

  3. Bel Anderson says:

    Brilliant! Great pics, too!