Breaking the Old Routine- Whether I Want To Or Not!!

January 6  |  News  |   Kay Jaybee

Like many writers, I am a creature of routine.

My weekday’s go like this-

7am- Get up

8.30am- Get the children to school

8.45am- Walk to coffee shop

9am- Write- black coffee, and either toast and marmalade, or a bowl of scrambled egg close to hand

11.30am- Go home and do my ‘proper job’

1.30pm- Walk back to cafe

1.45pm- Write or edit with black coffee to hand

3pm- Home

3.30pm- Collect children

4pm- ‘Proper job’

6pm- Dinner

7pm- ‘Proper job’

8.30pm- until I collapse from tiredness- Editing and blog works

writing woman

Take that routine away from me and I’m a nightmare waiting to happen. An explosion ready to go off!

Confine me to the house in the mornings and- well- you don’t want to know. All ideas of Kay Jaybee being a nice person can be forgotten if I don’t have access to a coffee out of the house by 10am in the morning!!

I wish I wasn’t like this- so regimented- but I’ve always been a self-control freak, and despite all attempts to change, I just do not function well outside of these self imposed boundaries.

Coping with school holidays and weekends can be a challenge- but I always know when they’re coming, and I can talk myself round and prepare myself for forced inaction (yes- I am a workaholic!)

It’s the unforeseen I find it hard to cope with- the bouts of illness that knock me off my feet – like at the moment. I have this flu bug that’s going around (How dare it hit me now when I am so busy!! Do viruses have no respect for smut that need’s writing!?).

Then there’s the household things that go wrong- like today- our boiler has packed up. A lovely little chap has been to fix it temporarily- but I have to wait in tomorrow for his colleague to fit a new part to it… TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s a Monday!!

Tomorrow is the 7th January. It see’s the start of a new school term.  Consequently it also marks the start of a brand new writing year for me. I have been looking forward to that date since before Christmas. Not because I don’t love having time off with my children, but because I love my job SO much.

So here I am, writing this blog to help me calm down- telling myself very sternly, that starting writing on 8th January and not the 7th is not earth shattering -that another day to get over the flu is a good idea anyway – and that this frustration at not being able to crack on with my latest novel is natural.

I had almost convinced myself- I really had- and then I discovered that the car has been booked in for a service on Thursday- oh, and on Friday I have to take my parent’s hamster home, and then “if you have a minute Kay could you just ……………….”


Apologises in advance to those awaiting The Perfect Submissive sequel- I am going as fast as I can- if it helps, at least I can announce to you that it is to be a trilogy…and it will be STEAMING HOT!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Reading

Kay xx


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8 Responses to Breaking the Old Routine- Whether I Want To Or Not!!

  1. I hear you! I need a brisk walk, then coffee, then a chance to do some writing in peace. I love my son to bits, but I’m desperate for the start of the week and back to school and my normal routine! Hope things settle back to normal for you soon – looking forward to the sequel 🙂

    • Kay Jaybee says:

      Thanks hun!
      Glad it isn’t just me! Feel bit guilty sometimes as how happy I am when Monday morning comes round!! Sequel is at planning stage- hope its ready for the summer!! X

  2. Lexie Bay says:

    Nightmare!! I feel your pain about having your writing time taken away from you, but I’m so haphazard with when I’m free to do it, it doesnt stress me out so much 🙂 maybe this should be my year for getting a stricter routine xx

    • Kay Jaybee says:

      It happens so often. The old ‘Kay works from home, so she’s free’ thing! Yes missus- get stricter! Too much talent to waste woman!! x

  3. I admire you for your self discipline, Kay. Left to my own devices, my ‘routine’ gets very woolly. Your way is definitely more productive. Now if my day job didn’t get in the way, perhaps I could routine more…? I doubt it.

    • Kay Jaybee says:

      Lol- trouble with my way is that it is too rigid- life can’t help but interrupt! On the other hand- I do get loads done when I don’t get disturbed by dental appointments, sick kids, hungry pets, and delivery men after a top of tea for their flasks!!

  4. Wow! I am so impressed with your discipline and structure – I really struggle with any kind of timetable. Every time I try to stick to one it just goes tits up! I tried the writing in a coffee shop with netbook in November as part of my first Nanowrimo and it was surprisingly effective, so I have resolved to try this again, starting Friday. Otherwise it tends to be writing in 12 hour blocks at the weekend – not very good for the back!

    • Kay Jaybee says:

      Thanks Elizabeth! As I reply to you I am sat in Costa taping away!! Interesting what you say about your back, and writing for hours at a time. One of the reasons my day is so divided up in segements is to avoid joint pain- and because I have a very short concentration span! Xx