Brit Babe Alert!!

April 3  |  News  |   Kay Jaybee

It’s official- I’m a Brit Babe!!!


You may have noticed the phrase Brit Babes floating about on Facebook and Twitter lately- and this is why.

Myself and seven of my erotica writer friends have come together to form a group to give you, the wondrous reading public, a fantastic place to visit to find information about ALL our stories in one place!

I think I can confidentially guarantee that all erotica tastes are catered for. Whether you are brand new to erotica, or a regular reader who’d like to try out a new author- the Brit Babes have something that will tickle your fancy!

So- here we are!!

Kay Jaybee, Kd Grace, Lexie Bay, Tabitha Rayne, Lily Harlem, Natalie Dae (aka Emmy Ellis), Victoria Blisse and Lucy Felthouse!!

8 British based authors dedicated to bringing you the best erotic reads we possibly can!! All week we’ll be introducing ourselves, and giving you a flavour of what each of us has to offer…

Making-Him-Wait-CoverPSub New coverThe_Collector_2012

So- what can I offer you via my busy pen?

Well,  I’m often referred to as the Queen of Kink, as the majority of my work, such as The Perfect Submissive and Making Him Wait, has a decidedly BDSM bent! If you like plenty of Ouch, with your Ahhh, and lashings of F/F, and M/F/F action, then I’m the writer for you! However, I do have a softer side as well- so if you like your erotica with a romantic edge, then I can help you there as well, with such M/F novellas as A Sticky Situation and Digging Deep. And if you aren’t sure what you like- then why not try one of my anthologies and experience a short shot of every erotic style imaginable! The Collector for example, is often held up as the perfect introduction to erotica- a menu of tit-bits to see if something tickles your fancy, before moving on to longer stories and novels!

Brit babes button

All this week you can visit my fellow Babes personal blogs to find out all about them!

1st- Lily Harlem

3rd- Me!! Today!

4th – Lucy Felthouse

5th – KD Grace (aka Grace Marshall)

6th – Tabitha Rayne

7th – Natalie Dae (aka Emmy Ellis)

8th – Lexie Bay

9th- Victoria Blisse

So why not visit all my other Babes sites? And don’t forget the Brit Babe Blog itself! Come and join in the fun!!

Happy Reading!

Kay xx

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  1. What a lovely idea. I shall, of course, be visiting again and again and again!!!