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21st Nov – EROTICA 2010

WOW!!!  I’m just home from Erotica 2010– sleep deprieved, and with a head that is bursting with all the amazing sights and sound!

From the moment I walked through the doors into the Olympia stadium I was engulfed in a strangely comfortable and relaxed, yet buzzingly busy blanket, of kink. Never in my life have I seen so many boobs and bums happily consorting in one place- it’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it!

Erotica Overview

Erotica Overview

Alongside the stands you’d expect to see at such an event, providing sex toys, lube, and a variety of bondage equipment that sent me scurrying for my notebook, came the most beautiful collection of corsetry, exquisite erotic art and photography, plus a myriad of chances to purchase interestingly shaped items fashioned from the countries finest fudge and candy.

My eyes were teased with displays of muscle breaking pole dancing, fire-breathing, and a body bending hoop dancing display. All of which were the warm up for the stunning (although rather brief), appearance of Dita Von Teese, who gave a neatly gyrating Oriental display to a packed audience.

The main reason for my visit to Erotica 2010 however (apart from the obvious research possibilities- I haven’t a clue what to write first!!), was to visit the most important stand of them all; Xcite Books. I am very privileged to name KD Grace amongst my dearest friends, and was so proud to accompany her as she signed copy after copy of her new novel, ‘The Initiation of Miss Holly,’ to the constantly passing paying public. 

KD Grace signing at Erotica 2010

KD Grace signing at Erotica 2010

 Xcites’ head honcho, Hazel Cushion, and her lovely cohorts, made me feel very welcome as I happily witnessed a very satisfying number of anthologies (that included my own work); disappear into the bright red shopping bags every visitor to Erotica was given on entry to the show.

I could write for hours about how friendly everyone was, how content the servants and masters looked as the wondered round (one either end of a collar and lead), how relaxed the men in high heels and mini skirts were, and I can’t imagine how so many folk managed to withstand the hugging heat of wearing latex and PVC all in one suits, despite the suffocating warmth of the stadium… but I‘m sure I don’t need to, because I have no doubt that your own imagination is sufficient to work all that out on its own…

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