Eroticon – Zipping By To Say…

March 5  |  News  |   Kay Jaybee

Forgive me- this is the world’s shortest blog post!

Why? Well, I am drowning in work, but I just had to write a very quick paragraph to say what a blast I had at the UK’s first ever erotic writers and bloggers conference, Eroticon, this weekend!!

It was amazing- not simply because the panels and workshops available were so interesting, (see my previous blog for details) but because I finally got to meet some of the people who I have silently hero worshipped ever since I kicked off my secret ‘erotica’ life six years ago!!

A major thank you to Ruby Kiddell for her hard work in organising it, and to all those on the panels who made it such an interesting day.

Not many of my Saturday’s start with  a chat to a (very lovely) journalist from The Sun, and end with watching someone being spanked to orgasm (Lori Smith- you are the bravest woman in the world!!!)

This should be a much LONGER blog- but I am on a deadline here guys- and if you want to read my next novel, I am gonna have to stop blogging and write it!!

See you there next year- (she says hopefully….)


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4 Responses to Eroticon – Zipping By To Say…

  1. rebecca bond says:

    It was a great event! Glad to be a part of this world sometimes, Saturday was one of those times! Fab to see you as well as always. R x

  2. Lori Smith says:

    It was lovely to meet you. Glad you had a great day. Was a fantastic conference, wasn’t it?

    FYI, if I’d orgasmed people would have heard about it 😉