Ever so slightly extremely excited!!

November 7  |  Book Publications, eBooks, News  |   Kay Jaybee

Did you hear that?

That happy but rather subdued scream?

That was me!!! Happy, because I have just had some awesome news. Outwardly subdued, because I am writing this blog in the middle of a packed cafe of people who have no idea what the hell I do for a living!

So, why this sudden excitement?

Firstly, today see’s the paperback release of Immoral Views.

You can also buy this illustrated anthology of voyeuristic themed tales as a complete e-book, or in individual chapter e-volumes. My story, The Circus, has just been given it’s very own individual cover, as have all the super steamy works of my colleagues, KD Grace, Lucy Felthouse, and Lexie Bay. For lots more details, and extracts from the book, take a peek at my previous blog posting on the subject.

The second cause of my happy smile, is that I have two erotic romance novellas winging their way into the world very soon!! Not Her Type: Erotic Adventures with a Delivery Man for Oysters and Chocolate, and A Sticky Situation, which will form part of Xcite’s new Secret Library collection- more of which I will tell very soon…

The icing on the cake however – and the reason for the need to scream and shout- has to be the news that my mega kinky Fem Dom e-novel The Perfect Submissive (pub. by Xcite), is to become a paperback!!

This is the ultimate dream for me. As much as I love each and every e-format publication that I have; the feeling of holding a paperback of my own is incredible. I will never forget the moment I first clutched a copy of The Collector (my only other solo paperback) – it was an elation like no other.

E-books are cheaper, convenient, and most certainly have a place in this ever growing age of Kindles, I-pads, and well, let’s face it, I-everything! Yet for me at least, they lack the reassuring weight and aroma of a book, and for that reason, the arrival of The Perfect Submissive in June next year is a real coup!!

Thanks to everyone who has read my work, purchased my stories, and given me such kind reviews- if you weren’t all out there supporting me, none of this would be happening.


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4 Responses to Ever so slightly extremely excited!!

  1. K D Grace says:

    YAY!!!!! Sweetie, I’m so excited for you that I’ve barely been able to contain myself! You SOOOO deserve this, and PS is SUCH a yummy book! Huge, ginormous congratulations!!!!


  2. Congrats, honey! Quietly screaming along with you 🙂

    Looking forward to a proper celebration in a couple of weeks x

  3. Great news all around hon.;)

  4. Congrats Kay! We agree the smell and feel of a paper book is unbeatable. <3 <3