Fifty Shades- A Discussion with Shanna Germain and Dr Richard Wagner

November 16  |  News  |   Kay Jaybee

Hi lovely readers,

Before I start this blog properly, I simply have to share something with you that happened this week- a very ordinary experience which will lead me nicely into my blog!

On Tuesday night I took my family out for a Chinese meal. It was the first time I’d ever been able to afford to pay for a ‘posh’ dinner with my money earned from writing, and it was something of a celebration.

We had an excellent meal, and were about to pack up and leave when a group of about 20 men, all in the 30-50 age bracket came in – I suspect for some sort of ‘works do’. The men had no sooner taken their coats off, than one of them began to talk it rather loud decibels about Fifty Shades and his wife’s reaction to the same.

My husband instantly shot me a ‘don’t you dare say anything’ look- but as the conversation drifted towards the ‘what the writers of such stuff must be like; and ‘it must be easy to make money out of erotica if crap like that can be published’ (their words, not mine), then action than to be taken!!

I waited until my family were safely outside, dug some business cards from my pocket, and walked to their table- I was very polite- ‘Excuse me, forgive me for interrupting, but I think you guys need a bit of erotica education.’ Then I turned round and walked out to cries of surprise and thanks!!

I still can’t believe I did that!!

Anyway…to the point of this blog…


A few months ago I was chatting over the marvel that is Skype, with my good friend Richard Wagner, aka Dr Dick. Originally I was just passing on my rather limited knowledge about how to improve a published books profile, when the conversation drifted towards the phenomena (and love it or hate it, that is what it has become), of Fifty Shades, and how it has effected both my writing experience and the sales of my books.

Richard Wagner

It transpired that the gorgeous (I use that word advisedly- just check out that photo- ignore me!) Shanna Germain had previously approached Richard about putting together a podcast for his Erotic Mind series about how Shades has affected the world of BDSM erotica in general.

Kay and Shanna

I was extremely flattered when I was asked to join Shanna and Richard for what was to become an extremely interesting (and great fun) 2 part interview about how our writing has been touched by the works of E.L James, and the consequences that have, and will continue to, follow.

I won’t give away what we said, for you can hear the first half of our interview here- Part 1 of our chat is now LIVE!  you’ll find it here –

A half hour which includes Shanna reading the incredible Fool’s Gold.

And Part 2 –  includes me reading a chapter from my kinky courier novella, Not Her Type.

My reading is a very different story from Shanna’s as we, although in the same genre, have deliciously different styles and voices. And thank goodness!! Erotica wouldn’t be as interesting or exciting if we all said the same things in the same way. If ever proof was needed that erotica is as wide a genre as, for example, Crime or Romance, then Shanna and I, and all out wonderful colleagues out there, are it!!


Happy listening guys!

Kay xx




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2 Responses to Fifty Shades- A Discussion with Shanna Germain and Dr Richard Wagner

  1. Toni Sands says:

    Wow, good for you, Kay! I’m sure this will get you some new readers. Stepping out with Hazel Cushion last Thursday (library talk) I read a couple of extracts from my Knight Shades trilogy. Two or three women came up afterwards and said I’d altered their perceptions of erotic writing. Raise the banner! Yay…
    Toni xx

    • Kay Jaybee says:

      Thanks Toni. I am hoping my library trip with KD Grace (Birmingham in December) will be equally rewarding. The restaurant experience was bizarre- as Nigel Goodhall remarked- just a little bit Notting Hill! Lol. The interviews were huge fun- very informative and positive. xx