Good Times!!

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October 26  |  Book Publications, eBooks, News  |   Kay Jaybee

Where on earth do I start? So much wonderful stuff is happening at the moment- I can hardly believe it!

I mean- take this week for example- I’ve had two great guests on my blog (Nephylium and Elizabeth Black), and I’ve been interviewed alongside the gorgeous Shanna Germain by Richard Wagner (aka Dr Dick), discussing the effect of 50 Shades on erotica.

As if that wasn’t enough- you can currently get the second part of The Perfect Submissive in it’s trilogy form ‘The Art of Submissive Survival’ FREE on Amazon UK, and Amazon DE until this Sunday at midnight!!


And as I look forward to the week ahead, the news gets even more exciting…

Not only will my second BDSM novel, The Voyeur (Xcite, 2012), start popping up all over the place, rather than just on Amazon, but (as you can’t fail to have noticed if you follow this blog), my third novel, Making Him Wait, is coming out on paperback on Monday, with the re-launch of my very first book, The Collector hot on its heels on Wednesday!!

Hang on- there’s more!!

On Monday 29th October, you’ll be able to read my one and only sexy paranormal story, ‘Blinked‘, on the fabulous, which will be followed by another of my stories in a few weeks time (The Letter), and…yes… you’ll get a hot new kinky Christmas tale from me in December (more news on that to come!)

I bet you think I’ve finished -but I haven’t- In the next few weeks there is going to be ANOTHER Kay Jaybee production hitting the e-shelves… are you ready for a Best Of Kay Jaybee Collection? I hope so- because Xcite will be publishing it very soon!!

I’m out of breath just reading about it all!!

Just before I head off to London for the weekend to enjoy a night of readings at the wonderful Sh! Women’s Store, I’d like to thank you all for your support. If you lovely folk didn’t read my work, then none of these wonderful things would be happening.

Huge hugs!!

Happy weekend everyone. Don’t forget to pop by on Monday- more news awaits…

Kay xxx



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