Guest Blog- A Delicious Food Date with Kristal Baird!

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I am delighted to have the delicious Kristal Baird visiting my site today! If you weren’t hungry before you read this- you soon will be! Over to you Kristal!

Ever tried a food date? 


EVERYONE KNOWS FOOD is delicious. Food is sexy and satisfying.  But can you incorporate food into a healthy sex life? Oh yes. Absolutely. Why not try this for an idea:

Make a food date.

It takes a little planning in advance, but is WELL worth the effort:

     v  First plan a time when you won’t be disturbed. If that means kids (or even pets!) going to the grandparents, so be it. Think up a good reason and stick close to the truth. Say you are going for a romantic dinner – just don’t tell them you’re having it at home. Without cutlery!

v  Food dates mean cooking together. When was the last time you did that? It’s really sexy. Lower the lights by using candles or muted lamps in the kitchen and bedroom. Dress up first – and I don’t mean for going out! I mean sexy lingerie.  Or if you’re REALLY daring, you could cook together naked! (Of course, aprons are allowed, to avoid any nasty little burns.) There is nothing sexier than a naked man or woman wearing only an apron. Try it! [Don’t let your partner spoil the mood with cameras and posing. This is all about the sensations you both feel being close together.] Sip a little Champagne or wine as you work. Not too much now…

v  Think about which foods are going to work for you and how you will both use them. It will be a combination of foods you both adore to eat AND foods that are sexy to play with, sensual to touch and exciting to consume together. You could have a planning meeting where you discuss the things you both want and what you could do with them. You can ask your partner to fulfil some of those sexual fantasies you have read about, or dreamed up. And imagine how naughty you’ll feel in the market, shopping for those items. Blush nicely for the CCTV camera now! And don’t forget to pay for them at the check-out!

v  The anticipation of waiting for the actual date will drive you both wild. (WARNING: other people catching your shy little blushes and smiles together, MAY misinterpret their meaning. But having little secrets between you is very sexy too. Don’t tell!). If you are apart, you can do this through Skype, email or try sexting.

   It will keep you both warmly connected until you are together again. It’s a real tease to have this discussion just before your partner has to leave on a business trip. They will feel like cancelling the whole thing and ripping you straight upstairs with the entire contents of the kitchen food cupboards.

Nearly there:

v  Sexy food is light, delicious, sticky and juicy – you are NOT going for a sleep-inducing blow-out meal here! You have thought about how you plan to use the food. Yes, that’s right – USE IT! Eating is not the only way to enjoy food.

v  Be inventive. Think of tastes, textures, shapes. How sexy has it been to tease your man (or girl) with what you planned to do to them in 2 or 3 days’ time? They will be coming apart at the seams, impatient for the fun to begin…

v  Get ideas from your fave erotic romance authors. I would recommend both Kay Jaybee’s A Sticky Situation:

and Kristal Baird’s  PA Exposé:

which both have fun, sexy, food moments to start you on your journey of discovery.

A few ideas:

  • Cut pineapple into long slices. Discuss how your partner could use them, later – sliding one inside you and eating it from your body.
  • Toss sexy salad leaves in a viscous balsamic vinegar and oil dressing. You can use each other’s bodies as a platter. There is nothing sexier than your guy (or girl) feeding off your bare stomach.
  • Pour thick, rich yoghurt (use your favorite – mine’s vanilla). Make sure it’s not too sickly, you may be eating lots! Start in the kitchen, as you prepare, using sexy china (a bit unromantic to take the carton straight into the bedroom). Test it out by drizzling it over various (foreplay) body parts, then gradually progress towards more intimate contact with it, in the bedroom.

  • An alternative to the above is whipped cream, but limit how much you consume – we don’t want anyone feeling sick now! It’s a definite mood-killer. Has anyone ever licked whipped cream off your toes and feet before? Try it. You can be tied up if you’re just too ticklish to sit still!!!
  • Don’t underestimate chocolate but it comes with a note of caution. Too much is sickly AND messy.    A little melted into a pretty bowl to paint on and suck off is just about right. You could draw love-hearts on each other’s bodies with it. Or dip fruit chunks into it to feed each other.
  • Salty snacks work well too, in moderation. Just keep plenty of water handy – we don’t want anyone dehydrating. Lie your partner down on the bed/floor/sofa and sprinkle (a few!) snacks over their body. Now eat every one WITHOUT using your hands! Don’t forget to lick up all that saltiness too.
  • Try rolling a grape, strawberry or dripping chunk of melon from between your partner’s toes, up their entire body into their mouth, without using your hands!

Strips of cooked chicken or steak can be fun to feed each other. Don’t allow your partner to help themselves. Or let them command you to feed them, like a Middle-Eastern Sheik dominating a harem slave – you can build a whole fantasy around this experience, if you like the sound of it.

For anyone into BDSM play, the above games can add a new dimension to your fun and frolics.

Food is meant to be enjoyed, in oh so many ways. All it takes is a little imagination. So have fun! Come back and let us know your thoughts or (dare I suggest???) share your experiences.

Kristal x   

A HUGE thank you to Kristal for coming by today- time to book a babysitter for the evening I think…

Kay xx

Why not catch up with Kristal at her blog spot!

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  1. Susan Bergen says:

    Now that sounds a really fun way to spend an evening. AND get him to cook too. Win-win, I’d say. I’m definitely up for a bit of that!

  2. jose luis says:

    Just after a bedtime story a sweet dessert for a midnight snack !!!

  3. I’m busy trying out some new ‘recipes’ for all you delicious people. Laters x

  4. Just dropping in. I’m busy trying out some new ‘recipes’ for all you delicious people! Laters x