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I’ve had some fabulous guests on my blog over the past few years, and I’m delighted to be able to continue this trend today with a visit from Elizabeth Woodman, a.k.a Secret Narrative…

Over to you Elizabeth Woodham …

I’ve been interested in pornography and erotica since the day I found a stash of magazines for men under my parents’ bed.

Alone, in the house I sat in their room surrounded by images of nude women. I read every word and pored over the pictures. I didn’t masturbate – that came much later but I loved the warm ache glowing deep in my stomach.

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I had my first orgasm when I was eighteen, delivered by a married man in his thirties. During our affair, he showered me with gifts, set me up in my own apartment and treated me as if I were a princess. I thought the world of him and was devastated when he was killed in a motorcycle accident.

He is the basis for many of my male characters. I like to explore age-gap scenarios and feature older man, younger woman relationships in It’s a Sin and Her Sugar Daddy.

It’s pleasurable to read erotica, and I devour at least five titles a week. My favourite authors right now are Chloe Thurlow, E A Chapterhouse, Kay Jaybee, Hedonist Six, Jason Jaxx and Martin J Carey.

Now I’m grown up, there are few things I like more than predatory sex. Indulging my inner kitten. I fill my life with hedonistic, sexual adventures, only coming up for air to commit everything to the machine. My last affair isn’t yet distant enough to share, but when Lee is relegated to the past, he’ll appear somewhere in one of my stories.

I use many different methods to write. Sometimes, everything goes into a notebook; I buy new notebooks for each story, filling more than one. I’ve always been passionate about stationery, I find the smell of new paper oddly erotic, I love Kay Jaybee’s story Cardboard, which explores one of my favourite scents.

Many of my tales are set in London. It is the city I know best although I have strong affinity with Rome and Venice. Her Sugar Daddy was written in Venice. I go every year in October and take millions of photographs. I simply adore the city and all the Islands. I could sit on a Venetian bus all day.

I enjoy all types of literature, but prefer to write short erotica, although I’m aware that readers probably prefer a nice chunky novel, teeming with romance, sex and feisty heroines willing to try anything at least once.

The appetite for BDSM triggered by the Fifty Shades trilogy has led to a general acceptance of all things erotic, which I guess must be a good thing. I doubt that everyone wants to be tied to the bedposts and fucked fifty shades of black and blue, but I like it – a lot.

My happy hour involves cybersex, at least once a day, using shared eroticism with my cyberlover to inspire stories with me in the starring female role.

My current work in progress, Falconworth (sequel to Her Sugar Daddy) has Eleanor and Matthew experimenting with all forms of sex, and I’m happy to do the research on their behalf…

Thanks for having me Kay x

Wow- thanks for sharing so much- and I’m totally flattered to be up there on your authors of the moment list. I  had so much fun writing the story ‘Cardboard.’ I just LOVE the smell of cardboard boxes. My boys (I work with couriers) have that aroma about them all the time- so HOT!!

If you’d like to check out Elizabeth’s work, then I urge you to visit the following.

Visit me at the Secret Narrative Website

Elizabeth at

Happy reading everyone,

Kay xx

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5 Responses to Guest Blog- Elizabeth Woodham Shares Some Very Secret Narrative

  1. Lorraine M says:

    Just love Elizabeth and her many writings!
    Falconworth is a saga I have been following on the website
    and I am waiting for the sequel to It’sa Sin!
    Great interview

  2. Lorraine M says:

    Just love Elizabeth and her many writings!
    Falconworth is a saga I have been following on the website
    and I am waiting for the sequel to It’s a Sin!
    Great interview

  3. I love the way Elizabeth has been so revealing in this witty and compelling piece, the sign of someone who really knows how to write and relate to her audience.