Guest Blog: IJ Miller- “A Male Erotic Romance Writer?”

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I’m delighted to welcome a new face to my blog today- the erotic romance writer I J Miller. Along with my good friend Jeremy Edwards, IJ is one of the few male erotic romance writer’s on the block. So- can you really have a male erotic romance writer? Over to you Mr Miller…

For a long time I assumed that mostly women wrote erotic romances and an even higher percentage wrote romances.  After the publication of my new erotic romance, WUTHERING NIGHTS, I was asked to do an interview for a romance website.  One of the questions was, “No interview would be complete without asking what your favorite comfort food is.”

My suspicions were confirmed.

Going with the flow, my answer was chocolate.

So how did I, a man, end up writing an erotic romance?

Well, firstly, my literary agent submitted a proposal I had drafted to do an erotic mashup of a Dickens’ novel.  The publisher liked my writing and asked if I could do a retelling of Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights instead.  I readily agreed.  For all I knew, they might have assumed I was a woman.

WN cover

Bronte’s classic was an excellent choice by the publisher.  Dickens is a great storyteller, but his stories don’t necessarily have romantic associations, although my proposal added great romance to the original story.  Perhaps less by the book and more so from the movie versions, Wuthering Heights always had a great aura of romance about it, and is perhaps one of the greatest love stories ever told.  People have mixed feelings about the book because Heathcliff and Catherine aren’t your typical hero and heroine and are quite flawed, Catherine particularly narcissistic, Heathcliff particularly brutal.  But when you really get into the thick of the story, their intensity to be bad, along with their desire to be good, does make for an amazing novel.

I was keen on not simply using a lot of verbatim text then throwing in some sex.  I restructured the book and added new plot twists and turns to make the eroticism more organic so it flowed with the story.  My first draft was probably more of a male version, heavy on the physical description and the action, less on the inner emotional lives of the characters.  My editor gave me copious notes for the second draft and asked me to read Sylvia Day.

Emotion, emotion, emotion was fleshed out in so many of the scenes as I plunged head first into the rewrite.  And you know what?  It made for a much better book.  Thank you, editor.  Thank you, Sylvia Day.

I still think the edge and the explicitness of my version gives it a male approach, and perhaps I had an advantage gaining insight into Heathcliff that even Bronte didn’t have, but exploring all facets of the deep emotions of the story was a lot of fun and gave it the romance and depth it needed and helped this new version do justice to the original.

So, obviously, I think men can write erotic romances and romances, but perhaps we just need a little more help.


Many thanks for you blog IJ- much food for thought!

If you can’t wait to read Wuthering Heights IJ Miller style- then here’s a tempting taster to whet the appetite!

It was not by experience, but by incredible sensuous instinct that the pair continued this gentle lovemaking. Although almost everything on this night seemed like a first, they had locked inside them the wisdom of two beautiful creatures constructed for full carnal pleasure. Inspired by the feelings and tension between them that had been nurtured and grown since their childhood, their touch, their whispered expressions of love, their exchange of caresses and kisses held more power than any lightning in a storm.

Side by side, as equals, they kissed passionately. Without thought, their tongues escaped their mouths and entered the one opposite, touching, playing, caressing, as did their hands over each other’s bodies. It was as if neither had eaten, and the only meal that could satisfy this hunger was each other.

(c copyright Ira Miller, 2013)

Wuthering Heights is available for pre-order from Amazon US, Amazon UK, and all good retailers. (April release date)


I.J. Miller is the author of five, distinct, literary, erotic works of fiction: SEESAW was translated into two languages, with over 130,000 copies in print; WHIPPED appeared in both English and German; SEX AND LOVE, a collection of short stories, made its debut in the summer of 2011; CLIMBING THE STAIRS, a novella, was released just a year later.  His latest novel, WUTHERING NIGHTS, is an erotic retelling of Emily Bronte’s classic, Wuthering Heights, and is published by the Grand Central Publishing imprint of Hatchette Books.  It is available now as an e-book and will be in bookstores in trade paperback on April 23.  Miller has a Master of Fine Arts from the American Film Institute and has taught creative writing and screenwriting at the university level.

Visit I.J. at

Twitter: @Heathcliffian

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Many thanks again to I J for sharing his work and thoughts with us today.

Happy reading folks,

Kay x

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3 Responses to Guest Blog: IJ Miller- “A Male Erotic Romance Writer?”

  1. Allen Dusk says:

    Bravo! It’s always great to see another guy writing erotica who gets ‘it’. I’ve always felt exploring emotions and experiences is a huge part of this genre. Thanks for stepping forward and sharing this with us.

  2. Great post. I have always had a real love/hate relationship with Wuthering Heights, perhaps because I found the main characters so self-absorbed and selfish, but the passion and intensity appeals to my sexual personality. Out of curiosity, would love to know which Dickens you refer to. I do love his stories and characters.

  3. I.J. Miller says:

    Thanks, Kay for the opportunity to guest on your blog.

    Thanks, Allen for your words of encouragement.

    Thanks, Elizabeth for sharing your thoughts. Hope you get to read the book. Mmm, which Dickens novel? His books may not have been terribly romantic, but his titles lend itself to great tongue and cheek mashup material. I can tell you it wasn’t Oliver Twisted or David Cop-A-Feel.