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I am delighted to welcome the fabulous writer and my lovely friend, Justine Elyot- and I’m ever more delighted to tell you that she’s talking spanking…

Over to you Justine….

What Do You Like To Call It?

The English Vice? Corporal punishment? This Thing We Do (handily shortened to TTWD)? Or just plain old-fashioned spanking? (Not so old-fashioned, though – the word ‘spanking’ dates back to the eighteenth century but I don’t think it was in common usage in that sense, especially in the UK, until quite a bit later.)

There are as many ways to talk about it as there are ways to do it – for an erotic writer, spanking is the gift that keeps on giving. That’s why my new Black Lace collection, Seven Scarlet Tales, focuses on a group of spanking enthusiasts and the various ways they indulge their tastes.

I’ve been reading spanking stories and blogs for years, and I thought it would be nice to pay tribute to some of the sites, writers and performers who have inspired me the most.

The Spanking Writers:

I started following this when it was genuinely ‘writers’ plural rather than singular. It has provided endless amusement, education and pleasure over the years and is a treasure trove of good stuff.

A Voice In The Corner:

I’m a particular fan of the curator’s spanking stories, which are often rather epic in scope and include sci-fi, fantasy and historical settings. They are always well-written and character-driven, often presented from (and for) the point of view of the top, which makes a nice change.

Dreams of Spanking:

Dreams of Spanking is a relatively new site, but I’ve been following the adventures of its creator, Pandora Blake, for a while now. You will find spanking films and picture galleries here, featuring a variety of scenarios and dynamics, all intended to satisfy the female gaze. Hurrah! (My favourite, for fairly obvious reasons, is the one based on a scene from one of my books – check out Kinky.)

Zille Defeu’s Fetish Fantasies:

There are many, many personal spanko blogs out there, but I think perhaps my very favourite is this one. Always beautifully written, presented and illustrated, it’s an absolute treat to read.

How about you? Do you have any recommendations for me? I’d love to hear them.

In the meantime, here’s a little snippet from Seven Scarlet Tales:


‘Wet,’ he murmured. ‘What a very bad creature you must be. Do you always get this wet when you’re about to be spanked?’

‘I don’t know,’ I whispered.

He looked up sharply.

‘How can you not know?’

‘I’ve never done it before. Apart from, y’know, on stage.’

He took a step back, frowning.

‘Turn around,’ he said.

I presented my rear view.

‘No marks,’ he said. ‘Your Petruchio can’t have tamed you very much. He’s left the better part of the job to me. Do you think you can be tamed, Ms Reddish?’

‘I doubt it,’ I said, suddenly defiant. I wanted the conflict, the tension. I wanted to reprise my stage role and have him overpower me until I had to submit.

‘Oh, you doubt it, do you? There’s a challenge if ever I heard one. Very well. Kneel down now.’

I did it. The seat of the chair was uncomfortable on my knees but it was good to be able to cling to the back rung.

‘This is for your friend, Emma,’ he said laconically, ‘though I’ll be giving her the message in person as well, make no mistake.’

His hand was at once sharper and harder than Leo’s. I think he had it held in a particular way, the palm open but the fingers tight. It was more painful than Leo’s fumbling lunges.

I yelped and almost tipped the chair forward, but he put a hand on my shoulder and carried on.

What was this like? Was it what I had expected? It hurt more than I thought it would, the peppery sting spreading across my cheeks. Peregrine never left me a moment to process each stroke but laid them on quickly until I was soon gasping and wriggling around. I held on to the chair, though, my knuckles whitening as the heat built.

‘And here’s something else for being a little schemer.’

If possible, he began to smack even harder. I was uncomfortable now, itching between my legs and sore above them. I felt my skin tighten under the onslaught. I waggled my feet and jerked out a plea to stop. I didn’t want him to stop. I just needed to catch a breath.

‘You’ve bitten off more than you can chew,’ he said dispassionately, holding fire. ‘It’s not unusual. I’ve often rendezvoused with girls who promised more than they could deliver. Get your dress on and run along now.’

‘No.’ My voice ground against my lungs, low and hoarse. ‘I can take it. Just…not used to it.’

‘Are you sure? Because what I just gave you was only a warm-up. You’ll find you can bear a bit more, perhaps, now that you’re good and hot.’

‘I can. I’m sure I can. Give me more.’


If, like Callie, you want more, Seven Scarlet Tales is available now:

Thanks, Kay, for having me!

What a wonderful resource for anyone who wants to learn more about spanking! And WOW Seven Scarlet Tales sounds HOT!!!

Check out Justine’s Briterotica Blog here-

And her wonderful web site

Thanks for coming by Justine!

Happy Reading Everyone!

Kay xx

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  1. Tilly Hunter says:

    You two are conspiring to stop me getting any work done by sharing all those links! I think this ‘spanking thesaurus’ from Cara Bristol is fab 😉