Guest Blog- Rose Caraway: I’m Okay, You’re Okay

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I always love having guests over. Today I’d like you to give an extra special welcome to the delicious Rose Caraway! 

 I’m Okay, You’re Okay!

Hey everybody!  Rose Caraway here, visiting the “Queen of Kink”, Kay Jaybee’s Blog.  Thank you so very much Kay for the invite! Kiss! Kiss!

Working on The Pleasure Dial

I have very generously been given this opportunity to sort of lay-out and explain a little bit about who I am and what it is I do.  This post will hopefully do just that.

Many of you already know that I am the Writer/Voice/Co-Producer for “The Kiss Me Quick’s” podcast in iTunes.  I am also the Voice/Co-Producer/Story-Picker for, “The Sexy Librarian” podcast, found in iTunes as well.

My podcasting journey began a little more than a year ago, when my Husband/ Producer/Graphics & Web Designer/First Reader suggested that I do something with my writing and launch my very own podcast.  (He gets all the fancy titles because he’s way better at all that stuff than me and I just don’t have time any longer to do everything myself.) We have both been long-time fans of fellow podcasters, Mia Martina and Dan Savage (and so many others that the list is too long to put here).  With my man being the technical genius that he is, “Stupid Fish Productions” was born and immediately thereafter, “The Kiss Me Quick’s” podcast!  Without his brilliance, my dream to be a writer would not have become a reality and the KMQ wouldn’t have come into being.  He’s a very talented and patient, patient man who has sat in the background silently getting this incredible engine moving.  Thank you, hunny bunny.

I have been writing short stories for as long as I can remember.  My favorite genres are horror and erotica and I love to combine the two.  The strongest influences in my writing style come from Stephen King and The Twilight Zone.  I do love the traditional love-story smutty’s but, POW! Right in the solar plexus without any fear, is my favorite kind of erotica.  Allen Dusk, Shanna Germain, Selena Kitt, Angela Caperton, Jeremy Edwards and coming soon, Kay Jaybee.  (All deliciously artistic and provocative authors featured on “The Sexy Librarian” podcast.  Need I say more?  I didn’t think so.)


“Why audio, Rose and why on earth do you make your shows for free?!”

Well, my curious friends the reason is very simple.  Podcasting is the way of the future and it’s the most efficient and widely available way I know to reach nearly everyone on this planet instantly and not obligate anyone to buy a damn thing.  So many wonderful people out there are looking for someone they can trust and my husband and I work our tails off to prove that “The Kiss Me Quick’s” and “The Sexy Librarian” podcasts are top quality, by providing an entertainment that has, in my humble opinion, proven itself to be such.  In building this foundation, fans know where they can go to get more of the same quality entertainment.

It is quite stunning, actually.  People have listened to my shows from countries I have never even heard of.  My voice has literally, been heard around the world.  Seriously, I sit back frequently in awe of that single, astounding fact.  I tell my husband to pinch me sometimes because I just can’t believe that my dream is becoming a reality.  Audio is the key.

“Okay, that makes sense.  But still, ‘why’ do you do it? What is the ‘real’ reason?”

I want to show people that I am a normal woman who loves/needs sex and I am fed up with having to feel ashamed of it.  I guess that maybe, I want to be the one that gives people permission to know it’s okay to feel the same way I do.  Let me be blunt.  I dislike having to hide the fact that I am a sexual being, like it’s some kind of wretched secret that must be shoved into the back of a dark closet behind lock-and-key, shamefully kept out of sight until the sun goes down so no one knows that my husband and I like to fuck.

Why should I have to conceal the cover of the erotica novel I’m reading or keep the fact that I like to listen to sexy stories on the down low?  Because it’s crude?  It’s not appropriate?  It isn’t lady-like?  Please.  It makes my lover a very happy man, thus I’m sexually satisfied and our relationship is healthy and my marriage is exciting.  Isn’t that a source of pride that I should be joyful about?  In this day and age, why is it still necessary for us to hide our sexuality?  Well, this is an exciting time!  We are getting closer and closer, I am very happy to say, to where we are finally being judged less and less by our sexuality.  We aren’t there yet, but we are so close to a new kind of Sexual Revolution!  Woo!  How fabulous would the norm be if you could find yourself in a conversation among friends and someone offhandedly mentions that, by-the-way, they have read and re-read their favorite Kay Jaybee novel and are now ready to put curiosity aside and finally have their lover spank them?

Today’s world is moving so fast, too fast for some of us that we can’t keep up.  Sadly, our Sexiest Desires and Heart-Pounding Romances get very little attention these days.  Audio Erotica is freaking magical!  Not only can it mentally take you to places that deeply stir your passion, but I make it ridiculously accessible!  While you’re driving to or from work, while doing chores, exercising (please use caution while on a treadmill), shopping, cooking dinner, even while waiting for your kids to get out of school, you can listen to some of the world’s most lust filled tales that will blow your mind and get you primed for some potentially great sex.  Where else can you find yourself naked, in the darkest dungeon, on your knees and at the mercy of the hottest, hardest billionaire?  Where can we become transformed into a male porn star, have a provocative woman eagerly splayed out on the hood of a Yugo while slowly dragging your tongue over her tasty pink bits?

Thank goodness Erotica is coming into the main-steam media’s focus. We need to feel free to admit to our sexual desires and share our fantasies with our lovers without being “frady-cats” of what others might think.  Luckily, most of us know that BDSM isn’t just for submissive men or dungeon-dwelling Goth-girls, but we lack the courage to admit that it’s something many of us are curious about.  Podcasting is my public broadcasting system to let the world know, we are all okay for wanting titillation, for wanting our wrists bound and our lovers to demand that we say, “Please Master, take me.”  Plus, just because we aren’t kids anymore doesn’t mean we can’t play.  I love providing the playground for others to play on.  As I told Van Roberts during an interview on the “Lickety Split” podcast, “If I can encourage people out there to have a good evening with their lover, I am a happy girl.” (These may not be the actual words I used, as I was extremely nervous about my first interview, but you get the point.)

I have had loads of emails from fans thanking me for what I do and that truly makes me smile.  I am not kidding.  I cannot tell you how many times a fan has brought tears to my eyes because they have listened to one of my shows and were compelled to tell me about how much they enjoyed the freedom they experienced from it!

Before I go, please understand that I am not saying we need to burst out-loud with an obnoxious air explaining in too much detail how much we enjoyed banging our partner last night in the middle of Sunday dinner.  But when the topic of sex comes up, as it always does, let’s relax and not judge people negatively because they enjoy Erotica.

My job is to entertain open-minded adults (whom I lovingly refer to as, Lurid Listener’s) and feed that Passion within that keeps sex exciting!  I want to bring as much variety as I can, as well.  Believe me, the fans let me know what they like, don’t like, and want more of.  And I pay very close attention.  I listen.  My husband and I have found our contribution to society and have spent countless hours striving to get better and better every day.  (In between our own passionate love making, of course!)

So, I say, let’s take the shame, fear, embarrassment and all ignorant judgments and negative labels and shove them into the back of the closet.  Let’s allow ourselves the sexual freedom and chance to get to know Erotica better so that we can relax, have a good time with our lovers and most of all, be happy.

Yours Truly,

Rose Caraway

Website:  The Kiss Me Quick’s and The Sexy Librarian

Facebook:  The Kiss Me Quick’s

Twitter:  @rosecaraway


Thank you so much for blogging for us today Rose. That was wonderful. I couldn’t agree more with what you’ve said here!

I LOVE how you’ve given my latest Christmas short story for a gorgeous Sexy Librarian style cover! If you’d like to hear Rose read my story- you can find it here!  If you’ve never heard Rose read guys, you really must- her voice is VERY sexy!

Happy reading AND listening!!

Kay x



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15 Responses to Guest Blog- Rose Caraway: I’m Okay, You’re Okay

  1. K D Grace says:

    Wow! Fantastic post, Rose! You made me want to stand up and cheer! I’m always happy to see sex celebrated and embraced as a part of our human journey, and I love the way you celebrate! Thanks for sharing!

    K D xxx

    • Kay Jaybee says:

      Great isn’t it! So lucky to have another great voice in erotica! x

      • Rose Caraway says:

        Kay, thank you, thank you, thank you, for allowing me to be a guest blogger. I love what you write, I love how you write, and I am right behind you sister! “POW! Right in the solar plexus, babe!” Woo! From talking to friends and fans alike, listeners and readers find that erotica, in its written format and audio format have allowed so many, women in particular, to become more and more comfortable with exploring their sexuality. Men have written to me expressing their thanks for our help in this. Don’t get me wrong, there have been women that have written as well saying that their men are finally opening up and willing to explore in the bedroom too. What a feeling I get to hear things like that! It is such a freaking rush to have held open the door for people, even if it is just a crack, and allow them to walk through it. To give folks permission, to be on their side rather than sneer and judge. Dang it! I love what I do, and love meeting other like-minded authors too. Thank you for giving me this opportunity, Kay!

        • Kay Jaybee says:

          Wow! Thanks hun!! You are most kind- I shall always be grateful to Jordan and Sam at Oysters and Chocolate for hooking us up to do the Christmas podcast! It is an amazing feeling helping people with their sexuality- and more with their openness and acceptance of their own, and others, sexuality. I had a very lovely piece of fan mail last night- I have permission to share it- here goes…
          Part of what we like about your writing is that you describe sex, the explicitness and intimacy of it without shame, the way real sex can be, every detail, description and words laid bare. Sometimes, through many reasons, I guess, I feel some writers hold back or there is a slight barrier there, maybe some deep down inhibitions or something….but not you Kay and thats wonderful.
          I won’t lie- I was overcome when I receieved that one.
          Kd Grace has also received heaps of fan messages from couples thanking her- I’m sure she will agree, it is the BEST feeling!! xxx

    • Rose Caraway says:

      Thank you so much, KD! This interview was such an honor to do. Yes! Sex should be celebrated. And if we are lucky enough to have a partner to celebrate with, even better! I see so many folks that are completely pent up, so self-repressed, that they forget the ‘power of connection’ they are missing through sex. The strength it offers if we just allow ourselves that moment to let daily pressures go is crucial, in my opinion, to our sanity. It’s totally okay to be a sexual person.


      • Kay Jaybee says:

        I totally agree- it doesn’t matter if that sexuality is physical or mental- the release it gives is vital. x

        • Rose Caraway says:

          True story…I work at a Martial Arts Studio, as many folks may know, and we get all kinds of parents. Well, my husband is a very affectionate man. So I am in my Gi, just hanging around talking to another employee when my dear hubby walks behind me and smacks my rear. Now, he does this constantly, so I have come to expect it anytime he walks behind me. Well, when he walked behind me, there it was, smack! I turned bright red and caught the eyes of several parents before turning to go behind the front desk until my embarrassment settled. After class was over, kids and parents headed out the front door, a couple approached me with huge grins on their faces, their little six year old was still putting on his shoes. In that moment, those knowing smiles were empowering. I will never forget that. In truth, there were probably less eyes that saw what happened than I previously thought, but when the couple left, I didn’t care. I wondered how many other couples I saw that day shared moments like that.

  2. Allen Dusk says:

    Awesome post Rose! Always love learning little bits about what makes your heart tick.

  3. K D Grace says:

    Lovely discussion, Rose and Kay!

    I agree, one of the very best things about doing what we do is when we realise that our work has somehow empowered others to enjoy, or at least begin that journey, to being a little more comfortable with their sexuality and perhaps have a little more fun with it in the bedroom, which leads to a deeper level of intimacy, and what a joy that is. Plus, it’s just fun sharing the stories!


    • Kay Jaybee says:

      Exactly- the sharing- whether it is us sharing, or others sharing our work with their partners etc, is wonderful! x

  4. Wonderful post . . . and ANOTHER fabulous woman discovered!!!
    And yes you are so right about it being wonderful to enjoy, share and celebrate our sexuality. Both with loved one(s) and to receive messages from readers and followers who have been encouraged, or released, by things one has written.
    And it’s also nice to discover new experiences ourselves. (Like discovering and voraciously reading KD and KJB . . .) Now I’m just off to listen to some “Kiss Me Quick’s” !!!
    Thank you so much again!

    • Kay Jaybee says:

      Many thanks! You are most kind- Sharing is most certainly the key! I shall pass your words on to KD as well as Rose. Hope you enjoy the ‘Kiss Me Quick’s”!! – although I have no doubt you will as they are wonderful. xx