Guest Blog with Allen Dusk- Pushing The Limits, Both Yours and Mine

January 11  |  News  |   Kay Jaybee

I’m delighted to welcome my very first guest blogger of the year- Allen Dusk! Over to you hun!

Sitting naked in a room, blindfolded with silk, can leave you in a precarious situation. Will your lover approach quietly from behind, exploring your flesh with their mouth? Or will the assailant, who just strangled your lover in the hallway, rush upon your shivering nudity to dispatch your final breath with a gleaming razor? Either of these scenarios is guaranteed to quicken your pulse, purge screams through quivering lips, and climax with a gush of bodily fluids.


It took me a while to realize why I enjoy writing stories woven together with elements of erotica and horror. Fear and arousal are the most primitive emotions we can experience, and they often manifest themselves with similar traits: sudden pressure within the chest, words choked off, heartbeats breaking into full gallop. Frequently we find ourselves victim to the outcome between these emotions which are in constant battle to ensure our survival. Do we invite that cute co-worker out to lunch because we suspect there’s a mutual attraction, or do we fear the shaming consequences of their rejection when we dare reveal our secrets? Here we go again, and the work day has only just begun.

Writers strive to invoke emotion within their readers, but many of us enjoy stirring up our own feelings while working our craft. Often our own life experiences assist filling our characters with realistic traits readers identify with. Sometimes we use our characters to explore taboos where we dare not tread ourselves. Take for instance my short story, “Her Lover’s Touch”. I knew exactly where my plot was headed when I wrote the opening scene with a nude woman watching a fierce lightning storm through her window. A precise tempo beat in my head, driving the addition of each detail layered into the storyline. From the shadows we studied this woman consumed by insatiable desire, willing to succumb to any stimulation for sexual release, even if it meant getting herself off with a dead lover’s hand.


Eww? I know, gross. I wrote this story hoping to explore the reasons why somebody could be driven to kill their lover, then in the bloody fray afterward, consider saving a piece for later. Serial killers often keep trophies of their kills, most men (yes, I know, sometimes women too –oh, I could never forget you) often view casual lovers as trophies of their own sexual conquests. I explored black recesses of the human psyche and my own baneful fantasies for any reasonable explanation to this tempest of attraction versus revulsion. After discovering smidgens of unsatisfying answers, I freed my mind to explore alternative theories which could only reside someplace past insanity, amidst the paranormal.  Finally, I wrote The End, and then sat back scratching my head. I’ll admit things got a bit out of hand; the plot twisted itself with trepidation I could only conjure by pushing myself past what I thought I already knew. I found myself repeatedly reading the end of the story, falling deeper in love with its words with every pass.

Woman in White

Woman in White

I know my style of erotica isn’t for everybody. Most erotic readers seem to enjoy quick pick-me-ups that deliver escape from dim lives or offer safe consumption of forbidden fruits. So go ahead, light some candles, and then submerge yourself in a hot, bubbly bath with one hand on a book and the other between your thighs. Later in the evening, when you rise from the frigid water to blow out the flames, my fables will eagerly await to consume you in the darkness.

Many thanks Allen! An excellent blog to kick off the New Year!

About the Author

Allen Dusk is an award-winning author of dark fiction who discovered erotica through his wife’s love of reading the genre. Other than writing, his favorite pastimes include photography, geocaching, lusting over old horror movies, and researching supernatural folklore. Allen’s works have appeared in Peep Show, Volume 2, Sirens Call, and Rose Caraway’s The Sexy Librarian podcast. His debut horror novel Shady Palms and erotic short stories are available through all major online retailers. Curious readers can learn more about his madness through

All Allen’s book can be found via his Amazon Author page- 

If you’d like to follow him on Twitter, you can find Allen here- @Allen_Dusk

Happy reading folks

Kay x

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3 Responses to Guest Blog with Allen Dusk- Pushing The Limits, Both Yours and Mine

  1. Thought-provoking and honest post. I have written a couple of very dark short stories that I consider erotic but I haven’t the nerve to put out there so I really admire you for exploring this genre. The only paranormal erotica I published was Crimson Kisses, available on Amazon, which I regard as a love story but which one reviewer described as “weird.” I need to be braver, I think!

    • Kay Jaybee says:

      I agree Elizabeth- this post does make me stop and think. Some of work is pretty dark, but I have never been brave enough to go as far as I could. I have plans for an erotic thriller/horror- maybe that will bring out the really dark stuff!! X

  2. Well it’s certainly different and about as far away from vanilla as hedgehog ice-cream. Actually the cross-over of genres has always been fascinating. I admire people who test the boundaries.