Guest Post from Tabitha Rayne- A Double Intendre Part 2!

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I have a totally tempting treat for you this weekend!! Not just one blog, from my friend and fellow Brit Babe- the delicious Tabitha Rayne- but TWO!!!

So settle back lovely readers, and enjoy Part 1 (or should that be Part 2, of this double blog special!!)

Over to you Tabitha…

I’m so delighted to be over here at the gorgeous Kay Jaybee’s place! You may notice from the title that there’s going to be double trouble – that’s because I’m talking about books from my new trilogy, The Meeting Point. So today I’m going to show off my newest release, Taking Flight which is confusingly – book two in the trilogy but the prequel to book one – A Clockwork Butterfly… with me so far? Doesn’t really matter as you can read them in either order.

Taking Flight

So back to the double entendres… I have always had a mind which takes great delight in twisting the gravest of statements into something smutty or rude. I’m like a sniggering adolescent boy most of the time in adult conversation. It is ludicrous the things my mind will twist.

Things people have said to me in all seriousness – which I struggled to keep a straight face…

“Don’t squeeze my bags…” When making a cup of tea.

“Shorten your thrusting portion…” When digging in the garden (snort… digging in the garden).

“It will never fit in there…” When a sofa was being delivered.

“Just give it a shake, it will soon flow…” Dried up ink in a pen.

“It’s gonna blow!” Champagne bottle.

“That was a highly polished oral performance…” When giving a talk.

Ok so I could be forgiven for those… these ones, well I’m not even going to give you the scenario.

“You’ve crushed my crisps.”

“You have to turn it to the left.”

“I don’t really like salt in my stew.”

“Grab it with both hands.”

And words like, moist, hard, thick, long, wet, slippery, glisten, laden, swelling, rub, quick… well, dear me. I’m a lost cause.

I can’t help feeling everything is a euphemism…

But being an erotic author means that my smutty mind can indulge in its naughtiness and be satisfied, then leave me space to get on with actually telling a story alongside it. Perfect! Not that I’m saying the sex isn’t part of the story – it is, of course – I’m never flippant about the story telling power of the erotic. But my naughty little brain needs to be sated every chapter or so…

Taking Flight ACB promo small

Taking Flight by Tabitha Rayne

“Find me at the meeting point. We are more than the physical.” Four generations from now, toxins are ravaging the land and the future of mankind is in peril. The surviving men are being rounded up and taken to holding facilities. Research scientist, Dr Deborah Regan is hoping to stabilise the decreasing male population before her lover, Marcus becomes one of those taken away.

When the authorities come looking for Marcus, Deborah abandons her research to go on the run with her lover. They flee to the forests where they stumble across a couple who are intent on finding an ultimate sexual union where at the point of climax their spirits break free from their bodies and unite. Plunged into a life of lust and survival, Deborah soon realises she can easily slip into this trancelike state and she and Marcus set out to create a transcendent bond of their own. Can they achieve the ultimate unity before fate separates them for good?

An erotic dystopian fantasy following a young couple trying to elude capture and separation.

The prequel to A Clockwork Butterfly. In a dying world – is love the only means of true survival?

I hope you enjoy my saucy scene and join me here at Kay’s again tomorrow for a snippet from A Clockwork Butterfly.

Excerpt -This is from a part of the story where my leading lady has voiced her desire to be tied up…

Anyone could find her here, bandits, guards … She tried to rationalise her fear but her physiology took over, flooding her senses with fight or flight cortisones. The sensation started in her chest and swelled and radiated to every cell, making her soar above herself and stare down at the sight of a naked, dishevelled forest nymph, bound and hanging. The imagined sight made her part her legs and bear down, catching her arousal in her abdomen and forcing it into her pussy, where she tried to focus all the energy that was threatening to send her out of control. It took all her concentration to keep everything centred there – all her fear, desire, lust, euphoria – but she knew it was essential, somehow.

A sharp crack snapped her back to the reality of her situation again; someone was close. She tensed every sinew. Alert and staring, Deborah scoured her surroundings. Something moved in the shrubbery. It darted like an animal, low and erratic, as if cornered, but it didn’t add up. She strained her senses in its direction and tried to catch the scent on the barely breathing breeze. Human. Shuddering, she could feel her body expand to a vast canvass of nakedness. The nasal breathing of someone staring hard at the object of their intent filled her ears. Deborah gripped the strapping on each wrist tight and tensed her muscles in a way that she hoped would alert the watcher to her strength in this situation, not her vulnerability. Her skin flushed with warmth under the scrutiny of the shadowy, hidden figure. They stared at each other; she completely exposed and he – she could smell it was a he – completely obscured. There was a strange control conundrum going on in Deborah’s head: as long as he kept himself hidden and meek, she felt like she was holding the power. She let this thought roll around in her psyche and was amazed to feel her body relax and melt into this newfound confidence. Letting the ropes take her weight, she hung a little, shifting her feet apart and opening her legs to share her wet treasure with the voyeur.


Lol- love you quotes- and wow- hot excerpt!!! I’m looking forward to reading more tomorrow!! Thanks Tabitha!

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Tabitha Rayne has been told she is quirky, lovely and kinky – not necessarily in that order or by the same person. She writes erotic romance and as long as there’s a love scene – she’ll explore any genre.

Her short stories are included in anthologies from Xcite, Oysters & Chocolate, Cleis, Ravenous Romance, Mischief, and House of Erotica. She has novels with Beachwalk Press and Xcite Books.


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Thanks for letting me loose on your blog Kay – (snort – loose on your blog) see you again tomorrow x x x

You are more than welcome!!!

See you all tomorrow

Happy reading,

Kay xx

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