Guest Post from Violet Fenn a.k.a Indigo Moore – Who Do You Write Erotica For?- Insider or Outsiders?

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I am delighted to have a guest blogger with me today! The names Violet Fenn and Indigo Moore have been ones I’ve admired for some time. However, it wasn’t until I met the lovely Violet at the recent ETO trade fair, that I realised they were one and the same person! I simply had to ask Violet to write me a blog- and bless her, she said yes, and here it is!! Huge thanks hun!! Over to you Violet…

Violet Fenn

Violet Fenn


Who do you write erotica for? Is it – as is usually assumed – for the (potential) readers and financial gain? Or is it for other writers, a sort of insider group of ‘those in the know’ who read and support each other and enjoy erotica for its artistic value as much as its power as a turn on?

I am a relative newcomer to erotica – I have been with my publisher since September 2012 – but have been quite successful in that time. I’ve also worked through the very steep learning curve that taught me to play the game. If chart success is important to you then do a free promotion and push the hell out of it for two days (sudden surges get you further up the chart than gradual sales). Or if you’re purely after reader love and acclaim, then tweet for all you’re worth and get chatting to as many reviewers as you possible can.

What rapidly becomes clear when you jump into this world is that erotica writers can be divided roughly into two camps, which in my head I call Insiders and Outsiders. It’s nothing to do with inner circles and all about lifestyles.

The Insiders are the ones who write erotica because to them it’s a lifestyle choice. They probably indulge personally in the kinks that they write about (although this isn’t a definite) and they are certainly openminded about anything and everything to do with sex (absolutely a definite).

The Outsiders, on the other hand, are in it for the shiny extras. The kudos of being seen as ‘a bit naughty’, the frisson of excitement at being involved in erotica, the plain commercialism of wanting to be the next E L James (I can tell you now that no one is going to be the next E L James, that boat sailed long ago. Sorry ’bout that).

Sometimes it’s obvious which camp a particular writer might fall into. I recently saw someone asking on Twitter if people would be interesting in reading lesbian erotica, as she was ‘thinking about writing some’. There is plenty of lesbian erotica around – the briefest of searches on Amazon for the purposes of this article brought me almost seven thousand results.

To me, that particular writer is clearly an Outsider – she or he doesn’t really know the market and is just aiming for what they think will be popular. This doesn’t mean that the resultant work can’t be good – far from it – but it’s definitely coming from a different place than someone who writes the same stories from the point of view of someone who, if not themselves a lesbian, at least knows plenty and has empathy for the viewpoint.

Other writers make it clear from their tweets (I spend a lot of time on Twitter) that they love erotica from the bottom up – pun definitely intended! When they’re not writing they’re posting up pictures of their most nethermost of nether regions and having flirtatious conversations with other erotica writers (I have to say that one of the things I absolutely adore about this community is the way one can have the filthiest of amusing conversations without it ever feeling grubby or intimidating).

If they’re not writing it then they’re doing it, and if they’re not doing it they’re probably thinking about it. These are the people that often write the more intellectual erotica – the stuff that turns on your brain as well as your genitals.

So which do you write – Inside or Outside? If you read rather than write, which do you prefer? Do you even care? As I said before – either side is capable of excellent work, so does it even matter?


What a great post!!!

So, what do you think? Insider. Outsider? Both even? Drop us a line!

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Happy Reading Everyone!! Kay xx 

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5 Responses to Guest Post from Violet Fenn a.k.a Indigo Moore – Who Do You Write Erotica For?- Insider or Outsiders?

  1. K D Grace says:

    Great post, Violet,

    I think a lot of erotica writers and would-be erotica writers are doing some serious soul searching about their reasons for writing after, as you say, the 50SoG boat has sailed. Though I find the idea of insiders and outsiders very helpful in classifying erotica writers, and I have to smile at the thought of always doing it, writing it, or thinking about it. I actually had to pull back from a conversation at my gym about erotica in which the looks on the faces of the people I was talking with told me I might have just gone too far. Ooops! And yet to me it seemed a totally normal conversation.

    I would like to suggest that there is another sub-group, though, that are into writing erotica, as they are in any other genre, for the pure, unadulterated love of story and the creative buzz that writing a story, watching it evolve in front of our eyes gives us. I think there are probably lots of both insiders and outsiders who fit into this sub-group.

    Thanks again for the insightful post. And Kay, thanks having such great posts on your site.
    K D G

  2. Miss Philippa says:

    Absolutely love this post!

    As a reader I like to guess if the author is an insider or outsider(as you succinctly put it). Primarily I love erotic books by authors who clearly enjoyed writing the book, not only because of their love of kink(or whatever else may be in the book!), but also for the sake of their love of writing.

    Some great food for thought.

    Thanks for the share.

    • Kay Jaybee says:

      Many thanks for coming by – it’s a great post isn’t it- feel very privileged to have featured it here. I’m not sure where I fit into this- I just love to write, and write sex scenes best of all- I think I might be with Kd in her sub group! xx

  3. Fantastic post; really interesting as not something I’d considered before. I would say I’m in that sub group Grace mentioned too.

  4. Violet says:

    Thanks for your fab comments. I think you’re absolutely spot on, KD, with your comments about the sub-group. That love of writing ‘for the sake of writing’ is definitely what drives me, and also drives so many other people (from all genres).

    I guess that the next question would be though – at what point does the ‘purely artistic’ impulse have to be reined in by the ‘need to earn a living’ one? So much time and effort goes into any form of writing, that one either needs another source of regular income or is forced to swim with the tide to some extent in order to find a receptive audience.

    But even then, there is going to be a divide between those who love writing and would justifiably like to earn an income from it, and those who are just seeing the dollar signs and don’t care so much about the quality. Hopefully readers will always be savvy enough to be able to see the difference 🙂