Happy Anniversary to Me!! Competition Time!!

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It’s autumn again- my very favourite season of the year. The time for snug chunky jumpers, wearing long boots, kicking up leaves, collecting conkers with the kids, and sitting in front of log fires sipping at piping hot cups of coffee.

Autumn means something else to me as well. For it was on a chilly September morning in Scotland, exactly six years ago, that I was sat in a coffee shop privately celebrating the publication of my very first erotica publication.  I was all alone; both thrilled by my achievement (which was very much a dream come true), and terrified that someone would find out- that they would think less of me for writing down the material which my forever active imagination had come up with.

That first successful piece of erotica was a poem called Regrets. It was featured on the, then newly formed, Oysters and Chocolate website. Run by Jordan and Sam, who I am proud to say have since become great friends and  supporters of my work, this website has gone from strength to strength becoming one of the best in the business. I am always amazed to see my stories amongst its permanently kinky cyber pages.

Regrets, soon led to the story Jen and Tim, appearing in my first shared anthology collection, Lips Like Sugar (ed. Violet Blue, Cleis Press), and before I knew it, my first solo book, The Collector, arrived.

Every year, when September comes around I wonder how much longer I can keep the real world at bay, and if I should swap the long hours and lack of money for a real job. I don’t of course; only total destitution will stop me now! That isn’t to say I don’t have the odd wobble-I decide to give up all this at least once a week. Yet, as has been said by many many writers, this creative life is like a drug. Get a success and you want another one. Get a rejection, and you want to work on it until it is so polished it positively shines.

Six years though!!! How the hell did that happen!!!! How come I am still thinking of naughty yet delicious ways to make people suffer in the name of sex? Where do these ideas all come from? Will I crack my next big hurdle – the erotic romance?  I have NO idea- let’s just hope the inspiration keeps coming, and I can add to the collection of publications I have out in the world.

Thinking of all my publications- and if I break it down into individual story sales, unbelievably we are talking about 80 pieces of smut with my name on them- it got me wondering which were my most popular?  Which ones you guys liked the best?

With that in mind, I thought I might run a little competition this week. I would love you all to comment at the bottom of this blog, telling me which of my stories you liked the most. Those of you whose comments I like the best, will win their choice of e-book; either my SUB/DOM e-novel The Perfect Submissive, or one of my anthologies, Quick Kink One, Quick Kink Two or Yes Ma’am.

If you need to double check where to find my work, just explore this website further to find all my book and e-publications, or log onto my page at Oysters and Chocolate. Check on Friday to see if you’re a winner, and I’ll arrange to get your chosen prize to you.

What’s next on the horizon then?

In the new year The Perfect Submissive will be joined by another e-novel, entitled Fantasy 13 (I’ll keep you posted on dates etc), and I am already laying plans for the next novel after that one.

I am in the very final stages of writing an erotic novella for Xcite’s new Secret Library range, and I’m dabbling with some short story ideas. There are also a couple of other new ventures I’m involved in (all top secret- but I will share as soon as I can), which should come to fruition fairly soon. Not to mention the imminent arrival of my story The Circus in the illustrated anthology, Immoral Views, (pub. Sweetmeats Press, Oct 2011).

As ever I have so many plans, and so little time!!!

As those of you who follow by web pages will know, the first part of this year was not the best for me; yet I am not one to wallow for long, and I am pleased to report that life has vastly improved. Just looking back at all that has happened to me since 2005 makes me smile- often in disbelief! I am a shy 39 year old with an amazing family and friends; but I also have another life, a life where I read erotica to strangers, have photographs taken of me in clothes I could never wear down the local high street , and I’ve even signed a modelling contract!!! (My Mum is still laughing about that one!!- Never has a less likely model existed!!!)

How many people can say they are as lucky as I am? To have one amazing happy life is fantastic- but I have two.  Now that is luck.

Before I close this epic blog- a big THANK YOU must go to the following for all for the support they have shown me over the past few years- to Jordan and Sam at Oysters, to Hazel Cushion and her team at Xcite, Violet Blue and Rachel Kramer Bussel with Cleis, Barbara Cardy at Constable and Robinson, Adam Neville for his guidance during his time at Black Lace, and to Kojo Black at Sweetmeats Press. Finally (before this turns in an Oscar award speech!!), to my many friends in the world of erotica; especially KD Grace, Lucy Felthouse, and Rebecca Bond.  Without your constant encouragement I would have given up long ago.

So- here’s to the next 6 years- maybe by 2017 I’ll have started earning some money!!!!


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20 Responses to Happy Anniversary to Me!! Competition Time!!

  1. K D Grace says:


    You totally amaze me, not only by how prolific you are in spite of everything else you have on your plate, but how your stories sizzle hotter and hotter all the time! You rock, Sweetie, and I’m very glad to call you my friend!

    Here’s to LOTS more sizzling stories!!!

  2. Tough one Kay! On our site, I’m a fan of the entire GAT series. I really enjoyed The Perfect Submissive too. (P.S. I’m not entering your contest, I already own most of your work.) xo JLR

    • Kay Jaybee says:

      Bless you Jordan- Writing GAT was great fun, but The Perfect Sub was my real labour of love!!! Lol- didn’t expect you to enter comp honey- would be a busmans holiday for you!!! Thanks again to you and Sam for all your help xxxx

  3. Rebecca Bond says:

    Oh wowzer, look at the little Missus go!!! How is anyone meant to choose a favourite story out of eighty odd pieces?! Okay, clearly I’ve only read about a handful of these and without a doubt my favourite was The Perfect Submissive. However, recently I stumbled across a yummy little tale called ‘Cliche’- well I never, be still my beating…ahem! This was fabulous to read, but would be even better read aloud …for obvious reasons ;D (you should add that to your ‘to-perform’ list). Right, off I pop for a cold shower! CONGRATSO BUDDY!

  4. Justine Elyot says:

    Happy Anniversary, Kay – here’s to a ton of success in the next six years.

    I’m not sure I can pick a favourite, but I do like your story Cardboard, think it was in the Sex at Work anthology from Xcite.

  5. Tabitha Shay says:

    Major congrats on u reaching ur first six years. That’s about where i am, too, so I know how good it feels. I just have to ask, what are conkers? The first thing that came to my mind were pine cones, tho I figure I’m way off base….lol….Good luck in the future and keep on writing….Tabs

    • Kay Jaybee says:

      Thanks so much Tabitha- and congrats to you too!! Conkers- lots of people have been asking that! I hadn’t realised it was an English word. Conkers are horse chestnuts. Children in Britain use them in a game- also called Conkers- – they are tied to string, and then 2 players hit the conkers together. The first conker to break belongs to the loser!! xx

  6. Here’s to your illustrious career–past, present, and future! So glad the year has turned around for you. (And I love the “beautifully thoughtful” portrait photo.)

  7. Tineke Ellis says:

    Happy anniversary Kay – here’s to continued success, well done!! Love and best wishes xxx

  8. Cheers to you ,all your hard work throughout these years ,loving it ,Only one copy left on Amazon for “Lips like Sugar ” and that one will be mine ,;) ,adding it to my collection of ypu ,may the celebration continue ,luv ! ….<3

  9. Val Parsons says:

    You are an inspiration,a very Happy Anniversary to you lovely lady, you make me constantly think that I can follow my dreams. xx