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February 22  |  News  |   Kay Jaybee

Towards the end of last year I was introduced to Rose Caraway by my friend, and fellow writer, Jordan La Rousse. I am so glad that introduction was made!! Since that time, I have been extremely lucky to have had one my of short stories narrated by Rose on her Sexy Librarian podcast, and another as part of her audio version of Cleis Press’s Gotta Have It – and I’ve made another great friend in the world of erotica!

In December Rose kindly did an excellent blog for this site, and since then I’ve been dying to ask her a few questions- so, here we go!!

Hello, Kay! I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to visit with you again. Thank you so much for this!

Hey Everybody! Rose Caraway here, what do you say we dive it?

1. “You run two amazing podcast erotica sites- The Sexy Librarian and The Kiss Me Quicks. How did these brilliant erotica platforms come to life?”

 KMQ cover 600x600

Thank you so much, Kay for the compliment! And I know that this interview was meant to help tell folks about what I do, but I absolutely must thank you again for the AUTOGRAPHED copy of “Making Him Wait”! I have read this kinky tale twice now, and enjoyed it even more the second go around.



Rose reading Making Him Wait

Well, let’s see. First of all, I am one of those people that dreams nearly every night, and even while driving, walking, gardening or warming up for Jujitsu my mind totally strays.  I am one of those quiet girls, really. I don’t advertise what I do. I will happily stand at the back of a room, tucked in but I am always watching, observing. I am definitely not an attention whore, lol! But I do hold my erotica novels the exact same way that I hold my horror books; in the open. People see what I read, and I especially love it when they ask if the book I am reading is any good! Many a folk have laughed under their breath and called me a walking contradiction because of my imagination.

I am never at a loss for something to write down and have built up quite a collection of short stories. What do they say? It’s a gift and a curse. And like with all writers, doesn’t matter if its good or not. When a thought creeps in, I must write it down. My stories obviously don’t all become something worth expanding on, but when they do, I write until there’s nothing left and then hand the carefully stapled pages over to my husband/first reader, and wait.

Now, you should know that I rate myself as a very sexual person, so these “dreams” nearly always end up with some kind of erotic-twist, which my likewise horny husband thoroughly enjoys. I can write a quick little sexy tale and *Sha-wing*… score for me! Boys are so cool that way! In the beginning, my writing had always been intended for just the two of us. Sure, I had fantasies of being a full-fledged author, since forever. But the words were worth more to me while being used as a private game, a delightfully sinful little instrument that has kept my marriage… wonderful! We are a couple of regular folks that have been married for fourteen years (isn’t that fabulous), and we are still going strong, really, I swear. Scouts honor. (I should tell you all that I only made it to Brownies, in Girl Scouts, but the sworn statement still counts, lol!) We have a family, each work other jobs, mow the lawn and walk the dogs. This is one of the most important things that I want my listeners to really understand. I do not have a character, what they hear is actually me. I am a sex-loving, active, family adoring and sometimes hokey girl that just wants to share the importance of being okay and unashamed about sexuality.

The Kiss Me Quicks actually came about by way of my husband’s suggestion. Big Daddy and I were talking one day, after I read him one of my fabulous little quickies, when the usual discussion of ‘people today’ came up. You know how it goes, right? When you, the shining example of a Practically Perfect Married Couple compares your relationship to all the other married couples within your friend/co-worker/acquaintance/family circles? I remember we lay there, comfy, cozy, proud. Yet, a brewing sense of responsibility somehow seeped in. We began talking, once again about The Dan Savage podcast called, “Savage Love”. If you haven’t listened to it, please do. It isn’t important if you agree with Savage’s politics or not, its the people that call in that have intrigued me and my husband for so long. Among the callers, are many people complaining that their spouses or partners aren’t fulfilling them, sexually. The reason often times is due to some kind of trauma or shame. It just breaks my heart to hear some of these folks calling in with their stories. They sound so wounded and frustrated, ashamed and lonely. I am grateful that people like Dan Savage are available to help. Between all the fucked-up parents and deeply-seeded cultural traditions that have not only repressed but destroyed countless men and women, my husband and I felt there was something we should do. It was a calling. Sexuality, should never be disrespected, so carelessly treated or frigidly controlled to the point of abuse. Sexuality, in our opinion should be healthily maintained.

In short, “The Kiss Me Quicks” is the perfect marriage of both mine and my hubby’s talents and it is our way of giving folks permission to feel good about themselves. To let people explore their own sexuality. Its a home, not only for those of us already comfortable with allowing erotica stories to get our juices flowing, but for those seeking a place that won’t treat them like a child. Listening to erotica with your spouse/partner/alone is incredibly sensual and my husband and I want everyone to simply have fun with it.

2. “It is unusual for an erotica writer like yourself to specialize in the audio world- what makes you wish to articulate your work (and that of others), rather than simply write it down?”

Unusual? Maybe, but I am certainly not the first. Nobilis Reed does it. Remittance Girl did it. Two very talented writers, both of whom I respect. So, why audio? Because I love to read aloud. I love to tell stories. Maybe an ancestor of mine was a traveling storyteller, who knows. Every tale begins with pencil and paper. Audio just reaches people, faster. Podcasting is the most efficient way to engage an astounding number of people. The Erotica genre, though more widely accepted now that it ever has been, still isn’t yet as openly embraced by John or Jane Public, and podcasting allows our titillating work to be present without anyone being the wiser. And many people are simply more comfortable with that right now. Part of me kinda digs that, I must admit. From car mechanics to housewives, lawmakers to med students; my voice can be heard on the job, while running errands, between classes or my personal favorite, while on the way home to a lover. And I want to give people as many erotica stories as I can.

Books and Boners”, was my first episode recorded for the KMQ podcast and it took a tremendous amount of coaxing from my husband to pry my fixed fingers from those pages I had written and then more prodding to get me to read the story aloud, to the world. I listen now and I can hear the anxiety in my voice. Let’s face it, you say free erotica and there’s a stampede. So, I did open myself up to a shit-load of potential negative scrutiny, dare I say it? To Haters. Writers are protective over their work and I am no exception. Getting ‘trashed’ certainly isn’t my idea of fun. But, no balls, no glory. Right? I like it when I can make fear my bitch instead of the other way around.

I love to write stories that push boundaries a bit because it is the key ingredient to a really good fantasy. (As you, my dear Kay, know very well.) Titillating fantasy can make sex incredibly exciting, and there is something special about having it read to you. Luckily, the erotica community is abundant with very talented authors who feel the same. But, I am protective. My husband and I take this path very seriously, and we want to give fans the best. So, because of the incredible amount of work we invest in producing each show, when an author wants to be a part of this journey they have to be good. My fans have to be made happy. Period. I too am a consumer. I tell you, when I find a story that speaks to me, it brings me so much joy to share with everyone else. I wonder if it is my kink…

Discover Erotica


3. “Can you tell us what you are working on podcast wise at the moment?”

I would love to! Yes, please! I have just released Part Two of my short story, Outland 1313, so folks can sign into iTunes and download it or head on over to my web page and get it there. The next story, I have written for the KMQ is titled, “The Beacon”. It is still in the editing process and it’s definitely a change of pace from what I have been releasing lately. This story hasn’t got any aliens or voodoo involved, but rather it is about a married-but-separated man and woman that have experienced the terrible loss of a child and finally find their way back into each other’s arms. I wrote this one quite a while ago and am still taking my time with tweaks, so I will let folks know when that episode is officially down-loadable. Also, I have the honor and the privilege of hosting an Angela Caperton story titled, Lawman. It is a sci-fi fantasy with a Noir feel to it. Plus, it’s narrated by the incredibly talented, Lucy Malone! Somebody pinch me! I have also got KD Grace’s short story titled, “Pheromones” lined up too! Then, if you can believe it, I have received a library of books filled with delicious stories from Cleis Press for my choosing to record! I am tellin’ you, Kay; busy tastes so good! I love exposing the people to as much delicious erotica talent as I can find. Can I be the Jay-Z of audio erotica? Please?

Sharing the Love


4. “How about your own writing projects- what sort of stories are penning at the moment?”

Along with editing and recording my quickies for the KMQ, I have also been fitting in my next novella, “TOOL” for folks to purchase. I am still figuring out the artwork, and I have just been so busy that I haven’t had time to get that part completed. But it will get done! The darn thing is written, I just have to put a good face on it.

5. “I was very lucky last Christmas, to have you turn my story, Candy at Christmas, into a podcast. I was totally blown away by how brilliant you made my words sound. Do you have a favourite from all the stories (from others) that you’ve articulated? You tell me yours and I’ll tell you mine!

Aww, thanks! Candy at Christmas was an honor and pleasure to read, my friend, so thank you. A little pony play at Christmas… I can still hear the Christmas bells and smell the hay, hee hee! I am truly grateful to Jordan LaRousse for introducing us, many thanks Jordan! XOXO!

You mean I have to choose?!?! I couldn’t possibly. Each individual story has something that I uniquely treasure. But, since you twisted my arm and threatened with the riding crop, I will confess, Allen Dusk, who had me instantly taken by his gritty vamp-esc short, “Pixie Cut”, because it speaks to my gore-loving heart. That man can make me flinch, and that ain’t easy. His erotica sci-fi episode is titled, “Terminal Affaire” and it was the Sexy Librarian’s inaugural episode and he freaking rocked the house! The lead character named, Kinari was a smokin’ hot vixen with a job to do. I had folks emailing me immediately, asking who this Allen Dusk guy was, and would he be back. Also, I have had the privilege of reading Allen’s bloody, buggy tale, “Shady Palms”, which I very much enjoyed. Allen, my gruesome darling, you are welcome back anytime.

6. “Is there anything else you’d like to share with us today?”

Gotta have it image

Oh yeah, baby! I mean, yes. Thank you. Most recently, my biggest and proudest news is that I have completed the audio production for, Gotta Have it: 69 Stories of Sudden Sex, edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel, published by Cleis Press. It isn’t live for the public to buy just yet, but it will be very soon! I am telling you, Kay, I have never read so many deliciously sexy words, phrases, descriptions or scenarios for one project in my life! Oh, it was fabulous! “Gotta Have it” is packed to the hilt with a total of 69 short stories from just as many fantastic authors, including one of yours! I am really very excited about this particular project and can’t wait for it to be available. It was such a joy to read.

I have also got the audio format to The Hitman’s Woman, an urban erotic thriller, written by the super sweet Devon Vaughn Archer nearly completed, and Make Her Howl, another scrumptious werewolf tale written by the lovely, Michelle Fox as well.

Other major news is that I have decided to merge The Sexy Librarian Podcast with The Kiss Me Quicks Podcast in order to eliminate some still lingering confusion. I have been agonizing over this decision for a few months now, and it is the right move. Both formats will remain the same, I am just combining the shows into one podcast. So, all the Sexy Librarian episodes are going to be slowly moved over into The Kiss Me Quicks Podcast. It will be a ‘one-stop-shop’ for the best in audio erotica.

Well, before I wear-out my welcome, I would just like to say, once again, thank you Kay for inviting me out to your neck of the woods today. It is such a treat for me.

See You Soon!

Rose Caraway

Many many thanks Rose!! What fabulous answers!! I can’t wait to hear your narration of Gotta Have It!  I have to admit that writing (and researching) The Advantages of Working From Home for that anthology was great fun!

If you’ve never visited The Sexy Librarian or Kiss Me Quick podcasts, then I thoroughly recommend you get over to both sites ASAP!!

Happy reading and listening!!

Kay xx

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7 Responses to Interview with Rose Caraway- The Podcast Erotica Queen!

  1. Rose Caraway says:

    Thanks, Kay for having me over today. It has been an honor.

  2. Allen Dusk says:

    Fabulous post Rose – I love learning more about what makes you tick. I’m still blushing over the shout out! Thank you very much to Kay and Rose for making this world a better place for lurid listeners and ravishing readers everywhere.

  3. Rose Caraway says:

    Always a pleasure, Allen.

  4. Thanks for the mention!

    If any of your readers would like to find my podcast, just click my name on this post.

  5. mufffdyver says:

    thank you rose for bringing all of these wonderful writers into my life!
    i have always been a car guy, so your world i am new to.
    i am learning to read like a normal person. almost.
    all of you give me great reasons to read!
    as rose knows, i continue to bring mill valley anne out of her shell.
    i love the variety of angles you all write from. influenced by social, geographical,
    smiles to all of you from the rocky mountains!

    • Rose Caraway says:

      Hi Tim! Give your sweet Anne a big hug for me. Thank you for getting in touch here at Kay’s blog site! You are so sweet and thank you for all your support of the KMQ. Folks like you make it such a pleasure for me and my hubby.
      Hugs and Kisses