It’s Kay’s 7th Anniversary! News, Novel Alert, and More News!!

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Okay- so how on earth did it get to September again? More to the point, how can I have reached yet another anniversary of writing erotica?

This month marks the seventh year of my alter ego Kay Jaybee’s existence!! I was only going to try this writing lark for fun. A hobby to see if I could do it – something to do beyond looking after my children. Is it me, or had it got a little bit out of hand? Has writing taken over my life?

There is one very simple answer to that- YES

This is NOT a complaint however – although there are certainly times when I wish I could turn my imagination off just for a little while! For example, I am quite certain I shouldn’t hear the water escaping down the bath plug hole and think, gosh that’s quite sinister, how could I use that to make someone suffer and have fun at the same time…

As each summer comes around, I down my smut wielding pen for the duration of my children’s school holidays, and frequently question my sanity. What the heck am I doing? I get up early, write all morning, work at my ‘proper’ job all afternoon, then write all evening, usually until gone ten at night. And the crazy thing is- when I’m not writing, when I have ‘day’s off’- I’m grumpy!! Every day without writing feels like a waste somehow! This cannot be right.

Then I speak to my writer friends and breathe more calmly again- it seems this clawing at the walls is totally normal when life comes between us and our pens or laptops. We simply have to accept that as soon as we have our first story accepted by a publisher, we leave normality behind us. For at that point the drug has been injected, and we are hooked for life- hooked on getting that next publication… then one more, and maybe a novella, then perhaps a novel- and if that novel does okay, perhaps we’ll write another one…

We are all totally nuts!

And nuts is exactly what this past writing year has been!!

With the elevation of last year’s novel, The Perfect Submissive, from e-book to paperback (not to mention having it split into an e-trilogy format as well), and the publication of my new ultra BDSM threesome semi-romantic(ish) novel, The Voyeur (e-book, or paperback on demand from Amazon), this has been a wonderful year for me with Xcite Books. I must thank them for all their kind support!

I am pleased to announce that my new publications don’t end there for the year however…

Drum roll please!!– I have ANOTHER novel coming out this very month!!!  (Yes I know, it’s like buses, wait ages for one, then loads arrive altogether!)

Let me introduce you to Making Him Wait!

Published by Sweetmeats Press, this novel is the first in their range of non-illustrated books. I am really excited about this one- it will be available soon (when I have a date I will tell you), from Amazon etc, not to mention the WH Smith railway and airport stores.

This is my second work for Kojo Black at Sweetmeats Press (the first being The Circus– a BDSM novella from the anthology Immoral Views), and I must extend a big thank you to him, and his right hand-the wonderful Rachel- who not only kept me up to date with my books progress, but also created the cover- which I can tell you is a perfect picture of Sara, one of the main characters in the book! It really is just how I imagined her.

So what sort of novel is Making Him Wait I hear you ask? Voyeuristic? S&M? Vanilla? Threesomes? MF? FF? An erotic romance maybe?

I think the answer to that is YES. It is all of the above- oh, but not vanilla- as if I would!! And, if you were expecting the usual KJB BDSM- well, yes, there is certainly some of that- but this novel is about a very different type of control- self control…you’ll see!! All I am saying for sure at the moment, is that it all centres around an artist and the creation of her work…

As if that wasn’t enough- I am pleased to announce, after the recent arrival of my solo anthology, Tied to the Kitchen, the release of another 3 story collection from my archive, entitled Equipment, which is out NOW from All Romance!!

So, what with all this hectic writing, a photo shoot in London, a best seller on Amazon (A Sticky Situation, Xcite Romance), and a hot new commission in hand (my lips are sealed), this has truly been a non-stop, happily hectic, 12 months.

Starting last September, at the end of my fifth year as a writer, with the creation and publication of my OCPress best seller, Not Her Type: Erotic Adventures With A Delivery Man, my sixth year has rounded off with the arrival of The Voyeur and imminent arrival of Making Him Wait!

This really isn’t a hobby anymore is it!!

What on earth with year 7 bring!!!


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10 Responses to It’s Kay’s 7th Anniversary! News, Novel Alert, and More News!!

  1. jose luis says:

    Sexxxy new novel cover ,HON ….

  2. K D Grace says:

    Happpy write-aversary, Sweetie! I can hardly wait to see what next year has in store for you!


  3. Justine Elyot says:

    Hooray for seven sexy years – here’s to the next seven!

  4. Tabitha says:

    Big congratulations Kay! x x x

  5. I’m raising a glass to the next seven, Kay. Cheers!