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Oh hell- 41!!! How is that possible? How on earth have I been pottering my way around this mad world of ours for 41 years!!


It’s funny really- I had no issues or hang ups with turning 40. In fact, I could go as far as to say it has been my favourite age so far by a long way!! 41 though- that feels odd. I keep wondering if I should invest in some high neck lines and skirts that never venture above mid-calf??  Is this official middle age now? Do I have to start acting my age? And if so- how do I do that? And why, do I feel more like a teenager now, than I ever did when I was a teenager? All I did then was sit in my bedroom with the curtains closed, reading non-stop!? Rather like my own teenager does now actually…ummmm.

It is traditional with birthday blogs’ to look back at the past years achievements, – I guess we all do this in an attempt to feel as if we haven’t wasted a year on housework, and make getting another year older feel justified rather than a disaster!- So let’s give it a go!

Well- it has been quite a 12 months for me!! My recent nomination as Best Author at the ETO awards was definitely one of the most rewarding moments. It was an experience I will never forget- made all the better for being able to share the experience with my writing partner in crime and close friend, Kd Grace.

Signing Books With Kd Grace at the ETO Show

Signing Books With Kd Grace at the ETO Show

But what about the books- the actual reason I’m here- have I produced enough of those in the last twelve months?

Well- my sexy archaeological Xcite romance Digging Deep came out on Kindle, and then more recently it, and my other romantic novella, A Sticky Situation, were realised as mini paperbacks.

digg deep stick sit

My gorgeously kinky courier novel, Not Her Type: Erotic Adventures With A Delivery Man was re-released by 1001 Nights Press as an e-book, and in beautiful paperback! As you’ll know if you read my blog regularly, I have a major soft spot for this novella, and to have it available now in paperback form is a dream come true.

NHT- paperback

One of the most exciting things that happened since I turned 40, was Xcite asking me to turn my BDSM novel, The Perfect Submissive into a trilogy. You may well have heard the shouts of YIPPEE resounding from the South of England as I yelled with glee the day the contract was confirmed!!! Consequently, I have spent a good part of the last six months writing the sequel to the adventures of Jess Sanders, Miss Sarah and Mrs Peters. Entitled The Retreat, Part 2 of The Perfect Submissive Trilogy will be hitting the world in October- so if you haven’t read part one yet- now’s a good time to have a gander!!

To pop the cherry onto that particular cupcake, The Perfect Submissive Trilogy has now got beautiful classy new covers- check these babies out!!

The Per Sub- new ropeThe Retreat- New ropeKnowing Her Place-New rope

If you add to that, all the wonderful guest bloggers I’ve had visit my site, all the bloggers who have been kind enough to invite to their sites, and the wonderfully kind reviews I’ve received for my work, then my achievements over the last twelve months don’t look too feeble after all do they?

But hang on… that isn’t quite all- for since I reached the BIG 40, three other important events have occurred in my writing life- first I became a Brit Babe!!! One of 8 erotica writers who are very proud to have put together a combined library of all our work, so that our readers are able to find a large quantity of quality erotica in one place- so much easier than trawling through Amazon in the hope of finding a new author that might be good- but might not!!

And of course, I had my recent interview in the popular Woman’s Own magazine too!!


Then last- but not least- and we have breaking news here dear readers! I am proud to be able to announce that I am no longer just writing under the name Kay Jaybee!! From the end of August this year, you’ll be able to read the very first contemporary romance by Jenny Kane- yep- that’s me too!!!

I’ll bring you more details nearer the time- but suffice it to say that I am very excited about the arrival of ‘Another Cup Of Coffee’ onto the world’s book shelves…If you want to follow me as @JennyKaneAuthor on Twitter then please do!!

Well, I’ve just read this blog back through. I guess I haven’t done too bad over the last year- 2 novels, 1 novella- not to mention the 4 anthologies that I have new short stories in. Then it won’t be long until the Christmas anthology I’m working on now is complete, and the two new novels that I have lined up to write before I’m 42 will need plotting out…!!

That’s not too shabby is it!

I’m off to eat some birthday cake!! And maybe pop some balloons- because, I think I might just leave off being a grown up until I’m 42- or maybe 43…

Kay xx

birthday cake




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8 Responses to Kay’s Birthday Blog!

  1. one more opportunity for celebratory vespers today. YAY!

    i don’t know about you, but i tend to have my vespers with gin, just the way god intended. so here’s to a remarkable woman with so much talent, beauty, and joie de vivre. i’m so glad i know you.

    the out and proud medievalist!!

    • Kay Jaybee says:

      Lol- you are so lovely!! Can I have my vespers with a chilled glass of wine? Gin makes me sneeze!! Lol- well, I never pretended I wasn’t awkward!! Huge hugs darling- lots of love- one of these days we’ll do medieval stuff together! xx

  2. Rose Caraway says:

    Happy Birthday! Congratulations, of course greatly deserved on you nomination and antho. success! Darlin’ you are fab! Love hearing about all you exciting news as it happens. You have been absolutely insanely busy, try to breathe between, right, lol! Hugs and Love, from California!

    • Kay Jaybee says:

      You are so kind- thanks hun! Love hearing all your news as well! Both busy bees I think! Having a day to breathe- but boy will I be doing double time tomo!! xx

  3. Happy 41. I hope you’ve had a lovely, lovely day.
    And I’m sure you’ll find that every year just gets better and better. Make every year your “favourite age”. We all may sometimes wish we were still in our teens, but heavens, I’m having far more fun now than I ever did then! And it sounds like you are too . . . like a fine wine!!
    Speaking of which, it’s past five and my first glass is to celebrate your special day. Cheers . . . and here’s to many more years of your wonderfully exciting words.
    Xxx – K

    • Kay Jaybee says:

      Bless u – I am just going to have a glass myself!! You are v kind- and quite right- I have had more fun in my late 30@s and at 40 than I ever did in my teens or 20’s- I am much braver too!! 40 may just have been the best age yet- and I love your make every year the best one policy! I will jolly well do my best! I know that it’s going to be a very busy year- my pen is poised to dive into solo publication number 15 any day now… Oh- and hun, Sh! 23rd Aug- hope u can come- more details soon xx

  4. Tabitha says:

    Woop-wooop! Happy birthday darling!
    So glad you had such a wonderful year – so glad to have met you at last <3 x x x

    • Kay Jaybee says:

      Thanks Tabitha!! Was great to meet u too. Must do a Brit Babes gathering soon. Xx