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January 31  |  eBooks, News  |   Kay Jaybee

Kingmaker is an Xcite e-book perfectly designed to improve any working day. It contains five short tales of the kinky persuasion, all based around the work place.

My story is called Cardboard – When, during a passionate encounter, Pia tells her courier boyfriend Owen, of how aroused the aroma of cardboard makes her, and of all the kinkily submissive things she’d like to experience on a pile of boxes, his lack of response makes her think he hasn’t heard her. It is a total surprise to Pia when, weeks later, Owen guides her into the middle of a deserted delivery depot, staring at a vast bed of cardboard boxes. Stripped, her wrists bound with parcel tape, Pia quickly realises Owen had taken in every word of her deepest desire after all … will the reality live up to her fantasies?

Kingmaker, along with its sister e-books Productivity, and Under The Desk ,will come together to form the paperback publication, Sex at Work in the near future- details to follow….

Kingmaker is available from Xcite e-books

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