KJB’s Tip Time: Go Techno

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November 14  |  erotic romance, News  |   Kay Jaybee

This weekend, have a good look around your home, car, and even your trouser pocket.

Phone and stylus


There is little doubt these places will be jammed with all manner of modern technology, from computers, to SAT NAV’s , and mobile (cell) phones.

Why not jam that phone onto vibrate? Hold it over your partner’s nipple, and then make that call…

Does your phone or SAT NAV have a stylus attached? The very tip can be trailed gently across the fingertips, chest, arms and thighs, sending delicious electric shocks through the flesh…

Is your computer mouse wireless? Could you possibly find a new mouse mat…?

As long as you keep these appliances dry, and they are not attached to the mains (obviously!!), you could have a fabulous techno weekend…

Happy teching…

Kay xx

(PS- Have fun- but remember to stay safe. Be aware of allergies, personal limits, and your health at all times. I want you to have a fun weekend, not a trip to A&E. xx)

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